• Leila Alcasid’s blossoming career


    How Ogie Alcasid and Michelle Van Eimerren’s daughter is taking showbiz seriously
    When Ogie Alcasid and Michelle Van Eimeren’s eldest daughter Leila Alcasid debuted on Philippine screen almost six months ago, viewers could not help but be amazed how the OPM legend and the former beauty queen’s adorable daughter is now all grown up.

    In the beginning of the year, Leila decided move from Australia, where she was born and raised, to chase her dreams of singing in the Philippines under her father’s guidance. It was a heavy decision, she admitted in earlier interviews, since coming over meant leaving her mother, her younger sister Sarah, and their step dad with whom she had lived most of her young life.

    The 19-year-old daughter of Ogie Alcasid has her eyes set on music

    Her sacrifices, however, are proving to be worth it because today, Leila is very visible on television, magazines and social media where she instantly landed a six-figure following.

    Officially a social media influencer, The Manila Times met Leila at a gathering for female hygiene product pH Care, where she helped promote its #CareYouDeserve campaign.

    Asked what her fans can expect of her blossoming career, the 19-year-old replied, “We’re in the process still [in shaping it]. The first six months have mostly been about planning, so I’ve been doing training and acting workshops and the like. We’re trying to see what I really like and then from there, we’ll start to make bigger plans.”

    While she is training with Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s talent arm, Leila has not signed up with any network. Her father, currently an ABS-CBN contract star, has assumed the role of her manager.

    The up-and-coming talent also said she is taking Filipino lessons to help her connect to her local audience.

    “As reparation, I’m taking Tagalog lessons because it’s very important especially because my mom can speak the language so well. I have lessons twice a week,” she happily shared, adding that as of the interview she can only understand Filipino and “speak enough to hold basic conversation.”

    Now that she is deep into training, Leila revealed she is more inclined to singing, which is no longer surprising with the Philippines famed “Singer-Songwriter” as a father.

    “Right now, I think I am taking the road to music first–I think it’s the most fitting seeing as my parents [are both singers],” Leila intimated.

    As a matter of fact, when the budding artist first arrived in the country, her bonding moment with her father came in the form of composing songs together.

    “When I first got here, what I’d do is to come up with the lyrics—mostly about love—, an initial melody like a first verse, and then he’ll help me transition it into chorus, pre-chorus and then the bridge. He really helps me make it into a complete song,” Leila cheerfully detailed.

    As for genre, the teener says she is leaning towards, “chill, pop music,” a genre greatly influenced by her love for artists like Yuna, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Oh Wonder.

    “I like relaxed kind of music, which my vocal coach calls a lazy school girl style of singing,” she laughed. “But I think I am kind of going to that genre, the chill relaxed pop, almost RnB type of music. It suits my voice because I’m not super birit. My music will be the type you listen to in the car,” Leila explained.

    Finally, the confessed stickler for to-do lists, schedules and time frames, opened up about her original plan to try showbiz for only a year and go back to Australia if things do not work out.

    “I’ve gone on as I’ve tried more things and enjoyed it more, I started to love it. I realized, there I shouldn’t really give myself a time frame because something like this is a never-ending road—it just keeps going.”

    With that, Ogie’s smart and beautiful daughter now has her eyes focused on making it big in the biz.

    “Now, I’m just wishing for the best because it’s hard for me to just let it be and let myself not know what’s gonna happen. I like having a plan so it’s scary but it’s fun at the same time because I’m really looking forward to seeing where I end up,” Leila ended.


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