• Leila’s arrest ‘political harassment’ – Robredo


    FRIDAY’S arrest of Sen. Leila de Lima is based on flimsy charges and a product of political harassment, Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo declared Friday, as Catholic bishops called on the Duterte government
    to give the embattled lawmaker a fair shake.

    Robredo, titular head of the Liberal Party that fielded de Lima in the May 2016 senatorial race, issued the statement moments after the former Justice secretary surrendered to authorities as a result of the warrant of arrest issued against her by the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court over drug trafficking chargers.

    “The arrest of Senator Leila de Lima is the latest move in a persistent campaign of political harassment being waged against a duly elected member of Congress. These efforts to smear Senator de Lima are a strong indication that the charges against her arise from a political agenda and are not the result of an independent, unbiased legal process,” Robredo said in a statement.

    Robredo recalled that efforts to harass de Lima began when the senator, as chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice, launched an investigation into extrajudicial killings under the Duterte administration.

    “With contradicting testimonies from criminals as basis of the case, they circumvented due process to fast-track the issuance of the arrest warrant. Our history as a nation is marred by instances where government officials use the processes of criminal justice to cow, silence, and eliminate critics. We cannot, and we must not, stand by and let this happen again,” Robredo said.

    “We exhort the people to follow and scrutinize this case religiously,” Robredo added.
    Malacañang denied claims de Lima was being subjected to political persecution.

    In a chance interview, Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea insisted de Lima’s arrest was not politically motivated as a criminal case had been filed against her.

    Chief Presidential Legal Counsel Salvador Panelo likewise said de Lima is not a political prisoner because there was basis for her arrest.

    “She is not a political prisoner. She will become a detainee pursuant to a warrant of arrest arising from a criminal charge against her,” Panelo said.

    De Lima’s situation, he pointed out, was not a culmination of a political vendetta, unlike what happened to former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who was detained by the Aquino government in 2011.

    “What they did to Arroyo, that was political vendetta because no case was filed against her. That is the real political vendetta,” he said.

    CBCP appeals for due process

    The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) on Friday appealed to the Duterte government to give de Lima due process.

    “Let all who have been charged be accorded their fair day in the court of laws,” said CBCP President and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas in a pastoral letter.

    “As we deplore what is wrong, let us always allow the reign of charity to prevail in imitation of Christ in whose heart was a special love for those whom all else rejected. Mercy without justice is weakness. Justice without love is tyranny,” Villegas added.

    “It is unchristian to find secret pleasure in the sufferings of others. May we recognize in ourselves the awful power of sin and our need for God’s help! We need the Lord even more now!” Villegas said. “I pray for the healing of our land and for the reign of harmony.”

    De Lima was among the thousands who showed up at a prayer rally called by the Church at Rizal Park last February 18 to protests summary killings and the death penalty bill.


    Some of de Lima’s Senate colleagues branded as baseless and illegal the lawmaker’s arrest, saying it was the beginning of the slow death of democracy and the rule of law in the country.

    “It is condemnable that the administration railroads rules and processes for political vendetta. At the very least, the administration must show good faith and guarantee Senator de Lima’s safety and security,” said Sen. Paolo Benigno Aquino 4th.

    Senator Risa Hontiveros said that the arrest of de Lima could set a dangerous precedent. “By stopping at nothing to persecute Senator Leila, the state sends a chilling message to all—political dissent under this administration will not be tolerated. All those who will oppose will be destroyed,” she said.

    Senator Antonio Trillanes 4th defended de Lima against what he described was “plunderer and murderer” President.

    “The primary objective of the illegal arrest of Sen. De Lima is to send a chilling message to the political opposition and critics,” said Trillanes.



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    1. Wake up Fake VP and Liberal party, Can’t you get it. The people are already Fed up with your antics, it is no longer working. Fake VP, will you please say something that is not scripted? Puro motherhood and for headline statements na walang dating para sa mga tao. Try browsing all the comments on FB and Mainstream Media whether pro duterte or even your accomplices such as rappler, INQ, abs cbn etc. all the comments are against you. di ka parin nakakaramdam.

    2. Look whose talking…is that the same thing that the Liberals did when they are in power. Impeachment of Justice Corona, the incarceration of Arroyo, the case of Jinggoy Estrada, Revilla, Enrile, why only 3 of them, where are the others involve?

    3. naiintindihan nyo pa ba ang ipinaglalaban ng mga DILAWAN??

      ako, hindi na…. parang natatangahan na akong sobra sa kanila…. sa totoo lang..

