Leni assured of LP support in VP race


Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd has assured party support to his running mate, Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, who was leading the vice presidential race as of Wednesday afternoon.

Robredo told reporters that the assurance came after she met with Roxas prior to the latter announcing that he was conceding to frontrunner Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

“Actually, I am sadder than Secretary Mar. He is in very high spirits and he assured me that the people have spoken [in his case]. But for myself, he said he will be always be there for me,” Robredo, a lawyer, said.

“He [Roxas] assured me that whenever I would need anything, I could just call and he and the party will be there. You have to remember that I am new in the party,” she added.

Robredo joined the LP only in 2012, when public clamor prompted her to seek public office as Third District Representative of Camarines Sur after the death of her husband, Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, in August 2012.

Robredo went on to win the congressional seat by an overwhelming 70,000 votes.

As of 12:28 p.m. of Wednesday, she was leading Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. by 223,000 votes.

Both candidates had more than 13 million votes.

Robredo admitted that she was dejected that Roxas was already out of the race.

“Of course, I feel sad that Secretary Mar did not win, maybe in the same way that Mayor Duterte feels about Sen. Alan not winning. Secretary Mar is a very kind, thoughtful person. He said to me he doesn’t want to make a concession statement without consulting me,” she said.

Alan is Alan Peter Cayetano, Duterte’s running mate.

“He [Roxas] showed me his concession speech, asked for my suggestion. I told him that his speech is okay. He is a very competent person as far as I am concerned,” Robredo said.


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  1. The thing is leni is a lawyer doing pro-bono job to the poor. Shes also very sincere and pro poor and the most important thing is not corrupt and no hidden agenda. She can be a good leader less the inexperienced issue.

  2. Romeo Tuazon on

    Bongbong Marcos from the beginning knew that his chance of replacing Dutards is greater so he can’t concede inspite of the fact that Leni garnered over 200,000 than Sen Marcos. His accusation of the plan B is actually his wild dream, except his camp changed the script and accused Leni and the LP of this so called plan B. Dutards high chance of getting impeached is what Bongbong is counting on, but praise the Lord, and thanks to many true Christian who prays and intercede in behalf of the Phil.

  3. LP support to make her president when LP destabilizes the Duterte government.

  4. Marcos Jr. along with buti-ti Imelda have concrete plans to get rid of Duterte just as his late Marcos father did in 1972 and declared Martial Law to get hold of ultimate power, used the military as force unopposing his one man rule and subjucation of the whole nation. Too bad that the Divine Intervention intervined coming from the Roman Catholic Church headed by Cardinal Sin Marcos Army and weapons become useless and unable to fire a single bullet intended to massacare unarmed civilians with only rosaries in their hands. Imelda doesn’t learn her lessons. Even the Marcoses are armed with multiple minuteman nuclear weapons at their disposal the nuke weapons will be useless against the Divine Intervention from above. Now this time if thei plans failed to materialize, the Marcoses and their cronies will swim the PACIFIC ocean since Donald Trump won’t provide them Airplanes and they should have a US Visa to enter Hawaii.

  5. Leni Robredo knew very well that she is new and inexperienced to be a a Vice President much more so to become President if the LP sinister plot they plan to get rid of Duterte as President. Leni Robredo is another Cory Aquino . Filipinos voted for change electing a strongman like Duterte and for Leni Robredo to be the VP will only deter any reform the President elect wish to do, (no Aquino/Roxas influence).