California Superbike School rides into PH for 200kph classes

California Superbike School rides into PH for 200kph classes

“THE bike does not know whether it’s on the track or it’s on the road,” said riding instructor Steve Brouggy. “Take the things you have learned on the track and experience these on the road—apply the information.”

Brouggy was speaking to most of the 45 motorcyclists who have signed up for training, and were then gathered at the Tuason Racing School suite in Clark International Speedway. The two-day intensive classroom/racetrack/classroom/racetrack sessions were over. Coming out were riders who know their motorcycles better, their selves more. Well, they have just emerged from Level 1 and Level 2 training conducted by the Australia franchise of the California Superbike School (CSS).

The program was founded in the US in 1981 by former racer Keith Code, who purportedly started CSS because there was a lack—if not absence—of advanced rider training schools during the time. Since then, CSS has trained more than 150,000 riders, with a handful of them having made the cut in MotoGP and other world bike-racing series.

For his part, Brouggy—a Level 4 Master coach at CSS—is the only instructor authorized to conduct the program in behalf of Code. He counts 18 years of experience in training riders.

Besides him, CSS training at Clark was supervised by five other instructors who are nearly as experienced—and apparently as nuts about motorcycles and as battle-scarred—as Brouggy.

The courses they taught involved dealing with throttle control, correct braking and proper steering techniques, as well as determining reference points on the track and the racing lines. A rider is taught how and where to enter a corner, what to do when he is in the middle of it, and how and where to exit it. In each of the five or more racetrack session held in a day, the instructors kept a close eye on every single rider to coach them or correct their mistakes on the spot—not easy considering the speeds involved. You could say these are classes held at 200kph.

Each session on the racetrack was preceded and succeeded by classroom discussions where instructions were dished out, techniques explained, theories demystified. Students were also asked for their reaction and feedback.

Speaking of whom, those who has coughed up the P75,000 tuition fee were a mix of newbie riders and experienced circuit racers like Philippine Superbike champion Raniel Resuello. There was no shortage of celebrity power, too, as actors Dingdong Dantes and Richard Gutierrez suited up for the training.

Organizers of the CSS program in the Philippines, which counts among them JP Tuason and James Aro, said the training experience will again be held in the Philippines—annually, at the least.

“We will be back next year, so the learning will not stop,” Brouggy promised.


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