‘Legit’ Kabayan party execs oust Roque’s rival


THE tables have been turned against Rep. Ron Salo of Kabayan party-list.

After claiming that Rep. Harry Roque has been ousted by Kabayan party-list, Roque said on Sunday that Salo was ousted by the “legitimate, Commission on Elections (Comelec)-registered” voting delegates of Kabayan party-list in a special party congress over the weekend.

“Upon uncontroverted evidence presented at this Special Party Congress assembled, Rep. Ron Salo, Pedro Parrocho, Joshua Sebastian, and Vic Caguimbal are hereby impeached and expelled from Kabayan Party-list, for serious violations of its Constitution and By-Laws,” the resolution signed by all voting delegates present at the party congress, provided by Roque to reporters, read.

“The Special Party Congress recognizes and affirms the leadership of Rep. H. Harry L. Roque, Jr. over the party as its duly elected Representative to the House of Representatives of the 17th Congress, with special appreciation for being the public face of the Party-List, catapulting it to unparalleled heights since its founding in 2009,” it added.

The same Resolution also nullified Salo’s creation of a board of trustees by declaring that “it is not recognized by and does not exist under the Constitution and By-Laws of the Kabayan party-list.”

Parrocho, Sebastian, and Caguimbal are members of the board formed by Salo.

“Kabayan’s constitution and by-laws, as submitted to Comelec, does not provide for the creation of a board of trustees that can make decisions for the party list. What Salo solely created was illegal and against the party list’s charter,” Kabayan Secretary General Rogel Navarro said.

“In fact, many of the officers and members who attended Saturday’s special party congress were surprised to know that such a board was created without their knowledge,” Navarro added.

Navarro said Salo and company were given an opportunity to respond to the charges as members of Kabayan, but they did not reply.

Section 1 of Article IV of the Kabayan party-list constitution and by-laws states that “the party Congress is the highest policy-making body of the party” and that it has “the power to elect the officers of the party, formally impeach National or Regional Officers recommended by the Executive Committee, approve the party program and platform, and ratify and/or amend the party’s Constitution and By-Laws.”

The Special Party Congress also found that that Salo violated Kabayan’s constitution and by-laws when he participated in the signing and promulgation of Resolution No. 2017-01, “Removing Atty. Herminio ‘Harry’ L. Roque, Jr. as Member of Kabayan Party-List, and Consequently, from Representing Kabayan Party-List in the House of Representatives.”

“Kabayan has never held a party congress. All decisions of the party, including the one expelling the first nominee, was made without any resolution submitted to and approved by the Congress,” Navarro said.

Kabayan’s constitution and by-laws lists 43 Comelec-registered voting delegates to the party congress composed of the national executive committee, provincial council heads and officers of 12 affiliate organizations.

Of the 43, four have died, including Kabayan’s founding chairman, trimming the number of voting delegates to 39.


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