• Leni and BBM are both victims, Aquino is the real villain


    Unspoken fears
    REGARDLESS of whom they had campaigned and voted for on May 9, the people’s quick acceptance of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s “landslide victory” has spared the nation of the post-elections trauma that many had feared. But a growing perception, bordering on belief, that the Independent vice-presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. has been cheated or is being cheated, even as we speak, of his rightful victory, has engendered fears that public anger could spill into the streets.

    We should do everything to avoid it.

    Anger seems to be building up not only among the ardent supporters of Bongbong Marcos, but even among those who are simply concerned about the integrity and viability of the polls. They believe that the unofficial count by the famously misnamed “Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting” (PPCRV) is being manipulated to alter the actual votes from the precincts, rob the winner of his legitimate victory, and favor a losing candidate. This requires concrete proof, but people will not wait for it.

    Many did not vote during the elections. They could not see meaningful change coming; they were also convinced the law was not complied with, and that it would be marked by fraud. But even they are angry with what the Aquino regime is doing to Marcos.

    Not just for Bongbong
    “I am angry, and I feel I have every right and reason to be very angry,” says one such individual. “Not because they have stolen my vote, but because they seem to believe that in this year of our Lord 2016, and in this country of over 100 million mostly literate and mostly Christian Filipinos, they seem to believe they could still do anything they want and get away with it.”

    It’s the cry of a wounded conscience.

    What has happened, and is happening, defies logic, statistical probability and precedent. Marcos, after leading the unofficial count from 5 p.m. of May 9 by as much as 1 million votes, was mysteriously overtaken by LP’s Leni Robredo by 1 a.m. of Tuesday in an undeviating linear or straight-line pattern which confounded analysts.

    Almost mechanical
    While Marcos’s votes stagnated, Robredo’s votes moved with mechanical regularity, increasing by the same percentage for every 40,000 votes until Marcos’s lead was completely wiped out. The pattern was reminiscent of the 2013 senatorial elections when Aquino’s candidates swept the polls following a 60-30-10 formula all over the Philippines. The votes were identical in 59,666 precincts, 60 percent for PNoy’s candidates, 30 percent for UNA, and 10 percent for the Independents.

    In the present count, Robredo obtained more votes than her running mate Mar Roxas even in his own bailiwicks, where she was virtually unknown. She also got more votes than Marcos in areas where there was completely no basis for it. For instance, in one precinct in the Muslim province of Basilan, according to one report, she got 529 votes while Marcos got zero. This was an incredible phenomenon that has no acceptable explanation. Generally, Muslims do not favor women holding political power or high office, so if there was anyone to receive a zero vote in Basilan it should have been Robredo rather than Marcos.

    Mindanao voting
    From Sultan Kudarat, where my legal counsel Manuelito Luna monitored the elections, I received the following message: “I’ve seen with my own eyes how hundreds to thousands of votes got electronically altered during the process of transmission and manual importation. This is by far the best evidence of how canvassed results could be changed and thus wreak havoc on the electoral system; worse, cause the defeat of national and local candidates. This happened in one of the provinces in Mindanao. This is one damning evidence that might prove the manipulation of election results in Bongbong Marcos’s case.”

    There is an obvious padding of votes, coming from various sources. The most widely cited theory mentions a float of three million votes, which were either built into the 54.3 million official total of registered voters, or hidden in the 70 million voters’ list exposed on March 27 by the hackers of the Comelec website. The float was intended to catapult Mar Roxas to number one position if the gap between him and Duterte was not that wide.

    But the gap turned out to be more than 6 million votes, so the Liberal Party decided to divert the float to Robredo instead. This was their so-called Plan B—to make Robredo the vice president in lieu of Marcos, and then prepare to impeach and remove the next President, like Erap Estrada, so that Robredo, like VP Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, could succeed in office.

    Aquino the real villain
    It is altogether possible that Robredo knew nothing about the plan, and how she would get millions of votes that were not hers. In that sense, she is not the villain but also a victim, like Marcos. The real villain is Aquino, who declared he would lead a “people power” march against Marcos should the Filipino voters choose him as their Vice President.

    In 1170, Henry II, King of England, had only to say, “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” for four loyal knights to strike down Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, as he ascended the steps of the altar that cold December morning. Not surprising therefore that the cyber operatives at Comelec and Smartmatic would do everything to make it unnecessary for PNoy to call for a march after the elections, which even his once loyal minions might ignore.

    Thus everything was done and is being done to inflate Robredo’s votes. In addition to the alleged “float” of 3 million votes, reports persist about the use of an “intermediary server,” which acts as the illegal laundering machine for votes in transit from the precincts to the final canvassing center. Two former police generals were reported to have been in charge of the vote-laundering operations at Novotel Cubao.

    Novotel incident
    A PPCRV informant was initially responsible for calling attention to some mysterious Smartmatic activities inside the hotel. But, according to reports, the Comelec chair Andres Bautista quickly cleared the hotel of any questionable activities. And PPCRV formally failed to supply further details on the information. Our sources, however, insist that the “intermediary operations” remained undisturbed in the end-rooms of the two top floors of the hotel.

