• Leni Robredo’s sins against the overseas Filipinos



    INDAY (not her real name) has been living in Trinidad and Tobago for the past 10 years with her foreigner husband and their four children. There are about 500 Filipinos living in the Caribbean nation in various sectors, in construction, hospitality, healthcare and domestic work. She was living a peaceful and ordinary life, until Leni Robredo delivered that six-minute message painting the Philippines as a dark place where people are mired in helplessness and hopelessness. Radio stations began to speak harshly about the Philippines, even painting our country as if we have become a war zone where just anyone can be killed in the streets. Commentaries in the media and even from her friends were so insulting, and have caused her much stress. Many of her friends have messaged her, concerned about the safety of her family still living here, something that she is not sure if she should appreciate.

    And the stories keep coming, from nurses, domestic helpers, immigrants, engineers, Filipinos all. They have to endure being objects of misplaced concern over how we cope with the horror of being under a tyrannical despot, or of downright condemnation of how we can allow a President who targets the poor and has ordered the execution of more than 7,000 drug users.

    Even Filipinos who are supposed to be on vacation have to suffer the effects of the disinformation, like Melanie (not her real name) who was on vacation in Ecuador had to bear. Instead of pleasantly engaging her tour group colleague, she had to spend time debunking accusations that we are some backward country whose President is a crazy, maniacal murderer who loves to kill at will.

    And the most painful story is that of Elaine (not her real name), who is married to an Italian but lives in Thailand with their child. Elaine is dying of cancer, and she wants to come home to spend the rest of her life with her parents and family in her hometown. After being exposed to the unfavorable images painted by the international media, and further affirmed by the speech of Mrs. Robredo, her husband refuses to come with her. He believes that the Philippines is not a safe place under President Duterte. Elaine begged him to allow even just their child to come with her, but her husband refused to grant her request. He told her that she can go home by herself, or just remain in Thailand to die there, and he will just send her ashes or remains to her parents here.

    There are millions of overseas Filipinos in the global diaspora. We may not be the only nationality that is scattered all over the world, but we are surely the most diasporic, in the sense that regardless of our circumstances, whether we are just temporary migrant workers, or permanent residents or even citizens of our adoptive countries, we remain attached to the Filipino homeland.

    The circumstances that drive us to leave can be to seek greener pastures abroad, or simply to earn more by sacrificing so much. There are Filipinos who have to leave their children, barely old enough to take care of themselves, to take care of other countries’ children. We leave our parents and elderly, in order to serve the needs of the aged and the infirm in other countries. We leave jobs here that pay less to go to jobs abroad that pay more even if it means selling everything that we have earned.

    There are also many of us who migrate and take up citizenship abroad, but the taking of an oath of loyalty to other countries, and marrying their citizens and starting families there, can never extinguish our bond with the Philippines.

    And these are the millions of Filipinos in the diaspora that have now been offended by Robredo’s six-minute speech that slandered the President, but in the end also slandered our country and people.

    As one overseas Filipino lamented, embodying a widely held sentiment, Leni Robredo spoke with the Philippine flag behind her, and the seal of her office prominently displayed. She inflicted the authority of her office to become a burden for the overseas Filipinos to bear. Her unverified accusations took the mantle of an official declaration, and acquired the character of authoritative truth, for it came from the second highest official of the land.

    It is, however, heartwarming to see overseas Filipino workers assertively standing up to dispel the lies and the half-truths. It is simply amazing how ordinary people in the Filipino diaspora rose to defend not only the President but their homeland.

    We owe it to every mother who left her children, every husband who left his wife and family, and every Filipino who left us but remains with us, to rise up too in solidarity and defend if not the President, then our country.

    We who are left behind have to be at the forefront in unmasking the lies of Leni Robredo and her allies.

    Leni apologists will dismiss this as obsession, or misplaced loyalty.

    We have to tell them this is our duty.


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    1. Hope it is still not LATE for the current administration to make the proper DAMAGE CONTROL.

      It is simply not fair to be branded( the Philippines that is) of the same league as Syria and North Korea!

      Sir, Ton-ton I made use of this article in my website.

      More power!!!

    2. If the OFWs have been affected negatively, then let them go home. Let them fell the “positive” effect of the present administrations. Let them prosper here. Hindi ba kaya sila umalis, dahil walang opportunity dito – kahit delikado ang buhay nila duon at delikado ang kapalaran mga anak nilang iniwan dito? Aalis-alis sila, tapos magrereklamo?

    3. House speaker Alvarez’s statement that ” Who doesn’t have a girlfriend” Notified the world that most everyone is committing adultery in the Philippines should of boosted the image of the Philippines and made the OFW’s proud to be Filipino.

    4. VP Robredo simply has no brain. No brain no vision no leadership and don’t know what’s the right thing to do. If she becomes the president, well I hope not, what an embarrassment for the Philippines!

    5. florendo abad on

      C’mon do you think those pilipinos in the Carribean Nation don’t read our newspaper online. They know what’s happening in the philippines. Your Commentary is Absurb.

