Legazpi ranks first in natl competitiveness council


LEGAZPI CITY: Legazpi City, the capital of Albay province in the Bicol Region, has been chosen as most competitive city in the country on the basis of the good public service the city renders and growing investments that generate more employment.

According to the latest ranking of Philippine cities by the National Competitiveness Council (NCC), Legazpi City is now the 13th (out of 145) most competitive city in the country and the first (out of 112) “component city” to have the highest placement.

The overall rankings are based on economic dynamism, government efficiency and infrastructure.

The indicators of economic dynamism are associated with activities that create stable expansion of business and industries and generate higher employment.

The NCC said this is the concrete representation of productivity as it matches the output of the local economy with local resources.

It added that the combination of the entrepreneurial spirit and the financial institutions that will channel dynamism makes Legazpi the most competitive city in the country.

Last year, the city ranked third Most Competitive Component City in the Philippines.

This year it ranked first, overtaking Naga City (Camarines Sur, also in Bicol) that closely followed at No. 14 overall and No. 2 most competitive in the component city category.

The NCC study revealed that Legazpi topped the rankings in government efficiency and infrastructure and placed 34th in business dynamism.

Maria Nini Ong-Ravanilla, Department of Tourism-Bicol regional director, said “Legazpi City as regional hub of the Bicol Region is competing with highly urbanized cities in the country not only in terms of rapid economic development but also as a top tourism destination.”

Legazpi City was also voted as the most liveable city in the country in spite of its rapid development.


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    • 2015 yata yon.. pero 2016 Legazpi as judged no. 1 most competitive component city.. 2016