    Public attention has since shifted to a Venezuelan staff member of Smartmatic named Marlon Garcia for changing the script in the transparency server, without the authority of the Comelec, about a week before the election. Garcia has admitted tweaking the server, purportedly to correct an error, but claimed that his intervention did not alter the results of the elections. This was the same Marlon Garcia who was accused of tampering with the software at the server in Pope Pius XII Center during the 2013 senatorial election, where all of PNoy’s candidates won even in areas where nobody knew them. Garcia got away with this action without any sanctions.

    Marlon Garcia
    In a news conference on Friday, Comelec Commissioner Rowena Guanzon blasted Smartmatic for the unauthorized action, and vowed a formal investigation. But she was quick to say the incident did not change the data in the transparency server. That was a conclusion without any scientific basis. The appropriate forensic investigation should first be made to find out whether or not any data was altered because of that intervention. The public must be fully satisfied that the tweak did not alter the hash codes of the Comelec packet data, which could ultimately rearrange the data at the server.

    This is the fear of the Marcos camp, which many reputable AES analysts and experts share.

    Red herring?
    It is, however, possible that the Garcia incident could be only a red herring. The lightning and thunder coming from the Comelec could put the spotlight solely on Marlon Garcia, so that no one would pursue the earlier lead on the “intermediary server.” From the very beginning, IT experts and analysts considered this “intermediary server” as the most deadly threat to the integrity of the entire May 9 polls. Today, it is hardly mentioned.

    In addition to the votes being added to Robredo from apparently pre-programmed sources, some votes belonging to fellow candidate Francis Escudero have already “migrated” to his fellow Bicolano. Some other vice-presidential bets are reported to have been asked to donate some of their votes to her just so she would beat Marcos. Alan Peter Cayetano outdid himself by prematurely conceding the election to Robredo in an obvious move to piss off Marcos.

    Even the Senate seems to be interested in getting into the act too. This has to do with the reception of the certificates of canvass and election returns. Under the Constitution, the returns of every election for President and Vice President, duly certified by the board of canvassers of each province or city, shall be transmitted to Congress, directed to the President of the Senate. Upon receipt of the COCs, the Senate President shall, not later than 30 days after the day of the election, open all the certificates in the presence of the Senate and the House of Representatives in a joint public session, and the Congress, upon determination of the authenticity and due execution thereof, in the manner provided by law, canvass the votes.

    Senate in action
    To implement this provision, the Senate President issued Policy Order No. 2016-002 providing the rules and guidelines on the reception of the COCs and ERs for President and Vice President. All COCs are to be received and stored at the Claro M. Recto and Jose P. Laurel rooms on the second floor of the Senate, which is located at the GSIS building in Pasay City, while all ERs are to be received at the covered parking area on the Ground Floor. All COCs are to be received by a reception team, specially created for the purpose, except for the first set of COCs, which will be received by the Senate President.

    There are reports that all the COCs are now being delivered to and received by the office of Senate President Frank Drilon, who is a top LP official and a reelectionist senator. There are also reports that while the Senate is preparing for the national canvass, which opens on May 25, Drilon has authorized Atty. Edwin Bellen, chief of the COC-ER Reception Team, to leave his post and travel to Singapore. These naturally elicit unnecessary speculations.

    Professor threatened
    An Ateneo mathematician and statistician, David Yap, has tried to offer an analysis of Robredo’s improbable performance. But he was threatened by some cyber bullies on the web and had to duck for cover. De La Salle Prof. Antonio Contreras, who was one of my co-petitioners in the disqualification case against Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares before the Commission on Elections and the Supreme Court, shares Yap’s analysis, and has tried to explain what seems completely Greek to a lot of people in some forums. Last night, he was on my weekly GNN cable program with Catholic Media Network Director Ariel Ayala and Abakada Party List Rep. Jonathan de la Cruz.

    There is seething anger out there, as I said in the beginning. And Aquino has caused it all. He has one last chance to do what is right, or to be buried in ignominy after he leaves Malacañang. It’s his call.



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    1. I myself found the proceedings shady. I was watching the tally when the trend in the votes suddenly shifted to Leni Lobredo. I would understand if the votes were for Cayetano or even Escudero but not Lobredo.

      However, the unfortunate reality is that there is very little for us to do since the COMELEC is still controlled by the Aquino Administration.

      But know this…no matter how many times Lobredo’s supporters may cheer that she won, there is equally the same number of people who voted against her in favor of BBM. Regardless of whether or not it is unshakable support for the Marcoses or simply a loss in trust for the Liberal Party — the same number of people distrust Lobredo as much as they potentially support her.

      I don’t think this is an Aquino thing alone. The Liberal Party has done so many illegal activities while in power. A change in goverment will expose all their corruption and leave them powerless to hide. That is the true reason why they want the VP post. Duterte can be impeached for one pathetic reason or the other. If Marcos is to be VP, it would be worse and impeaching Marcos to have Drilon succeed would really raise eyebrows. A double impeachment? Who would have thought.

      And in all this, is no one wondering how in the world did Drilon get that many votes? Tito Sotto, I understand — but Franklin Drilon?

      • For Leni as being a spare tire for 6 years is not a good job experience if she dreaming to run for president. She need a bold exposure in the present admin to boost her dream.

