• Leni doubts Leila witness’ claims


    Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo has cast doubts on claims of self-confessed killer Edgar Matobato that he was a former member of the ”Davao Death Squad” and was involved in at least a thousand killings of suspected drug pushers, rapists, snatchers and Muslims on orders of then-Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

    Matobato, who was produced by Sen. Leila de Lima, a former chairman of the Commission on Human Rights, made the confession on Thursday before the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights.

    Prior to Matobato’s testimony, now-President Duterte had said he kills criminals and that he does not feel sorry about it because criminals deserve to die, including journalist Jun Pala who was critical of him.

    “The charges are very serious but we should take [them]with a grain of salt. We don’t know for sure if he is telling the truth. We need to be very vigilant, discerning, and it is important for the truth to come out,” Robredo, a lawyer, told reporters on Friday.

    “We can’t just accept everything,” she said.

    Despite Matobato’s statements in a hearing before the Senate committee, the Vice President also on Friday said impeaching Duterte will bring more chaos to the country.

    In the same hearing, defeated vice presidential candidate and Sen. Alan Cayetano accused the Liberal Party (LP) of which Robredo is a member of conspiring to unearth Matobato and eventually unseat Duterte from the presidency so that Robredo could take over.

    Under the law, a sitting President is immune from civil and criminal charges during his or her tenure.

    “The success of the Duterte administration is the success of the country. I hope that the impeachment [of Duiterte]won’t happen, and I don’t see it prospering. [When we undergo such process again, the situation will just get more chaotic]. We should just use our energies for something else that would be of help to the country,” Robredo also told reporters in a news conference held at her Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) office in Makati City (Metro Manila).

    “I have always said that it is our obligation to support the President. But when I say that, it doesn’t mean that I will agree with him all the time. We may have our differences, but those differences won’t make me withdraw my support. He never took my differing opinions against me,” she said.

    Robredo opposes restoration of death penalty and hero’s burial for former President Ferdinand Marcos.

    “What I found offensive was Senator Cayetano implicating the LP and myself [in the alleged conspiracy]. It is very unfair because we [in the party]don’t even talk about the administration, and I wasn’t aware that a witness [in the person of Matobato]is about to testify. I don’t even know the witness. But the way Senator Cayeteno said it, it’s like we are on an operation to unseat the President so I could replace him. But I have a very good working relationship with President Duterte and he has wholeheartedly supported the needs of my office,” the Vice President pointed out.

    She was referring to her role as the HUDCC chairman, a position that makes her a member of the Duterte Cabinet.

    “Every chance I get, I tell the President that he can count on my support and that if he needs me to do something for him, he should not hesitate to call me,” Robredo said.

    Meanwhile, Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, also a Liberal Party member like the Vice President, pitched for an independent fact-finding commission composed of retired justices to investigate the reported extrajudicial killings by the so-called Davao Death Squad, as well as determine identities of the principals and perpetrators and the victims.

    Lagman cited the Agrava Commission, Feliciano Commission and Melo Commission that had been created to probe high-profile cases.

    The Agrava Commission investigated the assassination of former senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. on August 21, 1983.

    An inquiry into the Oakwood mutiny on July 21, 2003 was conducted by the Feliciano Commission.

    The revolt was led by the Magdalo group, which alleged perpetuation of military corruption during the Arroyo administration.

    The Melo Commission looked into human rights violations, including extrajudicial and political killings, from 2004 to 2006 during the Arroyo administration.

    The Agrava Commission was headed by Justice Corazon Agrava, the Feliciano Commission by Justice Florentino Feliciano and the Melo Commission by Justice Jose Melo.

    “The inquiry must not be left to politicians whose motives could always be suspect despite their avowal of impartiality,” Lagman said in a statement.


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    1. >> Maaring maniwala po ako at ang ibang Filipino na walang alam si Ms Robredo na may ginagawang hakbang para sirain ang campaign against illegal drug personalities at matanggal si PDU30.

