Lawyer’s fees worry Robredo


IT’S not the electoral protest filed by former senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr. that is making Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo worried.

Rather, it is the lawyer’s fees that she needs to pay in connection with the election protest lodged by Marcos against her proclamation in the May 2016 polls.

“[I’m not worried about the protest]. In fact, I prefer it to be resolved swiftly so that it won’t be a part of the conversation anymore and it would not be in the way as I buckle down to work,” Robredo told reporters in a news conference in her office in Quezon City on Wednesday.

“But now, I am forced to hire the services of a lawyer, and I worry about the lawyer’s fees. Our arrangement now is different compared with the canvassing when it was pro bono,” she added.

The Vice President was referring to election lawyer Romu- lo Macalintal.

“I worry about how much the legal fees would cost, and where would I source them from. That would come from my own pocket, and I don’t have much. But as for the substance of the case, we know that it is baseless. [I am not nervous about that],” Robredo, a lawyer, said.

“I am yet to talk again with [Macalintal] but I expect us to engage more often in the coming days. During the canvassing, we did not talk about the fees, but it is different now because it is a full-blown case. [I would not be comfortable to ask him for a pro bono help for so long],” she added.

The Supreme Court, sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, has given Robredo’s camp 10 days to respond to the election protest filed by Marcos and ordered the Commission on Elections to preserve election returns (ER) that were subject of the protest.

Macalintal earlier dared the Marcos camp to show a genuine ER that does not match the ER of the same precinct issued to other parties to prove fraud—something that the Marcos camp is yet to accomplish.

Robredo beat Marcos in the tightly contested vice presidential contest by 263,473 votes.

“I would expect the legal fees to be expensive because an initial deposit before the court made by their camp is already around P200,000. If the case drags on, then the fees would increase too. That is what is difficult for me,” Robredo said.

“But as for the case itself, I have nothing to worry about because I have nothing to hide,” she added.


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  1. Ok, that’s it..I will donate P500,000.00 for Leni Robredo’s Legal Defense Fees.. NONSENSE with the DICTATOR, FAKE HERO AND FAKE DEGREES and the THIEF MARCOS and his COHORTS and PUPPIES…Meron pa siguro naiwan at nakabaon sa Malacanang na hindi alam ng buong bayan kaya gusto nya bumalik doon, Marcos is a piece of shit… We know who is and has been Corrupt all the time…Period!

    • Going to be a real shame when the liberal party can’t steal the people’s tax money every year and never get investigated like it’s been the past 6 years.

      Biggest thieves on the planet Aquino’s administration.

  2. Maybe she should sell her bus ya know the one the liberal party made a big deal of her riding a bus, the only thing they didn’t mention is that her family owned the bus.

  3. you guys are all ignorant and bobotantes. how could Leni has the guts to cheat. the son BOBONG MARCOS of the family of THIEVES, CHEATERS and LOOTERS is the one cheating like his tyrant father who manipulated every election results during his tyrant regime. this is the plan B of the family of THIEVES in order to grab the power if there is something happened to DU30.

    all accusations filed by the son of the family of THIEVES has no substance at all.

    God is on the side of the good not the evil doers.. good luck to you guys in pinas

  4. May dahilan na si Rob-redo para magresign sa pagka bise dahil wala daw syang pangbayad at dahil alam nya na may talo sya, nanghihinayang sya sa campaign money na ibinigay sa kanya ni Noynoy at ng LP na nasa bank account na nya, tapos mapupunta lang kay Makalinta-l di bale sana kung mananalo sya kaso alam nya talo sya sa kaso, kaya resign na lang sya, at least honorable ang gagawin nya…

  5. Vincent de Belen on

    She has 400+million plus campaign adds now she does not have 200k for legal fees

  6. If she were truly smart, she should verify early on why Grace Poe has rejected the offer of Benigno Aquino III to be in the same ticket of LP Mar Roxas. Now, you are alone in this political turmoil you yourself created. Your ” paawa effect” will not help you in defending your case.

  7. jeff jaramillo on

    ROBredo should not worry about money. Lugaw with produce hundreds of thousand pesos for Macalintal. Beside, this problem was created by the Liberal Party. They authored this cheating. The problem is that ROBredo, out of her eagerness to become VP, she consented the cheating. Another is that Macalintal magnified this problem. Out of his interest to make big bucks, he encouraged and made ROBredo believe that she won clean and advised her to stand firm.

    Now, it’s best for her to admit and stand as witness that there really was cheating in the election.