    2. angelito c. bernardo on

      going by the pro-bbm arguments, it would seem that aquino also made duterte win and dropped roxas. ganun din ung LP candidates in the winning circle…. kawawa nman c guingona atbp…. it’s easy to prove the veracity of zero votes… 3 precincts lang un daw, why not the bbm camp demand/request for manual recount of those precincts?

      • Maybe that’s why DU30 still confused Leni to be a part of his cabinet. He want to clear her of cheating BBM

    3. Penoy Balut na bugok calls himself the “best president.” Siguro “THE BEAST” president haha

      • The truth that cannot hide ..Andres Bautista is a cousin of the dreaded pres abnoy who manipulate the vote..Du30 should investigate this treason like crime.. I believe DU30 exceed more than 18 million votes if he is not a victim of bawas ,dagdag on VCM

    4. Albert Morales on

      Well, well bottom line is you Filipinos are so divided and fragmented when you painted the pigment of your minds with Marcos and Aquino’s affair only. This is one hell of the reason why you people became the laughingstock of other countries. A society who easily believes on anything without the concrete facts or knowledge on the important issues the makes up your country. Most of you stick their minds on impressions and wild imaginations. You easily believe on gossips and unfounded reports. If you expect integrity with your leaders, then start building the framework of integrity within you.

    5. Yeoreubeun Annyeong Haseyo on

      I knew it, when Pnoy said he would do anything to block the Marcoses, he actually meant even “cheat the election” Him and Roxas had always been partners in crime since Yolanda. I wonder what manners and habits did their parents taught them and I wonder how their conscience can live or survive betraying the Filipino people. Just an opinion.

    6. Ricky Estrada on

      Isn’t it possible all the surveys were correct that showed Leni leading by a very slim margin? Maybe Pnoy was responsible for setting up the surveys, too!

      • The pre election surveys said so, bbm and leni are neck and neck, but still bbm was leading then..came may 9 and the exit polls were revealed: BBM got 34.9 , leni 32.6, some other exit polls said 32 for BBM leni is 27.. Now I believe more the exit polls because the people surveyed were already done voting from around the country! Numbers don’t lie as they say..

    7. artemio gonzales on

      No amount of assurance by anyone that the automated election system is gully secured.

      The fact that that an un-authourized change to a single election hardware was executedby an un-authorized person means every election hardware VCMs deployed Philippine-wide and overseas is insecured and 100% vulnerable to fraud, tampering for potential cheating.

      In other words, the automated election system is so very EASY to maliciously tamper it!

      CISA qualified auditors(Certified Information Systems Auditor) should be hired to audit the Automated Election System.

    8. You are the real villain. You did not stop your character assassination on Grace Poe because she ïs a lady. Why did you not destroy Duterte in your column? Because this guy can inflict harm to you. You can only attack female candidates. You are a MORON. I know Manila Times will not publish this letter. I dare you , let this letter be publish….

      • To the Max
        People like you believed that the savior are the Aquinos. Two Aquino already become a president until now they don,t want as to know who is behind the traitor assassination..You are blind and def what happened to Yolanda fund, Masasapano, laglag bala etc etc because you are blinded by the light of yellow color from the beginning.. Andres Bautista plus Abnoy [the cousin] cheat the election…So to say that the silent majority belongs to DU30

    9. Thank you senator kit for sharing this article. What is happening is a test of character. Leni will gain more respect she will support the investigation on the alledged cheating in vp vote counting. After all it is not fulfilling to assume post you dont not deserve to be in.

    10. Thank you senator kit for sharing this article. Again what is happening now with the vice presidential election is a test of character. Leni will gain more respect if she will support the investigation of alledged cheating in vp votes counting. Otherwise many will see her undeserved of the position.

    11. The best thing to do..mag botohan ule for Vice Presidential .ang taong hinde kapartido ng bawat isa ang mag giging judge oh tatayo na president of senate.para sa ganuon walang anomalyang mangyayaring dayaan.at sila din ang gagawa ng grupo para s bilangan.pata fare and clean ang laban.

    12. To sum it up, please anybody answer…”WHO IS THE BRAIN BEHIND ALL THESE SHENANIGANS???”

      Everybody knows he is the not the “about to leave tenant of Malacanang”!!! Who then???

      • Nina Garcia on

        Of course, pnoy is the one, who else, he is the campaign manager of the dilaw candidates, may be he talked with the people of smartmatic.

      • The villain / Mastermind is of course your ka MEKENI mo.
        Even the newborn can tell the world who are responsible in all these HOCUS POCUS / VCM cheatings
        Nagtanong ka pa!c? ?

    13. laguatanlawfirm on

      What is happening to our national leaders now? Why cheat in order to win? Where are they leading this poor country? Why can’t they allow the truth to prevail over evil?Abnoy is so scared of Marcos, because he abhors going to jail together with his evil minions. He had seeming committed numerous sins against the Filipino people. It’s payback time!!!

      • Aquino is afraid of Marcos because the truth behind all the lies of EDSA will soon be out. Once Pandora’s box is open Filipinos will realize how they were manipulated and fooled by the Aquinos.

