• Lawyers’ group asks SC to reconsider Marcos ruling


    THE National Union of People’s Lawyers asked the Supreme Court on Friday to reconsider its decision to allow the interment of former President Ferdinand Marcos’ remains at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

    In the motion for reconsideration it filed on behalf of former Bayan Muna party-list representative Saturnino Ocampo and other petitioners, it said the interment of Marcos’ remains would result in grave injury to the public and send a message that the late strongman was a hero.

    “Sending this message, which, once made can not be taken back, is injurious to the victims of human rights violation during the martial law as it honors their tormentor and puts into question their claims as such victims of human rights violations committed by Marcos Sr.,” the petition read.

    “It is also injurious to the Filipino people who suffered from poverty through those years as a result of the plunder of public funds by Marcos Sr.,” it added.

    The lawyer’s group said it would lead a protest in front of the high court on November 13, “to call for the rule of justice even as they grieve its death when the Court distorted the people’s verdict against Marcos and scorned at their history of suffering and sacrifice during the Martial Law.”

    Lawmakers oppose burial
    Members of the House of Representatives from the Makabayan party-list bloc expressed their opposition to the high court’s decision, saying the planned burial was a “betrayal of Filipino sacrifice for freedom and democracy.”

    “It is incensing that the hero’s burial of the fascist dictator would come first before fully holding him and his family primarily responsible for the crimes against humanity and compensation of the victims,” Anakbayan party-list Rep. Ariel Casilao said.

    The court ruling is tantamount to erasing the sacrifices and martyrdom of many Filipinos, he added.

    Lawmakers from the Makabayan bloc have filed a resolution seeking to stop the burial. They are representatives Casilao, Antonio Tinio and France Castro (Act Teachers), Emmi de Jesus and Arlene Brosas (Gabriela), and Sarah Elago (Kabataan).

    “The Marcos regime was also known for its widespread and systemic corruption and plunder of the national coffers. It is estimated that as much as 33 percent of the country’s total borrowings during his term were pocketed by Marcos and his cronies,” the resolution read.

    “Moves to give Marcos a hero’s burial would send the absurd message that the Filipino people overthrew a ‘hero’ during People Power I and that the international community’s sympathy for that uprising is wrong,” it added, referring to the 1986 popular revolt that toppled Marcos.

    Moreover, the Marcos burial would also make the Congress a laughingstock as it had passed a law compensating victims of human rights violations under the Marcos regime.


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    1. Davidd M Meyer on

      When a man such as Marcos –Who lied about his rank; Medals his “war record”” WHO stole countless millions from-his country ..Who b became a dictator ,and was responsible for many deaths;of those who spoke out against him

      His family are still living “High off hog”..from the in gotten gains !!
      He laughs from the grave ,,As we give him a heroes burial

      Weill only in the Philippines ….Seems we delight in letting our leaders rob us blind …In fact we reward them for doing so !!
      David Meyer (PhD Psych}

    2. Marcos like the Spaniard EL CID becomes more popular and feared. But Marcos is hated,cursed,slandered and insulted even in his death. These lunatics calling for the SC to reconsider its decision on Marcos burial in the LNMB are bunch of idiots and stupids pretending to be somebody. THE supreme court had spoken and now your protesting just because you did not get what you want. Come on if the SC decision favors to your wish then surely you will praise the SC higher than the stars your naked eyes can see. Remember the decision is not all in favor of the Marcos interment in LNMB there are also dissenting but it do happened that in favor won by virtue of numbers. To the Marcoses FM final resting place is much better in the present location as it make more sensible,locigal, productive and make the big difference among other leaders who passed away. You can make the place tourist attraction where the GREAT ILOCANOs COLORFUL LIFE STARTED AND ENDED. TO THESE PROTESTERS SHAME ON YOU ALL. WHAT GOOD HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR FELLOW FILIPINOS AND YOUR FATHER LAND. HAVE YOU DONE EVEN .000001% of Marcos did in his lifetime. FVR is one of the powerful pillars of martial law he broke away to save his skin against Gen. Ver. Shame on you. By the way what is the Legal definition of HERO. IS JOSE RIZAL HERO?

    3. If I were one of the son or daugthers of Ferdinand Marcos, I would not insist anymore for my father to be burried in Libingan ng mga bayani nanbayan. Knowing already the deeds of the late Ferdinand Marcos who pocketed a lot of people money, tortured and killed a lot of people, led the nation to suffering and poverty, Imelda Marcos together with her son and daughters should have not asked the court to allow them to burry their Father in the Libingan nang mga bayani. They know the Ferdi had never been a hero. By petition of those who opposed on the burial of late Ferdi in libingan nang mga Bayani, I hope that members of Philippine supreme court will reconsider it to change their decision, for they should not be a victim of lies.