• Leni escapes car bombing

    Leni Robredo

    Leni Robredo

    DAVAO CITY: A car bomb exploded on Tuesday afternoon in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat, just minutes after the convoy of Rep. Leni Robredo passed near the area.
    At least three people were injured in the blast.

    The car was parked near a gas station along Jose Abad Santos Street when it went off.
    It was not immediately known whether Robredo was the target of the bombing, but the politician was there to campaign ahead of the May national elections.

    The bombing occurred as locals were celebrating the Catholic feast of Nuestra Señora dela Candelaria.

    Robredo, who is running for Vice President under the Liberal Party (LP), denounced the bombing.

    The Camarines Sur lawmaker arrived in Tacurong at 9:30 a.m. for a series of meetings.

    “I strongly condemn the bombing, especially at this time when we are continually pushing for progress in Sultan Kudarat and in Mindanao as a whole,” she said.

    “I am safe, but I extend my concern to those three people who were wounded,” Robredo added.

    The lawmaker called on authorities to go after perpetrators of the crime to bring them to justice.

    “This incident won’t deter me from pursuing lasting peace in Mindanao,” Robredo said.

    No individual or group claimed responsibility for the bombing, but it happened after government officials admitted that there is no more hope for the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) under the Aquino administration.

    President Benigno Aquino 3rd blamed lawmakers for the failure of the BBL, an offshoot of a peace agreement that the government signed with Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) rebels in 2014.

    The MILF has repeatedly warned that violence may erupt if Congress fails to pass the proposed law that seeks to create an autonomous Bangsamoro region.

    In December, MILF rebels attacked civilians and killed at least a dozen of them in Tulunan town in North Cotabato province near Tacurong.

    Police said the violence was an offshoot of a long-standing land conflict.

    Many politicians and residents in the proposed expanded Muslim region rejected the BBL and wanted out of the deal, citing various reasons and the failure of the Aquino government and peace negotiators from both sides to include recommendations submitted by the provinces in the autonomous region.

    Last year, villagers in the town of Wao in Lanao del Sur, one of five provinces under the proposed Muslim region, rejected the BBL, saying they do not want to be included in the new Bangsamoro territory.

    The villagers said after the peace deal was signed, several Muslim groups have emerged and started claiming farmlands owned by Christians as theirs and invoking their ancestral rights in Lanao del Sur.

    Now, many residents have started arming themselves for protection fearing that once the new Bangsamoro autonomous government is installed, Muslims will take away their lands that they inherited from their clan. Majority of the town’s 40,000 inhabitants are Christians.

    Some villagers said several groups of Maranao, one of several Muslim tribes in Mindanao, have started putting up markers and begun claiming farmlands as their ancestral domain.
    The markers were destroyed by landowners.

    In Sultan Kudarat province, villagers in the town of President Quirino were also facing the same dilemma.

    Many of them have purchased illegal weapons to protect their families and lands from unjustified takeover by Muslims who warned them that they should leave the town immediately once the Bangsamoro autonomous region is installed because they would take over their farms.

    The MILF–a breakaway faction of the Moro National Liberation Front which signed a peace deal with Manila in September 1996–had fought fiercely for decades for self-determination and had been accused of terrorism in the past and of coddling Malaysian and Indonesian jihadists.


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    1. hoy pedro maghunos dili ka,ang layo ng cotabato sa davao city,para kang hunghang,tong itz lang cguro inatupag mo,,basa2x din ng mapa ng pinas pag my time.

    2. Sison's Greetings on

      Dami either tamad magbasa ng article o di marunong sa geography.

      Pag ganoon, huwag na magcomment. Insulto sa magulang at teacher mo.

    3. Media mileage from the LP to get the sympathy of the people. Who is Leny Robredo? Is she popular that even a car bomber would take her life? She is not even popular in to win in the election.

    4. Bombings in mindanao is normal.its not a big deal. Its just so happen that lenny is in the wrong place and time.

    5. dati sakay siya ng bus ngayon bomba naman LP old style si roxas kuno bumbero sakay sa LRT. ANO ang susunod abangan?

    6. mr penduko davao city is a safest city to live tacurong
      city is not part of davao region fyi pls. try to see the phil.maps.