      • Albert Morales on

        I am not a fan of Aquino. But @Migz IT COULD BE THE OTHER WAY AROUND: Marcos is afraid of Aquino because the truth behind all the lies of Martial Law will soon be out. Once Pandora’s box is open Filipinos will realize how they were manipulated and fooled by the Marcoses.

      • Oh puhleezzee…
        What have the Aquinos built since F. Marcos was out of power? Nada… just a lot of credit grabbing propaganda.

    14. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Leni is not a victim but a willing accessory to an evil scheme of P-Noy and ambition which suddenly sprung because of the power behind the presidency. Of course, we are looking towards her unearthing the cause of her husband’s demise unlike the case of P-Noy and Cory which did nothing to give justice to Ninoy’s death. God bless the Philippines.

      • Maribel Calanda on

        I agree. She is a beneficiary amd not a victim. Do not be kind to her Kit Tatad

      • Leni is no saint. She was into it right from the start. The mind conditioning they desperately tried to pull off a week before the election on her sudden jump to the top spot of the survey is hard to miss.

      • Indeed. If she is as decent as they portray her to be, then she should not be silent to the wrongdoings of her party. I saw her video explaining about where the funds for her humongous campaign expenditure came from, trapong trapo na ang dating.

    15. Nick Miranda on

      It’s not whether we want another Marcos to run the country! What we demand that the real winners and not those who won by cheating will lead this nation. The problem with some distorted minded Filipinos is that they would even support cheaters just so BBM will not have the VP. We are saying, we want CHANGE in this beloved nation of ours! But how can we begin to change when we allow fraud in our elections. This is no ,longer about BBM & Leni! This is about the integrity of our elections! Our votes are “sacred” and must not be manipulated by scrupulous individuals. It is not PNOy or the Comelec who must choose who our duly elected officials are! Kasi kung ganon wala na lng elections! The problem of the the Aquinos and their followers is that they are blinded with bitterness and vindictiveness. No wonder this nation is so fragmented! I myself voted for Noynoy but I am so disgusted of how he ruled this nation. Up to now the Yolanda funds, cash advances, DAP and other explainable use of the Filipino money remains unaccounted for! This is a sad thing for the Philippines!

      • If Mr. Tatad have reasonable evidences, why not file a formal complaint as he always had done in the past?
        File a complaint. Stop riding on government’s shortcomings to justify your baseless accusations.

      • Albert Morales on

        Well, well bottom line is you Filipinos are so divided and fragmented when you painted the pigment of your minds with Marcos and Aquino’s affair only. This is one hell of the reason why you people became the laughingstock of other countries. A society who easily believes on anything without the concrete facts or knowledge on the important issues the makes up your country. Most of you stick their minds on impressions and wild imaginations. You easily believe on gossips and unfounded reports. If you expect integrity with your leaders, then start building the framework of integrity within you.

    16. Danny Cascolan on

      X2016 to end Philippine nation by De Facto Governments?

      If Noynoy Aquino demonstrated that he can cheat the pcos vcm to make his candidates win, don’t be some dimwit not to realize that duterte is noynoy’s man too.

      Puro Dilaw na talaga ang uupo resulta kahit sa senador.
      Moro-moro na hocus-pocus pa.
      Ang resulta kontrolado pa rin ng Dilaw ang direksyun ng Pilipinas para mabenta.

      Ang sistema dinamihan ang raffle na kandidato, pinaigitng ang deceptive media hype, makinarya suhulan at pekeng survey, kahit sino manalo kila roxas, poe at duterte, pareho lang maisusulong ang programa tuwad na daan. At malayo na manalo ang kalaban ng Dilaw kasi naging buffer for manipulation ang tatlong yellow candidates kung sakali. Tatlong kanto pa dadaanan ng mga tunay na oposisyon sa bilangan na di naman nakikita talaga. Well walang magagawa ang taong Bansa kundi tanggapin ang manipulasyun dahil marami din naman ang may gusto nang gayun dahil sa kakapusan ng karagdagan impormasyun at lohiko.

      Remains to be seen ang future ng Pilipino at ating Bansa.
      – –
      Flashback repost,

      excerpt commentary,

      In fact, the yellow syndicate was not sure kung mapapalusot nila si poe sa sc kaya pinapasok si duterte, noynoy wanted to fulfil his promise to roxas, pero failing si roxas, then theres the pcos, hindi totally plantsado un plans kaya nagkarun ng options.

      I think nervous si noynoy and syndicate, so they made alternatives, the problem each of his hidden candidate has the strong urge to win and each has compelling attributes and support.

      Poe has very strong backing foreign and local, duterte is boasting he can make the shortcut to yellow schemes which the people would even be willing to embrace like idiots will do, roxas maintains the yellow name but really losing, and they all have the money to support the venture.

      those are povs, intelligent opinions are naturally neccessary to make sense out of the facts.

      Now it is our problem how to foil the pcos fraud by comelec and yellow candidates );

      • Mr. Sonny who was one of those providing funding to the candidacy of quo rhee before. Now, he was again one of those funding Mr. Dee Gong. Now, it makes sense. By the fact that he is enjoying a lot of goodwill and credibility at this point, yet, not speaking against a perceived shenanigan in the count for the vice presidency nor even threatening those who are involved to stop their nefarious ways makes me really think now that he is indeed the real candidate of beneegno – and ms. greys is just the mirage. If he speaks now, is Mr. Dee Gong afraid that his “victory” may be endangered in the official count?

