Legazpi City gives P.5M to typhoon-hit towns


LEGAZPI CITY, Albay: The city government of Legazpi will provide P.5 million in financial aid to five municipalities in Albay province badly hit by Typhoon Nina on Christmas Day.

Legazpi City Mayor Noel Rosal told The Manila Times that the city government will give at least P100,000 each to the towns of Tiwi and Malinao in Albay’s first congressional district and to the municipalities of Oas, Polangui and Libon in the 3rd District.

Rosal said the funds will be taken from the city’s calamity funds.

He added that will ask the Sangguniang Panglunsod to green-light his move.

Appealing for help, Rep. Joey Salceda of Albay’s 2nd District, said, “My town of birth, Polangui, was badly devastated by Typhoon Nina including its neighboring towns of Libon and Oas as well as two other towns of Albay, Tiwi and Malinao. Vast tracts of agricultural lands were destroyed and thousands of families were left homeless.”

Salceda said 70 percent of houses made from light materials were destroyed.

The three towns of Oas, Libon and Polangui account for 72 percent of Albay’s rice output.

Based on an initial report, there are 10,431 destroyed houses in Polangui and 5,425 partly damaged houses.

Damage to agriculture in the town reached P98,762,000.

In Libon town, 4,320 houses were flattened to the ground and there were 2,540 partly damaged houses.

Damage to agriculture in the town hit at least P128,750,000.

“I ardently seek your assistance for relief preferably commodities, rice, canned goods and other food items, water, clothing, household necessities like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, housing materials or tarps, and medicines,” Salceda said.

“Major dikes in Bangag, Calzada and Oas were destroyed and 70 percent of houses made from light materials were flattened, rice fields were destroyed,” he added.

Typhoon Nina left three casualties in Polangui because they refused to leave their homes during the mandatory evacuation order imposed by the provincial government.

A clean-up drive, distribution of water and relief operations led by Rep. Fernando Gonzalez is continuously being carried out in the third congressional district.

Power supply has not been completely restored in Albay province, specifically in the first and third congressional districts.

The Second District and the urban areas of Legazpi now have power but the far-flung areas are still in darkness.

Classes will be suspended in badly hit areas of Bicol, according to DepEd Bicol regional director Ramon Fiel Abcede.

In Albay province alone, there were 284 classrooms destroyed and 687 classrooms partly damaged.

“In non-affected areas, classes resumed today but for structures devastated by the Typhoon Nina , classes remain suspended until temporary learning centers have been put up. DepEd allocates P60,000 each for temporary learning centers to be put up in devastated areas of Bicol,” Abcede said.


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