Leather industry of Pakistan


Pakistan’s leather industry, including leather products, is the second largest export earning sector after textile. Presently, this sector is sharing almost $874 million yearly volume but has the potential to add more. The leather industry comprises of six sub-sectors such as; tanning, leather garments, leather gloves, leather footwear, leather shoe uppers, and leather goods. Pakistan is among the leading states in the production of leather garments and gloves.

The leather and leather made-ups industry play a significant role in the economy of Pakistan and its share in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is 4 percent. Industry experts are of the opinion that Pakistan is one of the leading countries in leather technology and quality wise Pakistani leather is reckoned at second number after Italy.

Leather products made in Pakistan

There are about 800 tanneries in Pakistan and its 213 members presently recorded with Pakistan Tanners Association from all over the country are actively engaged in manufacturing and fully geared-up towards promoting export of quality finished leather and leather products on modern pattern as per global demand and are playing their positive role in earning much needed foreign exchange by invigorating country’s export volume. They are courageously prepared to meet the challenges of WTO regime and other international pressures with quality consciousness and full sense of responsibilities to uphold the impeccable image of leather industry within the ambit of national strategies, rules and regulations and global conditionality.


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