    17. If you come with allegations of fraud, back it up with concrete facts rather than insinuations.
      “For instance, in one precinct in the Muslim province of Basilan, according to one report, she got 529 votes while Marcos got zero.”
      Which precinct was that, so that we can all look it up for ourselves in the election results for that precinct?
      As Gabby already noted, it’s perfectly possible for Marcos to have lost his early lead: he was strong in places like Luzon, whose votes came in early. Robredo was strong in the provinces (especially in Bicol), the results of which came in later.
      Have a little bit of faith in Comelec’s well established electoral procedures and systems, and people? And Aquino is out of office now, so you can finally stop the bashing…

      • stop fooling yourself. BBM got 0 vote in Basilan when he was in fact, endorsed by the INC? Just for your info, there are 3 locales and it’s so stupid to claim that all of the members didn’t vote for him. Besides, a whistleblower revealed how they do this dagdag-bawas operation, it’s in youtube already. You’re one of the reasons why these bastards keeps doing what they do best- because you allow it. This is no longer about Leni and BBM but the integrity we all have. Stop the bias and face the reality that this very stupid and immature President is using his remaining power to ensure that BBM will not win. This wicked man must be put to jail for stealing the votes of the people.

      • It looks like you are pro Comelec the way you are defending them.
        This is my opinion, even Abnoy is out of the office, he should be charged to whatever offenses he has done to the country. He should not be afraid to face all charges if he thinks he done nothing wrong. God bless Juan dela Cruz. Quo Vadiz?

      • tsk tsk tsk ang pag transfer ng data is randomized lol hindi pede iyan pinagsasabi mo, parehas na nag closed ng 5 pm… hahhahah

      • Still, none of you provides any concreteness, and continue to bash without basis or proof. Sigh. The name of that precinct in Basilan, please, where – alleged by Tatad – BBM got no votes?

      • The thing is, NONE of the hundreds of losing candidates in this election are questioning the validity of the election results, except you BBM supporters. I know it’s a narrow, and therefore, bitter defeat for you, but it’s a defeat nonetheless. Respect it, and respect the valid winner…otherwise dwell in your conspiracy theories forever…

    18. Jay Escopete on

      You know whats killing our nation? POLITICS. Its politics who divide this country. Its politics who stains our media. Its politics who destroyed families by having contradictory candidates. Its politics who made good people turned corrupt. When we choose a leader, people should have one voice and not many. A leader without 100% support from its members cannot function well. Kahit sino pa yan. kahit si Late President Diosdado Macapagal pa yan. Given na ang mga tao ngayon ay very much divided with their own thoughts and stand, hindi talaga magiging functional ang leader.
      So, before we put the blame to our leaders, we should look at our selves and think. Did we do something that can make our country progressive? Did we do something in support of our country’s cause and not the politics’ cause?
      People, lets change for the welfare of our country and not just because we have a new leader but because our country needs us to change.

      “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” -Abraham Lincoln, Illinois State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois 1858

      • Yes, POLITICS in the Philippines is one of the so DIRTIEST in the world.
        Ang nakapagtataka ha…the Phil. is the only country in Asia who has the highest % of Roman Catholics. Every Sunday, almost all the 80% go to church for ADORATION. Bakit napakaDEMONYO ang pag-iisip ng mga POLITICIANS natin?
        The Pres. himself injects BITTERNESS, HATRED, DIVISION, VENGEANCE into the minds of his subordinates and to the Filipino people. Sana si Sen. Villar na lang ang nanalo noon na President ….hindi siya.

      • Pinoylitiko on

        Seriously, would you rather have cheating than have a Marcos if in-case he wins this fair?

      • dexdee, it is not your say who will rule this country. it is the majority, whether you call them dutertards, bobotantes or what, who should dictate who should rule this country. if the majority of the people want marcos to be the vp, then so be it. ito ang problema ng bayan na ang majority ay laging binabale wala ng so called intelihensya or what ever you call them. i do not love marcos but if the majority wants him, so be it. nobody has the right to cheat him of his victory.

      • Makabayang Pinoy on

        Time for you to face reality! the Aquinos manipulated this country. Why? Because of followers like you who are gullible and blinded by bitterness and vindictiveness! People like you fragment this nation! No wonder there is so much hate and pin in this nation people like you exist!

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        You are out of your mind. BBM is running for Vice President and not for President. Mr. Kit Tatad is just using logic and reason to explain what is happening in the counting of votes. It is improbable for a linear graph to come out in an election of millions of voters. What P-Noy and cohorts did was to do “cosmetic” adjustments on Leni’s votes, either by approximation or doctoring of the data. God please intervene and save the Philippines from evil and the evil ones.

      • Girlie Bebbeb on

        Yes, because of his wide experienced in government, and yes, he is well qualified for the job.

