Leaks like a sieve; Letran Re: [SBC_HS59] EDCA constitutional


    IF anyone wants to find out what happens in the confidential sessions of the Supreme Court, just ask Manila Times’ enterprising Jomar Canlas. The weakened SC, leaking like a sieve, cannot even threaten contempt as his sources would defend him. The CJ is resented by her seniors on the Court who believe they should have been CJ, not the new gal on the block.

    The usual leakage could discourage free trade in ideas as today’s tentative devil’s advocate questioning could be misstated in the enterprising Times tomorrow and put a Justice in a bad light, thanks to the tendentious source/leaker.

    I don’t recall the NYT and the Washington Post ever prophesying what our Times is able to do. Si Jomar ay di bulaang propeta.

    All that we seek is for the Senate not to be ignored. PNoy should have the votes there anyway. But, for him and Sec. Volts to commit my apos without Senate concurrence or the people’s approval in a referendum does not follow the constitutional institutional arrangement, as I understand it.

    The US does need our bases. But there are far more jobs and investors today in Camp John Hay, Clark and Subic than before 1992. If the U.S. builds a base in the Spratlys environs, why ever not? Today they can continue to sail by invoking innocent passage.

    No more Aetas mistaken for boars.

    For the Balangiga and Bud Dajo Massacres when the Kanos sang “Oh the monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga,” we should be ready to die to the last Kano.

    Bedans, I just had lunch with Ting Cuna in Kamameshi. He recounted the year San Beda lost a title game by one point to Letran which then invited San Beda reps to their celebration. Red Lions Ting and Dading repped Mendiola in Muralla. Nice gesture which makes more saddening Letran’s spitting on San Beda in their recent bonfire celeb rites. It should have accented the positive by inviting the refs whose miscall in the dying seconds, Letran ahead by a point, made the arbiters qualify as its helpful imports. Not to take away anything from the new deserving champs.


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    1. That is the essence of Prof. RAV Saguisag he always stimulates his readers to react passionately and strongly. I make it a point to read his column always. Mabuhay ka pa ng matagal Sen. Saguisag!

    2. You might have a point but what will you do with the aggression of China claiming almost all the islands of the Philippines in the West Philippine sea. Do we just have to sit down and keep on badmouthing countries who are morally-principled and ready to defend our rights? Do we have to agree with Roque, Reyes and the Bayan to just let China claim all of Philippines rightful ownership of the islands? Do you remember Roque questioned the lawyers hired by the Philippines about the island-grabbing of China and we scored favorably. Roque is NOTHING but a pa-epal and low IQ (that I will challenge him to an IQ tests) and too ambitious to be a member of the lawyers to represent the Philippines. Roque is nothing but a shit who pretends to be smart.

    3. I agree with you on that call was very critical, even my Letran champion brother who shot the last second basket against San Sebastian in 1988 NCAA Championship game. I was told by him that that call can be challenged, but your school as the producer of good lawyers why not go to court and make a case. You can win in the court of arbiters, maybe.