      • are you talking about inquirer, philippine star and abs-cbn news? well all they’re doing to spread fake news …

      • marco labrador on

        I think they read on line. Your comment is uncalled for and baseless. Probably biased too.

      • ABAD, ano ang akala mo sa mga pilipino na nasa carribean walang computer. mas advance pa sila kesa sa Pilipinas….Mga Pilipino dito

    6. Antonio villanueva on

      President Duterte cursed the Pope, he cursed former US President Barak Obama, he cursed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, he degraded the UN as useless, he called the EU stupid and he said he will fill up Manila Bay with dead drug addicts. He said he will pardon Supt. Marvin Marcos and company, whom even Senators Gordon and Lacson believe acted premeditatedly, even before they are tried. What impression does this project to the world? Who creates bad image for the country?

      • Will you give the same comment/ statement/ opinion to former President Pinoy who granted pardon to now Senator Trillanes who was convicted of rebellion?

      • Leon Guerrero on

        Ang ibig mong sabihin OK lang na kung may problema kayo sa inyong sambahayan ay ok lang na ipagkalat sa buong barangay kahit walang katotohanan, ganyan ang ginagawa ni Leni, at ang naapektuhan ay ang maraming OFW na nakakalat sa buong mundo BIGYAN NYO NAMAN KAMING KAHIHHIYANG MGA OFW,

      • Angelo Hernandez on

        And it his his right to curse anyone who meddle with the affairs of his sovereign country who elected him to do a job. Remember, he cursed them because they are trying to meddle, not because one day he woke up and felt like spouting curses here and there. He is not creating a bad image, he is creating and image that says “don’t fuck with us, and mind your own fucking business, you hypocrites”. I am pretty sure you are a learned person, and deep down you know that those people have deeper agendas for criticizing our president. If you are a true Filipino who loves our country I know you know that this president is doing what he can to make our country safer for law abiding citizens like us, and dark place for criminals which is good. But believe me, we understand, you may have your own circumstances which why your spouting words of hate, and discontent towards him.

      • Thank you for your comment. I am not strictly an OFW but I travel overseas on work assignments. I look like and am very much proud to be a Pinoy. I know when to feel flattered and know when news around and concerning me needs intelligent discussions or curt reply as situations require. Leni Robredo does her job as she sees fit. She does her job well. If indeed some thin skinned OFW incur retributions due to Leni’s remarks, so be it. This is a time when each and every Filipino at home or overseas needs to show the colour of their skin and the content of their hearts and brains. DO what is best for the nation. Stand and do something for our country. Do not be a partisan tool of any politician. Love and care for yourself, your family and other fellows.

      • Lea Hetherington on

        He is leading the poll of Time Magazine that he is influential to the world, so that means he love by the people of the world. lol.

    7. I want to see those more than 16 million voter of Leni Robredo around the Philippines to stand for her in a rally wherever place they choose to held. Bring also PNoy, Drilon, Delima and all LPs and dilaw leaders & supporter to match the number of DDS in Luneta last April 2.

      Ok, ok, bring also the Catholic Cardinals & Bishops, Catholic schools, Ateneo University and finally, their artists for complete support and entertainment. I want to see their supporter around the world to gather in the same day of their rally.

    8. Leni’s daughter will reap the wrath of her 6 minute tirade against DU30 if not against the 120m Filipinos. Her daughter will study in the august hall of Harvard ( if I am not mistaken and was bannered accross all newspaper ), and this academe is in USA, the heart/midst of alienation of the world. Her daughter was tainted of her (Leni’s besmirching) and her daughter will suffer and suffer she will from the harsh cold shoulders of her peers in the school. Alas, Leni has brought debacle to her clan without her knowing, for just following the whimps of her wealthy handlers. Leni will cry in silence…and this is the dividends of hers (Leni’s)…very sad will be..your daughter in foreign land treated with cold shoulder and unwary eyes because of your makings…

      • So concerned about the Philippines image only when it targets a Liberal Party member.

        When a Duterte supporter and party mate informs the world that all the married men in the Philippines have girlfriends on the side like House speaker Alvarez did when his girlfriend was outed not a peep from the Duterte fanatics.

        That is called being a hypocrite, Look it up

    9. Sad to say, the world had formed it’s very negative opinion of our President, his lack of knowledge about addiction, his vulgar ranting and raging, and his false belief that addicts are better off dead LONG before our VP made her now infamous profession about the ‘state of the Philippines’.

      • John Chameleon on

        I don’t think so! Everytime I am abroad, what I hear is that “The Punisher” is really enforcing the law against illegal drugs.

        What is really notorious of the Philippines is the decapitation done by the bandit Abu Sayyaf. Beheading is a barbaric act that foreigners really hate. Unfortunately, until now this evil act is still remembered by the foreigners specially in the West.