      • for heaven’s sake this is what you call democracy! if majority of the people want him back then who are you to suppress their freedom? can you give me a proven fact that BBM has been involved in any type of corruption? and dont you dare start with the feckin martial law, i’m so sick of this propaganda. stop using the victims for your own personal interest. an abuse is an abuse so the people MUST hold the Aquino family accountable for the massacres in Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita. Stop your crap. This is the reason why this country can’t heal and progress. Because of narrow-minded fecker like you that keeps talking about the past, when we can in fact look at the future ahead. You’re so feckin annoying!

    19. Joan Carlos on

      I’m sure Leni Robredo knew about Noynoy-Abnoy’s plan from it’s inception. She knew that her role in this election is to prevent Bongbong Marcos from winning at all costs, that’s why her campaign platform was all about Martial Law.You reported, “In addition to the votes being added to Robredo from apparently pre-pr ogrammed sources, some votes belonging to fellow candidate Francis Escudero have already “migrated” to his fellow Bicolano. Some other vice-presidential bets are reported to have been asked to donate some of their votes to her just so she would beat Marcos.” How do votes from one candidate be “MIGRATED” and “DONATED” from to another AFTER the election.

      • Leodegardo Pruna on

        Just alter the program to your intent and migration as well as donation could happen. God bless the Philippines.

    20. sir kit, paano po ba ang gagawin ninyo ngayon na talo na si grace poe, porke po ba talo na siya pababayahan na lang natin na makalusot siya sa panloloko sa sambayanang pilipino. dapat po ata matanggal siya sa senado, isa po siyang ahente ng amerika at hindi siya dapat manatili sa kongreso. dapat po siyang managot sa kanyang pagsisinungaling. kung pababayahan ninyo iyan magpupursigi na naman iyan sa susunod na halalan. wala po siyang karapatan na bastusin niya ang ating konstitusyon.

    21. Is it not possible for BBM to continue asserting his right and submit a protest formally asking for a manual count of all VPresidential votes so the people will not be in a confused position and anger to what seemingly a fraudulent counting of votes.
      I supposed the evidences sighted are material enough to make a formal protest.

      • Pinoylitiko on

        If he asks for manual voting, they’ll do it slooooooow until it’s time for the next election. Pnoy has shown us what he can do. He will continue to do so with all his minions in the senate and the congress. I can’t believe Drilon is #1!

    22. Hector David on

      He doesn’t give a shit.. lies have been peddled as truth.. the government has been run like one big hacienda. ..brazen actions with no respect for procedure or law or the rights of individuals. . Friends protected over public interest.government monies seemingly used as private funds

    23. Boy Tolentino on

      The Real Mastermind for destroying the integrity of the Election process is in Malacanang who is expected to leave June 30, 2016. Believe it or not. Read all his pronouncements prior to May 9 that he will not allow any Marcos in Malacanang. He is bitter because of his and her mother’s failure for 30 years they have all the chance to go after Ninoy’s death, (coz they know who killed him) recover the so called ill gotten wealth (ask Andres Bautista, retired PCGG chairman he knows it, now COMELEC chair) compensate the martial law victims which is being held by Liberal Party divulged by BBM when asked by Leni during their live debate in UST. Two Aquinos have not done any good in this country except to malign and destroy the reputation of the Marcoses. The sad part is some Filipinos are being brain washed up to this time via ABS-CBN and some “presstitutes” and “envelopment journalists”.

      • Maribel Calanda on

        I agree. Mar Roxas feels he was chaeted too in 2010. He filed a protest which is undecided until now that’s why VP Binay said in one of his interviews tha Mar should withdraw first his protest before running for president. Only prayers can help BBM. I want a Marcos back in Malacanang. They said that in the past Marcos controlled everything, now Cory and his minions are contolling everything, his son, Pnoy, Senate Pres Drilon and Speaker Belmonte are all LP. BBM knows it. He is facing the weight of govt. What is sad is the fact that billions were spent for someone like Robredo instead of spendng it for the Yolanda victims, familes of SAF 44. the farmers of Kidapawan and many more bictims of calamities. What is sadder is the fact that Robredo is a beneficiary.

      • Girlie Bebbeb on

        Well said, and agree with you one hundred percent. The real reason for the aquino’s hatred to the Marcoses is plain ENVY because the Marcoses are better people.

    24. Anyone who believes that people will protest and participate in some sort of EDSA-like revolution on behalf of Senator BBM on grounds that he had been cheated is being unrealistic and delusional. Recently, BBM could hardly rally more than 100-200 supporters at Luneta on this issue. His plan to get to Malacanang via his election to the vice-presidency, and eventually to the presidency has now been thwarted.

      Anyone can shout “Cheating! and Fraud”! But unless specific concrete evidence is presented and laid before a Court, all such passionate claims are nothing more but plain washroom or beauty parlor gossip. Accusing PNoy of villainy and conspiracy concerning this matter is misplaced and inappropriate. I noticed that the article above omits the fact, reported in PDI, that Comelec’s own IT technical expert or representative agreed with the change in the so-called “script” as he had half of the password required to make any change in the script. The technician for Smartmatic only knew just half of the password.

      As for the claims of Professors D. Yap and A. Contreras, it should be noted that neither one is an IT expert. So why should one listen to them? As Mark Twain said: “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” I suspect that these two profs are just searching for their15 minutes of fame.

