Leni Robredo as the ‘last man standing’


“Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns
And many a persons turns about
When they might have won had they stuck it out.
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow…
You may succeed with another blow.”

Amidst the chaos in the country today – blinding insanity, overwhelming stupidity, unnerving ignorance and incompetence – I am almost tempted to quit and just go home to my places in Mindanao, immersed in my books and music and write poetry once again. But this is easier said than done. Besides, it is not just I who have always been dreaming to change the world. So the unnamed person who has written the above lines has come to the rescue, whether she is man or woman.

Leni Robredo – the last man standing

I met Leni just once – on the floor of the Lower House of Congress. It was Congressman Douglas Hagedorn of Palawan who introduced me to her. There was nothing significant about the meeting, it was very casual. But there were things about her I remembered very well – her simplicity, civility, lack of guile and her commanding presence.

It is not often you find those qualities in a person these days, irrespective of nationality or tribal origin. In this world of pretense and plasticity, finding such a person is like a breath of fresh air in a starry-studded evening in May at my beach house in Camiguin, so familiar, like Mathew Arnold’s Dover Beach or Yukio Mishima’s The Sound of Waves.

The chance encounter stayed in my mind and I was awakened when I learned she was the reluctant running mate of Mar Roxas, the presidential candidate of PNoy. I did not give it any thought since I have a very strong aversion for anything that has something to do with President PNoy Aquino. In my opinion, PNoy is a poisoned tree and nothing coming from him by way of an idea is rational or worth entertaining. And even as of this writing, I have not changed my mind and I don’t think I ever will since that would be short of a miracle.

But we are talking here of country

After a continuing review of the kind of presidential candidates we have for the May 2016 elections – an admitted criminal whose mind, in the words of Senator Trillianes, is sick, and who has a dysfunctional and evil heart; a denying criminal whose pachydermous insensitivity to overwhelming evidence is at best amusing, at worst despicable; a senator who is not quite prepared to do the job; and probably the best among them, Mar Roxas, but is a candidate of PNoy – I am compelled to search for a redeeming grace for this country among the vice-presidential candidates.

Why? Because if anyone of the first three in the preceding enumeration gets to be President, God forbid, not one is likely to finish his/her term. Duterte – with his ailments and dirt in his whole being, he will likely choke to death and not finish his term. Binay – he will probably go to jail in the first possible opportunity. Poe – she will likely be impeached before the end of her term. In the case of Roxas, if he malfunctions, Leni is likely to defy him, any day and any time!

In the first three circumstances, she would become President and the Philippines will be blest for it because, based on her record and interviews, she is a woman of character; a no-nonsense public official; she knows what she is doing; she loves this country; she is a woman of principles and courage; a woman with a lot of balls; and a woman who is a family person, lives a simple life with no pretenses.

In a Mar Roxas presidency, there is no way she can be intimidated to toe the presidential line, if it runs against her principles. She will be there for the people even if she has to break ranks in the process.

All my life I have been fighting for this country and I still do. My best option for a change of system is still a constitutional transition government. But in its absence, for the moment, I recommend to the voters of this country LENI ROBREDO for Vice-President in May 2016, whoever is your choice for President. In voting for her, you can take pride in being a Filipino. She is the silver lining in the present campaign. She knows how to be Vice-President and in cases of accident, natural intervention or by legal design, she can be President worth having and can do tremendous honor to this country, which has somehow lost its luster.

I will fly home to Camiguin, a beautiful island, which for now is Paradise Lost because of corrupt public officials, to vote for LENI ROBREDO for Vice-President, with a continuing hope that with her election our island and this country will become Paradise Regained.


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  1. She has the heart and you could see she likes serving the people. But honestly its not her time yet to become vice-president. At the looks of things, she is just a mere puppet of the LP and the “Daang Matuwid” of Noynoy. If she could stand on her own and becomes flexible in serving and cooperating with other officials beside LP, she could make a difference.

    What gave me the NO for her is when she said that “She would resign if she becomes Duterte’s Vice”. Do you think in her state of mind now, she can serve the people as VP? She is just a tool to make Mar Roxas a saint to the people. After LP is done with her she do you think she will be treated the same? That’s Philippine Politics for you.. Gamitan..

  2. I am a Pangasinense. I speak Ilocano. I am from the North. And I support Leni Robredo.

  3. She is an LP and chose to be with them. Therefore, not ok. Birds of the same feather.

  4. i dont believe in election,,, even f 100x we change leaders of this country and still the people remains the same nothing will change.

  5. meynardo custodio on

    She is the best choice, the most qualified, and has wide and over the horizon vision for the Country. I agree with Honorable Adaza’s choice.

  6. Ah you’re just smitten by the lady congresswoman Mr. Bono. but no she won’t be a good VP or President either for that matter.

  7. Leni attracts and Leni attracts absolutely. But, one has to be many more times of Jesse and be notice by Leni.

  8. Leni attracts and Leni attracts absolutely. But, one has to be many more times of Jesse and be notice by Leni. Pastilan!

  9. Wala ng ibang pang VP na iboboto kng hindi c ate Leni Robredo. What more can you ask for the lady. Ayaw nga niyan tumakbong VP e napilitan lng meaning to say serbisyo at kapakanan ng tao ang nauuna sa kanya. Kng c bono adaza na mtgal na at matalinong pulitiko cya ang iboboto bakit hindi tayo!

  10. Amnata Pundit on

    But she is just another puppet of the current yellow regime! Now I know why your revolution has a hard time taking off: you have a hard time identifying the real enemy.