    4. There’s no political harassment on this matter, its plainly abused in power when she was still at DOJ by allowing the illegal drugs to prosper during her time. Kaya pala mula noon pa gusto na niyang idiin si Digong para makapasok ang mga malalaking Drug Cartel sa Davao City.

    5. I guess I will have to explain to Leni, that being arrested to face criminal drug charges is not a political act. I do not believe she could make a good barangay captain.

    6. Do you know the reason why in the tree of Satan , the good is present?
      Why the devil is towing along with him in his own tree , the good name of the GOOD?
      He uses the good to make it appear that he is good though he is evil.

      Evil and criminally-minded individuals behave , act and speak as the wily devil. In this world , where the war between the good and the evil , between the accuser and the accused have been going on since genesis—one should have a working knowledge of how the mind of the devil works. You should be able to master the anatomy of the mindset of the devil.

      In the war between Duterte and his adversaries , the pattern of the good and evil is present. Scrutinize how de Lima utilize the mind of satan to contradict the president. She mixes words , positive words or terms which connote goodness and righteousness to make it appear that the president is evil while she appear as the good one.
      Instead of answering the charges filed against her , she continues to construct words and pronouncement for Duterte to appear as the evil one. So she make it a high point : I will not be silenced…so she make herself busy with the devils proven antics.

      The same holds true with the others , like Robredo. She uses the term , “political harassment” to give the president an ugly image , forgetting the true reason why de Lima was arrested. These are the children of the Devil.
      They are adept at using the GOOD to tarnish the image of their adversaries. Joining the bandwagon are the priests and nuns to give a “shade of credibility” to their outcry.
      These people of the church are imitating the very act of the evil devil–he masquerades as an angel of light. So satan uses the men and women of the church to make it appear that Duterte is evil.

      This bring us to the time when Christ was pitted against the Pharisees and all the people of the old covenant. They made Christ appear as the evil one by collectively going against him.

      But the time is coming and now is—these children of the devil which Christ cursed shall be exposed in all their wickedness. As he puts it , YOU BROOD OF VIPERS! HOW CAN YOU SPEAK GOOD WHEN YOU ARE EVIL?

      You should know by now how Satan makes the evil to appear good!

    7. What is political harassment? Does the VP Robredo blind not to see or so innocent that there are three criminal cases already filed against De Lima? Let the VP Robredo explain herself, not accuse, accuse, and accuse. She is merely like a Satan, the evil accuser!!

      So with Bishop Villegas of CBCP, Senaror Bam Aquino, Senator Hontiveros, and Senator Trillanes, they merely ignore that there were cases filed in court. Don’t tell me the government do not know their job, obviously they were doing it. They just want their words quoted in the media to gain mileage or pa epal, but the worst, they just accuse, accuse and accuse as Satan, the evil accusers..

    8. Revenge, not following the law, fabrication of documents and most of all LYING are their ways. Now they are accusing PRRD administration. Let me refresh you of their lies; “Ang source ko sa dokumento pinaipit sa gate”. (Corona case)

    9. They arrested GMA without a warrant. She was jailed for supporting the legal battle of H-Luisita. Same with Corona. They fabricated 42 documents to pin him down first thru the media. They could not prove it they resort to saln; millions of pesos from DAP was spent for this. They fabricated documents against D30 alleging vast bank deposits. Everything is fabricated including the receipt of a 29 year old wristwatch of Matobato. Now they are crying foul, accusing the present administration of doing what they used to do.

    10. Oh shut up already! Robredo is just inserting herself into the issue for publicity purposes. Shallow.

      • The Senator, Leila De lima was given the fair chance of opportunity to prove himself during the hearing conducted in Congress. Her situation aggravated when she advise Ronie Dayan not to attend the hearing and worse when she said to evade arrest. Do the Vice President, Senator Trillanes and Fr. Reyest that this is a political persecution. We the citizen of this country wanted to know how the drug in the archipelago proliferated. The high profile inmates cannot do it on their own without the assistance of a powerful cabinet official who happened to be the Senator. Shame on you….

      • They (yellow can’t accept defeat) and so they will blame somebody for their failures…political harassment. If it is, then it is supported by evidence, and the court acknowledge there is a probable cause.

    11. Why didn’t these liberal party members speak up when it was their party that was jailing political prisoners or do they only care about human rights when it effects their party ?