• Leave UN? President was merely joking


    His statement about pulling the Philippines out of the United Nations was a joke. But his “war” with UN officials who criticized him is not.

    President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said he was only joking when he threatened to withdraw the Philippines’ membership in the UN after two of its representatives criticized his bloody war on drugs.

    “You can’t take a joke. What are we going to join, an association of losers?” the President told reporters.

    However, he again lambasted the UN for its failure to stop killings in Syria and other countries in the Middle East.

    “The Philippine government is still worried about what is being done to the black people there in America. Being shot even while lying down. So I’m going to send my rapporteur also and investigate them,” Duterte said.

    “Why, they also shoot to death black people on trumped up charges and everything. So I also want my rapporteur to tell me what have you done to the poor, black people being set defenseless,” he added, obviously a snide remark against Agnes Callamard, the new UN Special Rapporteur on summary executions; and Dainius Puras, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health.

    Callamard and Puras called on Duterte to stop the extrajudicial killings stemming from his campaign against illegal drugs.

    Duterte said the UN rapporteurs broke protocol in criticizing the government’s domestic policies.

    “Just because you are white and just because you are there does not give you any superiority at all. And to form your own paradigm of what countries should be investigated, what countries should be not investigated. She’s rude,” he added.

    “Do not do that because you are addressing me as President and you’re pointing to the police structure. This is a government,” he added.


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    1. Kung makakalusot good if not just joking????
      Is that our foreign policy now????
      Just koking!!!!