      Subalit very obvious ang mga ginawa at ginagawa at gagawain ng mga kasapi ng LP na loyalist kay citizen BSC-Aquino3rd higit diyan ang mga tumaggap ng pera mula sa illegal DAP AT PDAF. Hindi nangangahulugan na dahil may maga lumipat na mga LP sa PDP-Laban ay hindi na sila loyalist ni BSC-Aquino 3rd. Iyan ay kagaguhan lamang na paniwalaan. May kasabihan…. IF YOU CAN NOT FIGHT YOUR ENEMY AND YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR ENEMY, JOIN THEM..SOONER OR LATER YOU DIVIDE THEM SLOWLY BUT SURELY.

      Maari rin tama ang sinabi ni Ms Robredo, na wala plano na ginagawa ang LP members para tanggalin sa pwesto si PDU30. Kasi ang mga Aquino-Cojuangco and cohorts plus the oligarch Plan A ay hindi nagtagumpa.
      And they are now pursuing their moves which is PLAN B-International Criminal Court interference in the Duterte Administration. And this is already on-going and was since the start of hearing held by Senate Committee under LIE-LIE DILEMA chairmanship with the help local media source thru foreign media and guidance of certain Samantha Powers who is called a n International Human Rights Crusader of ICC. They have to compile more and more media reports against PD30 ignited and initiated by LIE-LIE DILEMA IN HER INTERVIEW BY FOREIGN MEDIA Staff, commentator, reporters and newscaster. With this news and reports compilation will be the basis of ICC to pursue their wanted ICC investigation to be done. If according in their own investigators interpolation and analysis of the situations and conditions in the Philippines purely base on the news feedbaks thru local source media and interviews of some personalities and politician, then they will issued a warrant arrest to PDU30. SO IN THIS CONDITIONS,IT MIGHT FORCE PD30 TO FILE LEAVE OF ABSENCE TO ATTEND HIS HEARING IN ICC, AUTOMATICALLY VP ROBREDO WILL BE TEMPORARY ACTING AS PRESIDENT. THIS IS THE SCENARIO THAT YELLOW TARDS AND CHUWAWAS WANTED TO HAPPENED AND IN THIS PERIOD THEY COULD MANIPULATE THE GOVERNMENT AS PER THEIR LIST OF AGENDA AND AIMS.


    2. There is an obvious move of De lima trying to manipulate the minds of the public by preempting her situation.
      People cannot be fooled by the LP .
      She really must resign from her post to save further embarrassment . Only in the Philippines you see a lot of thick skinned leaders who will not resign and continue to cling to power , guilty or not . No love for Country , except themselves!

      Japan has set examples of leaders who would rather step down and not shame their country !

    3. It is very clear … no clouds to cover the ambition of this YELLOW Party …. who will believe them anyway …. only die hard LP people. They are starting to propagate and conditioning the minds of the masses to destroy the credibility of the President. Very very obvious this LP people has an expertise in this zarsuela. Now my

    4. if you kill matobato there will be no peoples power but if you kill another aquino especially p-noy may be there will be another peoples power

    5. Funny how all the liberal party are behind this witness.

      Matobato, who had been under the Justice department’s Witness Protection Program since 2014.

      De Lima had this witness for 2 years but doesn’t appear that she collected any evidence to backup this guy’s verbal testimony saying that Duterte is a bad guy.

      You would think that De Lima who is a lawyer and former head of the Justice Dept would have some clue as to what constitutes a solid case by having collaborating evidence to Matobato’s accusations.

      “Leni” Robredo is also a lawyer but for some reason she also does not comprehend that accusations without additional evidence is a weak case and will not prosper.

      Still it’s funny to see the battle lines drawn who is willing to believe the witness (Aquino allies) and the one’s that don’t believe Duterte supporters.

      Didn’t take long for the Senate to turn into a political playground.

    6. That is why the LP has put Robredo where she is. I truly believed she doesn’t know anything. Just being used and waiting for the time when she eventually becomes President of the Philippines.