Leading PH clothing firms in operations merger


Two leading Filipino apparel brands, Bayo and UnicaHija, have entered into an agreement to merge their businesses, in a strategic bid to increase operational efficiency, accelerate customer and product expansion, and price their offers more competitively for the Philippine market.

Even with the merger, the two brands will maintain their independent line-ups and retail networks to cater to different segments of the market.

In a statement, Pinky Estrebillo, general manager of Bayo said, “Bayo caters to the multi-faceted Filipina who is constantly on the go but still wants to be effortlessly stylish. It is a multi-awarded brand offering fashionable yet timeless apparel, footwear, accessories such as bags and jewelry, as well as other merchandise for women.”

She added that, “We have also recently expanded into children’s wear, enabling our customers to pass on their love of Bayo to a new generation.”

The company said that customers can continue to find Bayo in over 50 branches across the nation, where they will enjoy our quality merchandise and service, reason-able pricing, and comfortable, world-class, shopping experience.

Meanwhile, UnicaHija caters to young Filipinas who are looking for outfits with con-temporary silhouettes, vibrant colors, and trendy designs at accessible price points.

According to Cristy Basa, general manager of UnicaHija, “Our style objective is to fulfill the need of today’s generation of modern women who are more self-assured and expressive in dressing up.”

“With UnicaHija, they find that they can be fun, sweet and feminine, while being chic, edgy, and confident at the same time. Customers can find UnicaHija in 15 boutiques and over 60 department stores across the country,” she said.

Together with the merger, Bayo and UnicaHija announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Filipino clothing merchandise provider Power Fashion Inc., who will support their demand for ready-to-wear fashion for women. Power Fashion will be in charged of accrediting local subcontractors to support the two brands.

Rosalie C. Periabras


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