    7. Jayson Gumanid on

      Davao City??? Where the heck do you get the notion that Tacurong is in Davao City? For goodness’ sake, they are more than 200 kilometers apart 6-7 hours travel via Land. And Davao City? Jeeze, where is the responsible journalism these days, eh?

    8. Pakulo lang din yan ng LP. Gagawa ng collateral damage para masagip ang mga kandidato nila sa mababang ratings. Syempre, emotional stir up yan sa mga tao na may bomba. God save the Philippines from the evil Liberal Party.

      • Dr. Vic Sanchez on

        You’re right! LP now has full of tricks to deceive the voters. Pakulo lang ‘yan!

    9. Judith Marasigan on

      I condemn the bombing/attempt to instill fear.

      Ang pangit di naman na maging bayolente dahil di napasa /maipasa ang BBL. San ang sinseredad?

      Wag naman masyadong pushy sa BBL. Kahit wala nyan, kung kapayapaan kung hangad natin ay kapayapaan. Wag pera pera at kapangyarihan lang.

    10. Pedro Penduko, binasa mo ba buong article? Mukhang yung title lang ang binasa mo e. O binasa mo pero di mo naintindihan nakasulat? Basa basa ulit pag may time ha. In case din pala kung di mo alam, si Mar Roxas na Presidential candidate partner ni Robredo ay cabinet member under current administration at hepe ng DILG and therefore ng PNP, until after filing of COC. Malinaw na ebidensya yan na may kakulangan si Roxas sa pamumuno dahil di nya masupil ang ganyang criminality.
      On the other hand, old tactic na yang pambobombang style na yan. Kutob ko sila sila din may pakana nyan para gumawa ng ingay. Binomba kotse ni Robredo pero wala sya doon? Common sense lang, kung gusto syang patayin hindi idadaan sa pagbobomba yan.


      I’m not trying to defend/speak for or against Duterte or anybody. I just want to share my observation or insights which you may agree or disagree po.

      “There is no such thing as bad publicity” – Phineas T. Barnum

      “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about” – Oscar Wilde

      The idea that no publicity can do harm is a very useful gimmick to get free media exposure. TV advertising in the Philippines costs P250,000, more or less, for every 30-second spot on primetime. That means that if you see 5 ads while watching at night, the advertiser is spending P250,000×5. 

    12. Foolishness! An old drama…for the sake of getting sympathy? escaped a bomb attacked? Tell it to the marines! If those bombs were intended for Robledo it would not be planted anywhere but to the place where she was!!! Directly to her!!! That is common sense an attacked in her person…reporter must be precise and true in their reporting…Davao City is far far away from that place. better study your geography!!!

    13. Leni Robredo is learning politics Philippine style so quick. For all we know the said “bomb” was intended for others. Who the hell will someone hurt Robredo? The woman in just over-acting.

    14. Imperial Manila needs to learn the culture and mentality of the Muslim in Mindanao. They have a very different political mindset and culture that Imperial does not understand which will lead more conflicts between Christians and Muslims. Muslims are generally peace loving until they are corrupted with money and power.

    15. Ang sabi ni Duterte safe sa Davao. Talaga palang hindi. Mas delikado pa pala kumpara sa ibang City.

      • Judith Marasigan on

        Mr. Pedro, google map muna bago mag-inasta sa Davao City. Basahing maigi ang article, hindi headline or caption.

      • Ang sabi ng mga Pinoy magagaling at may utak daw sila, yun pala basa lang ng basa di pala iniintindi ng maayos at di nag sasaliksik.

        To the author/editor/readers, please be advised that your article has a misleading first paragraph. The bombing was at Tacurong City and not from Davao City.

      • Huwag ka kasing magpapaniwala sa mga sabi-sabi at para kang walang bait sa sarili niyan! Ikaw mismo ang pumunta doon para malaman mo kung ligtas ka ba o hindi.

      • pedro penduko, so it is duterte’s fault that there is this incident? what about the 1000 times crime in manila or quezon city, is it therefore the fault of the mayor? ask roxas then if he has curbed crime in his city as much as duterte did to his city.

      • Dr. Vic Sanchez on

        Mr. Pedro, talaga safe ang Davao. ‘Di mo lang kabisado kung saan sa mapa ang Tacuron City. Kawawa na man kayo. Read closely your map please!