The Legaspis—a ‘regular’ happy family


Despite the pressures of being a showbiz family, couple Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel has successfully kept their family of four happy and “regular” by constantly guiding their 16-year-old twins Cassandra and Maverick.

While are not officially “artistas” like their parents yet, Cassy and Mavey has always had their share of the spotlight given their family’s appeal to advertisers. Since they were little, the twins and their parents have been visible in TV commercials and print ads, and the demand to see them has not waned.

The Manila Times sat down with the happy family during their launch as brand ambassadors for CitiDrug pharmacy where Zoren and Carmina related how they have always taught their children to value their hard-earned money, especially since they also have their share of talent fees for their appearances.

The Legaspis—(from left) Cassandra, Zoren, Carmina and Maverick

“The money they earn from their guestings, for example, is theirs. They can spend it the way they want provided they spend it wisely,” the couple said to the media huddle.

Zoren and Carmina further said that in taking on projects for the family, they are careful to choose concepts that will also have a positive effect on their children.

“With this new endorsement, we couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to show Cassey and Mavey how important it is to take care of one another, besides being able to instill further health care awareness among our Pamilyang Pilipino as the establishment’s slogan proudly says,” said the very young-looking mom of two.

In response, Enrico Sta. Ana and William Scheirman, president and CFO of Xentro Lifestyle, Inc. said, “The Legaspi family being caring and nurturing as it is strong and united is what matches the message of the brand in taking care of one another.”


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