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    (By Katrina Stuart Santiago, Opinion, October 17, 2013)
    When you guys deliberately wet your beak on the gravy train oozing out of the pork barrel while the rest of the populace are starving may not be a crime, but it is an abomination!
    jhm parco, yousefparco@gmail.com

    Well written maam.. and you have certainly hit the right button.. More power to you and God bless you too…
    Agustin Bedia, gusbedia_0828@yahoo.com.ph

    Giving senators or anyone person control over who & how much to give to individuals will lead to corruption. Especially here in the Philippines as look at Juan Ponce Enrile when he gave all that money to most senators but left out I think 3. That is corruption. Why doesn’t this government look at say for instance the UK to see how they spend the tax money. It’s a huge difference than here & it works. Its been done like this here for years because its an easy way of using corruption. Like change the dollar bank account rules that no one is allowed access to it without the owners written consent. That is there to hide illegal or ill gotten money. But this country wants it to protect those in high places who steal or get money illegally.
    Dustin, peter.king2008@yahoo.co.uk


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