Leading modest lives?


That is the sad story of the Filipino people. We forgive and forget easily. Filipinos keeps making the same mistake over and over. Politicians acts goody two shoes during campaign, makes promises they are not going to keep, some gives money. After the election and they won, they think they are entitled, they will recoup the money they spent campaigning and then some at the expense of the same people they promised to serve. The Filipinos are just taken for a ride on the same merry go round, and we don’t know how to get off. The problem lies with the voters, just because you can write your name or make a mark, does not qualify someone to vote, unfortunately in a democratic society that is guaranteed in the constitution. The lawmakers need to overhaul the voting qualifications and requirements. There ought to be something done about this mess.
Pete Gabriel

Most Filipinos are stupid and that is why the Philippines is a third world country. I am ashamed of my heritage. In America all the successful Asian people are either Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Indian. It is because their culture value higher education. Emphasis on higher education is the only way to go. The sooner the Filipino people and its national government realize that the better.
Bert Torres


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  1. Pete Gabriel on

    To Bert Torres, you have a point there about higher education as a way to improve one’s lot, but Filipinos are not stupid and we as a people have overcome a lot, and very adaptable. It is not true that the only successful Asian people are Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Indian. When the playing field is even Filipinos also rises to the top. Filipinos don’t come to America and start having their own Filipino towns, like the Chinese do, they come to America and assimilate with the American culture more easily than other Asian culture. There are a lot of successful Filipinos here in America. They are engaged in professions in the medical fields, US military, law, and some are successful entrepreneurs, to name a few. I consider myself a success, coming from a very poor background in the Philippines to enlist in the US Navy, and worked as a submarine hunter, and retired after 20 years, and after retirement have a second career as an Investigator with a US federal agency. Along the way I have meet with successful Filipinos in their chosen endeavor. I am content with what I have accomplish and I am proud of my heritage and my culture. There is no doubt in my military mind that I love my country the Philippines until the day I die. Thank you.