• Leaping Tiger Soaring Dragon unfolds today

    Wushu master Arnold Buenviaje CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    Wushu master Arnold Buenviaje CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

    The International Wenyang Federation (IWF) and the Philippine Mingsheng Wenyang Sports Association (PMWSA) led by wushu master Arnold Buenviaje will hold a Chinese cultural show titled Leaping Tiger Soaring Dragon today at the Makati Coliseum.

    More than 100 performers from all over the world will showcase their skills in wushu, luminous dragon dance, unicorn dance, northern lion dance, traditional lion dance, high post, war drum, luminous dragon drum, free set sparring and weaponry.

    The event commemorates the 10th anniversary of PMWSA and the first anniversary of IWF.

    Among the groups participating are Singapore Wenyang Sports Association, Malaysia Wenyang Sports Association, China Wenyang Dragon and Lion Troupe, USA Yau Yuk Kong Martial Art Association, Hong Kong Yau Yuk Kong Martial Arts Association, Italy Yau Yuk Kong Martial Art Association, England Seven Star Mantis Academy, Macau Associacao Desportiva E Recreativa and the PMWSA.

    “This is going to be the first that we’re going to hold it in a big venue. We usually do dragon dance by invitation,” Buenviaje, told The Manila Times in an interview on Saturday. “It’s going to be a huge event for the Filipino people. I do this because of passion and not for business.”

    “I’m holding this event because I want to preserve and share the Chinese culture. I also like to pass it to the next generation. The dragon dance started 600 years ago and it was used to bring luck during the time of harvest in China. They also used it during the war or the Chinese revolution.”

    Buenviaje said that his best students Sheldon Buenviaje, Kenneth Sy, Natthew Laurenaria, Scott So, Reylwin Cana and Kim Autencio would also perform dragon dance in the one-day event.

    “Dragon symbolizes the Chinese people. In the Philippines, there are many Chinese who become Filipinos for the past centuries. It is time for unity and preserving the culture,” added Buenviaje, who teaches martial arts for more than 25 years.

    Buenviaje is also the chief instructor of Cai Mingren Wushu Association, Qixing Tanglang Quan Association, Philippines Chi Ching Wushu Association, Ming Sheng Wushu Association and Manila Downtown YMCA Wushu Team.

    Buenviaje narrated that Wenyang started as small group 10 years ago in Singapore and later became one of the most successful Dragon and Lion Dance Association in that country.

    “Eventually, Wen Yang also offered partnership with different countries, and started sharing knowledge among Wenyang brothers who also participates in competing locally and internationally,” he said.

    “Then the International Wenyang Federation in Singapore was established. The founding members vouched to work together to share a common goal that is to spread the art,” said Buenviaje, who was taught by Sifu Zhong Lianbao who also teaches in Taiwan, Italy, Germany and France.


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