Lawyers seek temporary freedom for Napoles


DETAINED pork barrel fund scam queen Janet Lim-Napoles has opposed the plea of the prosecution panel to extend the deadline for the submission of their comment on their motion for reconsideration on her junked bail petition.

Napoles’ lawyers asked the Makati Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 150 to deny the prosecution’s motion and resolve their motion for reconsideration without further comment or opposition.

After presiding Judge Elmo Alameda junked the petition for bail of Napoles, her lawyers immediately filed their motion for reconsideration.

Alameda then gave the prosecution panel 30-days to submit their comment on the motion for reconsideration of Napoles.

However, the prosecution panel, headed by State prosecutor Christopher Garvida, asked the court to extend the deadline so that they may have more time to prepare their comment.

“While a draft of the opposition has been prepared, trial prosecutors feel the need to review the same, and not intended to delay the proceedings,” the prosecutors said.

In opposing the prosecution panel’s request, Napoles’ lawyers maintained that the 30-day period is enough for them to review and draft their comment on the motion for reconsideration.

“The 30-day period asked for and given was more than sufficient time for the prosecution team to draft, review, finalize and file its opposition to the motion for reconsideration,” the defense panel said in their opposition.

Furthermore, the defense counsels said the accused has been deprived of liberty since 2013.

Napoles is currently detained at the Fort Santo Domingo in Santa Rosa, Laguna for a serious illegal detention case filed against her by cousin and pork barrel fund scam accuser Benjur Luy.

“It is respectfully submitted that accused enjoys the constitutional presumption of innocence. Thus, the deprivation of accused’s liberty must not be unreasonable,” the defense lawyers said.


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