• Leakage to Times of Poe draft ponencia irks SC


    The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday began looking for “clues” on how a draft ponencia on a disqualification case against Sen. Grace Poe was leaked to The Manila Times.

    According to well-placed source in the High Court, SC Justice Marvic Leonen questioned the en banc on how the ponencia of Associate Justice Mariano del Castillo ended in the hands of this paper.

    Leonen, the source said, noted that The Manila Times was always getting “leakages” whose source the justice wants to know.

    “I cant understand why decisions are always being leaked to [this paper],” the source added, quoting Leonen.

    The SC source pointed out that del Castillo had assured the other justices that his 70-page draft decision was secured when it was circulated last Friday.

    Del Castillo said the ponencia was placed inside a sealed envelope and marked “confidential.”

    It was learned that Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno herself was irritated by the leakages.

    The SC is set to hold a special en banc session on March 9 on the disqualification case against Sen. Grace Poe.

    The source pointed out that the draft ponencia of del Castillo recommends dismissal of petitions of Poe and lifting of the temporary restraining order (TRO) against a ruling of the Commission on Elections disqualifying Poe on residency and citizenship issues.


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    1. I, for one, appreciate the leak. Given the current reputation of the Supreme Court (such as the rumor of underhanded negotiations between some SC justices, and a “fixer” regarding the Poe disqualification case), the more “leaks”, the better. It is one way of putting the justices on notice that any shenanigans they have committed or are contemplating will be exposed to the public eye sooner or later. In fact, the Philippines should pass a “whistle blower” law with the whistle blower getting as a reward a percentage of any “savings” that may result. This is the case in Switzerland, such that a few years back, it resulted in an exposure of many Americans that had engaged in tax avoidance and evasion schemes. The Swiss bank (UBS?) paid a fine to the US Government, the taxpayers admitted their guilt, and paid their required taxes, and the whistle blower got millions in reward money.

    2. Francis Dizon on

      It is bad enough to have this case heard by the highest court in the land. And now a leakage of the “draft ponencia”? This comedy has turned divine. Quite amusing to say the least.

      • Why make it confidential in the first place?It’s a matter of time it will be known. The people deserves to know now! Poe should be disqualified already. Its a simple case, residency issue of poe is a matter of fact and based on documents. There’s no interpretation of Law here so why is taking too long?