      Congratulations to Rep. Leni Robredo. According to PDI, at least 98% of the votes have been counted and she is still ahead of BBM. Even if all the remaining ballots that are still uncounted are assigned to BBM, he will still lose. As VP, Leni will, and should be a foil to the president-elect R. Duterte – a self-described killer, adulterer, and now an alleged plunderer. Let us all wish him well, and hope that soon he will “evolve” in office. “Hope springs eternal….”

      • Maribel Calanda on

        Who do u think u are and ur candidate Leni? Even she knows that dagdag bawas scheme is favoring her. What hypocrites! BBM has not called for people power. He even discouraged it. I AM ONE OF THOSE WHOM U BELITTLE AS ONE OF THE SO CALLED ONLY 200. IT WaS Pmoy who called for people power if bbm wins. Check your facts.

      • B.S. Yellow turd Zombie, are you that ignorant or just plain stupid( knowing the truth,but blinded with lies). Ignoramus, check all BBM captured campaign in you tube blinded fool. You and your master manipulator Abnoynoy thinks alike, very good in fabricating story!

      • you are a feckin disgrace to this country! double standard idiot! evidence? i’ll give you an example, you feckin minion- BBM got 0 vote in Basilan when INC endorsed him? Just for your info, you gulible… there are 3 INC locales in this area and not even 1 person voted for him? Cheating is so easy, as confirmed by the whistleblower in 2010 you moron. people saw how part of chiz votes’ disappeared. leni’s win was programmed MONTHS ago by this absolutely useless and retard President! I hate this asshole so much am going to kick his feckin face. He doesnt have any rights to deprive the Filipino people of their rights to choose a candidate!

      • Erlee’s Response To Maribel Calanda:

        1. Leni Robredo will be the VP-elect. Deal with it!

        2. What evidence do you have to show that “dagdag bawas” took place, that Leni was aware of it, and that she knew it was favoring her? Do not make accusations without proof because then you are just mouthing off.

        3. My comment is a response to Mr. Tatad’s opinion. Where did I say that BBM is asking for “people power”? Of course, based on his various interviews, it is obvious that he wants or expects protests and demonstrations on his behalf; but he is not going to get it because there is no proof that “cheating” has occurred. His Luneta rally was a FAIL!!! In fact, there were so few that showed up that a commenter in another newspaper even said that one could put all the attendees under one mango tree!

        4. If you know anything about the background and history of the Aquinos and the Marcoses, then you should not be surprised that PNoy declared he would use “people power” against BBM should the latter win the VP. How old are you, and in which alternate universe have you been living?

        5. If you feel “belittled”, that is your problem. if you want to participate and respond to comments, better read and educate yourself first. Resorting to ad hominem attacks such as calling people “hypocrites” only shows weakness and ignorance of the issues that are the subject of Mr. Tatad’s opinion. Did you actually read and comprehend the contents of the column? “Basahin mo ulit para maintidihan”.

      • Don’t provoke the ilocanos for we are peaceful and law abiding citizen but once provoke you will see the wrath of ilocanos around the country, what you saw in Luneta was just a test by few who support BBM the real force are yet to come once the official counting concluded and cheating is proven. What I don’t understand was when they declared BBM has zero vote in La Union where the vote of BBM is 5x bigger than Leni. The full mind conditioning is in full throttle by the yellow media. Change starts from our votes and end for choosing the people’s choice and not the PCOS choice.

      • Erlee’s reply to Luz:

        So typical of BBM’s rabid supporters. You have no arguments and data to offer, and so you resort to name-calling and character assassination. Are you being paid by BBM? You are so “full of sound and fury signifying nothing”. Better read and educate yourself. “A little learning is a dangerous thing”.

      • Erlee’s reply to DRg:

        Wow! another BBM fanatic who resorts to name-calling and character assassination because he or she cannot present any evidence or arguments. Your so-called “evidence”, namely, “BBM got 0 vote in Basilan when INC endorsed him”? is no evidence at all because Leni Robredo herself got zero votes in other precincts. This is just par for the course during an election. Better read some more newspapers. In one newspaper (I won’t name it so you learn how to use Google Search), you can read the following: “Atty. Romulo Macalintal, a noted election lawyer, said that Zero votes in a precinct is not a sign of cheating. Robredo also registered zero votes from 18 clustered precincts in the country”. So, now who should I believe? You or Atty Macalintal? No contest, you lose!

        As for you claim regarding the INC, try to use your head: if the INC members in the three locales you mentioned voted in accordance with their leaders’ orders as you had expected, then of course there will be votes for BBM. Had this happened, your claim would just be confirming what many believe about the INC; i.e., that it is a cult, and that its members are “blind followers”. Since there were zero votes in those locales, then one can conclude that the members decided to disobey their leaders’ order to vote for BBM, and voted independently and differently. Good for them!

        Now concenring your claim of Chiz’ votes disappearing, where is your proof? Who is the person who saw the disappearance of these votes? :What is your basis for saying “leni’s win was programmed MONTHS ago by this absolutely useless and retard President”! When did this alleged planning take place? Were you in the room with PNoy and Leni? Unless you answer these questions, you are just engaging in the usual “tsismis” designed to sway others to your point of view. This is an unacceptable, weak, and very poor method of persuasion. “Aral pa more, ha”?

