• Leftists ride on the pork barrel issue


    I was one of the bikers who converged from the UP campus last 26 August going to the anti-pork barrel rally at the Luneta. The event was significant although it is a political issue, and those who participated only aired their sentiments and with good intent for majority of the less fortunate Filipinos who should really be the beneficiaries of all government programs. After all, our lawmakers promised to help them and to improve their communities, their lives, and zero-in on true progress.

    But what I noticed were groups who again rode on the issue, those left-leaning groups who displayed their red banners with anti-government slogans and disconcerting words. They want to fuel anger, even agitate the participants – that is always in their program of action. Anyway, the people at the Luneta did not buy the idea for it is obviously for the groups’ own benefit and why they were also present in the peaceful rally.

    This is my observation as well as the observation of those who came to join the activity. There was no commotion or any untoward incident and we participants also recognize that even the leftists policed their ranks.

    Bonnie S. Reyes II
    Bgy. Holy Spirit, QC


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