‘We’re leading up to it – slowly but surely’



Before Tom Rodriguez left last December for Arizona to celebrate Christmas with his family in the US, he was already told he will be taping for a new series for GMA Network when he comes back.

The series is entitled, “The Cure,” where he is paired with Jennylyn Mercado.

“I was also briefed on the concept and I’ve been very excited about it because it’s something different. I haven’t seen a concept like this on any soap here. And my role as a lab tech is something I’ve been wanting to do because pasok doon yung mga interests ko sa science, sa chemistry, so I might be able to use things I know,” the actor enthused.

He is equally excited to work with Jennylyn in a series for the first time. They have worked together before in a Lenten special but never on a regular show.

“I’m so honored, I’m a big fan of Jen’s. She’s an amazing actress and I can only wish to learn more from her because that’s what happened when we did the Lenten special. I hope mas marami pa akong mahugot from her.

The actor says everything he does is toward his goal of marrying actress Carla Abellana

“Very natural siya umarte and very convincing. Masarap makapagtrabaho sa artista na tulad ni Jen because she inspires you to do better in your craft.”

Tom added he is doubly inspired these days because of his personal life. He had a very enjoyable and relaxing vacation in Arizona during the holidays. He is grateful to have spent time after a long while, even as it was their first Christmas without his dad.

“I missed him,” Tom said, “but because my mom and my siblings were all there, we still had a very good holiday all together.”

Two days after Christmas, Tom was even happier because his girlfriend Carla Abellana followed him there.

“Medyo nainggit nga ako ng konti. It’s now Carla my nephews and nieces look for. Siya na ang pinagkakaguluhan,” he said joking. “But I’m happy that Carla had fun with them. We took her to a few haunted spots in Arizona. Yun kasi hilig niya—tombstones and other places like that.”

Indeed, Tom and Carla’s relationship that is getting stronger by the day and he can’t ask for more.

“Sobra—I’m really happy with the way things are going. It’s a really good pace, masarap.”

And just like any serious couple, Tom admitted they’re already making plans for the future—marriage very much included.

“Definitely that’s the goal naman talaga. Carla and I always think about it kaya I know we’re on the same page. From my end, I can only speak for myself, everything that I’m doing is always to that goal. Yun na lagi ang pinag-iisipan so every decision that make, whether it’s with family or work, it’s always involves that.”

So when does Tom see himself proposing to Carla and walking down the aisle?

“Sana very soon,” he answered with a smile. “Although both of us are still focused on certain things we have to hit first. But we’re very happy that we’re working up to it. We’re leading up to it, slowly but surely,” he assured.

Ken Chan

Another star of The Cure is Ken Chan. Like Tom he just returned from vacation in the States. It was Ken’s first time to be in the US so he saw to it that he experienced both the west and the east coasts.

He considers his New York experience unforgettable.

“If only for the snow, unforgettable talaga,” Ken quipped.

The actor even shared how he made sure to feel snowflakes falling on him despite the cold.

“It’s been my childhood dream to experience winter—yung may snow talaga like what I see in the movies. When I arrived in New York, it was already snowing so I decided to really enjoy it. I made snowballs and a snowman! Tinikman ko pa ang snow,” he laughed.

From New York, Ken flew to Los Angeles to see Hollywood.

“I was at the heart of the international entertainment industry, and I couldn’t believe it. I went to Hollywood Boulevard and saw the handprints of different Hollywood celebrities. Then I did some shopping in LA before coming home.”

Now that he’s back, Ken is on work mode again and grateful to start the new year with a new series.

“I have all the reason to rejoice because I’m working wit big stars of GMA like, Tom, Jennylyn, Miss Jaclyn Jose, Mark Herras and LJ Reyes. I also love my role because for the first time, I’ll be a young doctor, and I can’t wait to start taping because most of my scenes are with Miss Jaclyn who’s my mom

in The Cure,” Ken enthused.

And as he’s begun to see the world, Ken has promised himself to travel after every project.

“I plan to go back to the States again because I want to see more of the country and explore.”

La nueva kontrabida on screen becomes a bida in real life. That’s what happened to Kyline Alcantara last week when she visited the inmates in Tanglaw Pag-asa, a facility in Malolos, Bulacan housing previously delinquent youths.

She not only san for them and gave them gifts, but she also spent time talking to and encouraging them not to lose hope.

“They are young like me and our way of thinking is almost the same because. I felt good that in my little way, I was able to do something for them and I hope to inspire them more,” said Kyline, who brought along Kapuso child star Seth Dela Cruz and reigning Mr. Teen Bulacan Andrew Cayetano on her visit.

With her charitable heart and her advocacy for the youth, Kyline has been nominated for the My Super Hero Awards, where young individuals are recognized as good social media influencers.

“I’m thankful for the nomination and it only pushes me to continue with my advocacies using social media to encourage young people like me to live life right,” she avers.

But in “Kambal, Karibal, Kyline will continue to be very bad across Bianca Umali’s character.

“People should keep on watching because the story will become more and more interesting and I’m sure the viewers will hate me more,” Kyline laughed.

GUESS WHO? So, it’s true that a fast rising actor and his actress-girlfriend have called it quits. According to the girl’s camp, the broke up after she found out about a third party. A Showbuzz source, on the other hand, intimated that the actor’s other lover is not a girl but a gay director. Now could this part be true?

SHORTS… Cebuanos will be treated to a night of good music and entertainment as Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, Christian Bautista and Julie Ann San Jose mount “Three Stars One Heart” at the Waterfront Hotel this Saturday. The Cebu show is just the start of the trio’s concert tour. They will also go to Dagupan in April and several other parts of the country as well as abroad.


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