        Your hatred of PNoy is so palpable that you need to see a mental doctor. Calling the president “asshole, useless, retard” and wanting to “kick his feckin face” show complete disrespect for the presidency. By your ad hominem attacks, you have shown yourself to be a “cyber bully”. Better address your mental issues as soon as possible. Otherwise, one of these days, men in white suits will come to pick you up, amd take your away! Cheers!

      • gil banaria on

        It’s too early for you to dismiss the numbers that disgruntled BBM voters can muster in case they mass up, based on what you witnessed in Luneta last Tuesday. Stop comparing the situation now with EDSA1 since nobody among us seems interested to do a parallel of that event involving both high-ranking and grassroots military and police adventurists which we don’t have and would rather not have. Ours have been and will be a purely civilian gathering. The role of the police and the military will be to protect us and not be in the forefront unlike EDSA1 and even 2. You’re forgetting that EDSA 2 happened after 14 long years of failure and you want to see the same crowd 8 days after BBM’s expression of doubt on the credibility of the VP elections?

        I think you are so afraid of the plain truth that you are repeatedly saying now that we talk without basis. The enye issue for you is nothing even though it shows the vulnerability of the 100% security provided in the contract of Comelec, the Government and the Filipinos with Smartmatic. You are also blind to the elementary reality that for 7 straight days, the margin of LR above BBM has stayed consistently in the level of around 218,000 to 220,000 votes. I am not a statistician or economist but my common sense tells me only a program can support that type of clockwork precision. Do your research, work the historical numbers and keep your mouth shut for a while. Only for a while. After you see the unbelievable pattern, you can talk again! Hopefully, by that time, you’ll talk with less hot air. Peace.

      • Are you questioning the obedience of the INC to follow a block vote. Who are you to disrespect the INC church. In Basilan where mostly muslims are, don’t vote for women as leaders. Be careful of your words. Do you have problems with the INC?

    25. Why need to change the script on middle of counting? remember this Smartnatic is paid by billions of pesos, they conducted a dry run and whatsoover, means they are ill prepared, nope this Smarmatic should payback to the government as they have breach the machine and breach the contract for transparent counting!!

    26. Absolutely , I agree with you Mr. Tatad !!!

      Hoping that the “people power” … mentioned by this outgoing , vindictive President … would turn against him this time !!!

      I have nothing against Rep. Leni Robledo but I am still hoping against all hope that justice would prevail and Sen. Bongbong R. Marcos would emerge the winner !!!

    27. Chico Ibarra on

      Up to the end, the country is polarized because of Pnoy’s constant divisive politics.

    28. Marcos took the lead then lost it because Luzon was early in transmitting the votes then from visayas was late in transmitting Marcos took the lead in the beginning because he’s strong in Luzon but Leni overtook him because she’s is strong in visayas and Mindanao it’s simple the writer is probably for Marcos it’s unfair and mean to say something bad about a person with no proof

      • there is also no proof that visayas and mindanao transmisions were late. if there was, comelec would have already said this. even if what you said happened, it could only affect the vote count that way if the delay was massive. a delay of this magnitude could only have been intentionally done and is therefore highly suspect.

      • Nonsense, did you check the numerous exit polls? BBM has more votes in Mindanao then Leni! Didn’t you know that BBM’S mom Imelda is also Visayan? If you’re paying attention to the numbers from region to region, BBM Was always number except Bicol and some few parts of Visayas!

      • I respect your opinion Gabby but … if Mr. GARCIA can change “question mark” to become “enye” (while counting of the votes is in progress) … is it not possible that he can also manipulate the votes to favor some candidates which Pres. BS Aquino III prefer to win ?

        What a similarity , is it not ?

    29. Evidently, you are pro-Marcos and always blame Aquino for everything. You have gotten paid for writing anti-Aquino opinions through the years. Your lawyer should have taken pictures and gathered evidence of alleged irregularities.

      Get it over with, PNoy’s days are numbered. For once, be objective and impartial. We should commend the Comelec and all poll watchers and PPCRV, instead of prematurely concluding Bongbong has won because you are for him.

      • and can you blame him for that? this useless bastard did nothing good but to keep dividing the country with his immaturity and vindictiveness. i hate him too much for what he’s done to the country during his 6 years in office. and now, he’s using all his remaining power for evil once again. this asshole must be put to death for disrespecting the laws and rights of the people to a clean, fair and honest elections.

    30. The System was breached and compromised on mere pretext of glitch fix. The cosmetically euphemized fix did more than cosmetics -it altered the numbers flow, and the desired threshold safe margins of 226,000, 216,000, 230,000 margins….

      A full audit, thourough inspection of the System should be done – to shed light on the controversy – in sync with the oficial canvassing.

    31. Aquino has caused it all. He has one last chance to do what is right, or to be buried in ignominy after he leaves Malacañang.

      If anyone is counting on Aquino to do the right thing are out of luck and naive beyond comprehension. Prove any cheating and demand a new election supervised by the United Nations since the Philippines is incapable of conducting fair elections.
      Start arresting anyone implicated in cheating to include Comelec, Smartmatic.

      New elections for congress and the VP

      If this is allowed to stand the Philippines will never recover just like in 2013.