  11. One trait of leni that turns off people especially naguenos is being a hypocrite, napakaplastic nya. She projects herself to be simple & humble by riding public utility bus to & from naga city then having her aide take a picture of her and post it in her FB and wear tsinelas most of the time to promote her husband’s tsinelas leadership. But in reality, she rides in helicopters & airplanes in her campaign sorties. During the launching of bicoleni express here in naga city, one guy posted in his FB account a picture of her alighting from a yellow helicopter on the rooftop of sm naga. Her aide called the guy many times ordering him to delete her picture in the FB because nasisira daw ang image nyang being simple & humble. Another one, she had a picture wearing tsinelas while in her campaign sorties but carrying a louis vuitton handbag. I leave it to you to be the judge. By the way, I live in naga city for 36 years and a registered voter but i never voted for a robredo in any election because i know them personally.

    • Olivia Velando on

      My Mom’s family is from Calabanga and all my relatives there are for her. They’ve seen her in action and not at all what you paint her to be.

    • Olivia Velando on

      Also, why would you ride a bus on your campaign sorties? Sa dami ng dapat nyang puntahan, mauubos ang oras pag mag bus sya. Common sense lang. An LV bag is not that expensive, especially kung ito ay galing Greenhills.? Hindi naman natin alam kung ito ba ay binili nya, regalo sa kanya ni Jessie o ng iba nyang kamag anak, binili nyang 2nd hand, etc. Wag mag judge agad.

    • Chino De Villa on

      On the contrary, her constituents in her district love her. If what you are telling us is true, the people in the 3rd district of Camarines Sur would not have given her an 80% vote against a scion of an entrenched dynasty. Her husband was a mayor of Naga for the longest time and yet people there are telling us how simple both Jesse and Leni are.

    • Leonardo Dela Cruz on

      you bitter…huwag masyado nagkakain ng ampalaya ha…you paint Leni as what you like..dahil kung yan si leni na kilala mo siguro namn sa umpisa pa lang di na sya ginusto ng mga taga Naga…bakit a neophyte politician wins againts a scion of political family there in NAGA..

      saka look sino naman politiko ang sasakay sa bus para pumunta sa kampanya…ilagay mo nga utak mo sa ulo mo nasa talampakan yata..

  12. Whaat? She is only a place-holder of grace poe. wala na ngang makuhang kapalit e.
    ayaw nya ng una at ayaw din ng mga anak. ano ang deal nya kay pnoy?

  13. Leni Robredo joined the liberal party gang and became part of the lie.
    She is the running mate of a well known incompetent liar (Roxas) who did nothing during the past 6 years except ruin every agency he headed.

    Known by the company you keep.
    Nice person working for a gang of thieves.

  14. Leni Robredo says referring to herself that: THE LAST MAN STANDING IS A WOMAN. What does she mean by this, that she is a “t-bird”? What a waste if she is one, because she got a very nice buttocks.

  15. I am for Leni too.

    She is an economist.

    To be president …
    Being a lawyer is not enough.
    Worst is if the undergrad course of the lawyer is poli sci.

    Much even worst if the subject is just a poli sci graduate who didnt bother to take up law.

    I think there is a certain senator who have this educational background.

  16. Sandigan Bayan on

    She’s a two-faced female dog. She was pushing for the SSS pension increased for elderly but when BS Aquino vetoed it what did she do? Sunud sunuran lang sys. She dont have the balls, pun intended, to fight for the poor Filipino people. TRAPO. Also she’s allied with the Jueteng lords in Pamapanga the Pinedas. Nung buhay pa si Jessie nilabanan nya yan jueteng na yan ngayon etong baliw na asawa kumampi pa sa Jueteng lords sinira lang nya ang pangalan ng asawa nya. TRAPO na nagbabalatkayo.

    • Leni surprised a lot of people including myself. She is not just simple but also smart when she stood toe to toe with the other candidates who were all back-up by money and fame. She was an instant superstar in the political arena because she has what it take to lead because people trusted her. I voted for her as one of the million OFW who wish that she win the VP. Mabuhay ka Leni Robredo!

    • Yeah really! And what had Marcos and Escudero done to make them any better? They’re dirt worse than her. You’re nitpicking on her and blind on the true villains

  17. Good choice, Mr. Adaza. Someone who regularly takes the bus from Manila to go home to her home province of Camarines Sur can only be “of the people, and for the people”. The best advertisement that the LP can put out for Leni is to show or reproduce the photo that a friend of hers took while Leni was waiting for the bus that will take her home. A typical and average commuter like everyone else.

    Identification with the “common tao” is what is missing in Mar – perhaps because of his privileged background. More importantly, he has not expanded or gone beyond the “daang matuwid” slogan of PNoy. He has to come up with a secondary slogan that will emphasize his economic credentials and plans for the country. No need to announce detailed or boring policy statements at this stage of the game. Just something short and simple like: “Abante, Pilipinas! Jobs, more jobs under Roxas!”.

    The “die hard” fans of Mayor Duterte are more concerned with security rather than the economy. The Mayor’s promise to get rid of crime in 3-6 months is now resonating with the Masa. Whether “security” rather than the “economy” will indeed determine the results of these elections remains to be seen. What has been overlooked by the Mayor’s supporters is the fact that most of the petty criminals whom the Mayor killed or “disappeared” resorted to crime because they had no jobs and were poor and hungry. I remember reading about a grandmother who was arrested for selling drugs, and when asked why she did it, she replied:”I could not bear to see my grandchildren crying because they were hungry and there was no food to eat”. What price security when one is hungry?

  18. I agree with your exposé 100 per cent. I admire Leni for her simplicity and candor. I only wish that she should have run for the presidency.