    10. walang paki alam si leni kung ano man ang sapitin o sinasapit ng mga OFWs sa kanyang anim na menutong video ng pagwasak at paggiba ng imahe ng pilipinas sa buong mundo dahil sa kabuuang boto ng ng mga OFWs noong nakaraang halalan ay pinulot siya sa kankungan…. bilang ng boto na sumasalamin sa totoong resulta ng halalan….

    11. Alfonso Gutierrez on

      We who are left behind are meant to suffer the fear and anxiety of the summary killings and violation of human rights and due process. Prof. Contreras, I am a proud graduate of political science from DLSU long before you were taken in as faculty. I hereby challenge you to a debate of any format at a place and time of your choosing. Let’s debate the propriety and wisdom VP Robredo’s video. Let’s limit it to that topic but I am prepared for other tangential issues that maybe taken up

      • On the contrary, 82% among us feel safer today in our homes and on the streets than ever before.

      • Perhaps, the Prof would say, this is part of Leni’s social media brigade. Then, perhaps, you’re sitting on opposite poles. Let’s get it on!!!

      • Good on you Mr Gutierrez. This Contreras has the gall to give his piece a title that shows he needs readership and money in his pockets. I do hope the money is from his work in this paper and not from some generous patrons.

    12. “We have to tell them . This is our duty.”

      Mr. Contreras, if your truly are concerned about the image of the Philippines, you could perhaps request Duterte to tone down his foul language. It is indeed amazing that the president of a sovereign nation , can use such ugly language and yet receive no admonition from the media and/or his fellow politicians.

      • Absolutely correct, as a stateman he should not used foul language. And you Contreras your job also to write a column like this informing DU30 to stop his foul language, disgusting.

    13. Please stop your hate mongering against the Vice President, Leni Robredo. For someone who is a professor you do wield a poison pen in your efforts to act as Duterte’s sycophant. Would you really believe that one small video from Leni could cause all the problems that you have so diligently raised? Instead it is the corruption, the lack of good policies despite the change of President, and the selfishness of local politicians who are the cause of the problems in the Philippines.

    14. Mario Santos on

      Is it “True or False” regarding Vice President Leni Robredo’s six minutes destructive message against the leadership of President Duterte and the whole leadership of the Philippines?
      VP Robredo has not verified her destructive report about EJK, VP did not include the allegations that her husband was corrupt. Sad to think Ms. Robredo is a Vice President.
      President Duterte’s action on the allege EJK report by VP is to stop the Legislative Branch from impeachment/investigation against VP. Is this action of President Duterte not a violation of law?

    15. Nasaan na ba ang pagiging nasyonalista natin. look at Brexit. nakialam b ang ibang bansa sa kanila? Its time for us Filipinos to rise up. i appreciate your concern. Let us be vigilant.

    16. Its a necessity that this Rebredo account for the damages she inflicted with her video. She must be impeached

    17. Expect nothing, no remorse from an immoral- thieving, lying prostitute, who sold herself to LP – who thinks nothing of stealing the vp position, and then telling the whole world of the most damaging tales just to support LP’s scheme to grab power.

      Comelec should move now without delay, to undo the damage of their deed, as the one they installed is not just an ordinary unscrupulous politician but the most harmful of evils, threatening directly the well-being pilipinos and jobs of the slaving ofw’s.

    18. Impeaching Robredo will deliver the message to the whole world that she is a liar.

    19. Leni is ruthless and heartless. She does not deserve any govt position, VP or even just a kagawad. She has a corrupt heart and mind. After what she has done to the country , the Filipinos and OFWs, her PR has news that she is a proud mother for her daughter is entering Harvard. Selfish creature….

    20. Only solution for the VP – remove het by any means! We’ve a govt now like a banca with 2 paddlers moving in 2 opposite directions. Do you think, we’ll reach our destianation?

    21. Great Post prof Tonton… And to top it all, andami na namang dilawan dito ang napasakitan sa sinabi mo.

      Reading yung mga feedback ng mga dilawan dito, natatawa na lang ako sa twisted logic. manang mana sa logic ni sundalong kanin,

      This is why they support the yellows in the first place.

    22. I still have to see how the PR office lof the President led by Andanar handle this lamentable situation. The communication office that handles all the issues regarding the administration has been almost invisible, practically inutile and reduced to only reporting what has happened. The PR office since the beginning has been wanting in the defense of the Duterte administration. It has always been reactive instead of proactive. Too timid and reluctant to engage the enemy in its own terms. The PR office should revisit Goebbels’ style in handling the propaganda war against the incessant attacks by Duterte’s relentless enemies. As an avid observer from Australia concerning the situations in the Philippines, I would admit without hesitation, that were it not for the various DDS groups in the country and abroad including the OFWs, Duterte would have been buried alive, crucified long time ago due to the blatant lies perpetrated by local and foreign entities bent on destroying Duterte and the country. These never-say-die DDS groups and OFWs , alas, are the ones carrying the banner in the defense and support of Duterte NOT the PR office in the propaganda war. It’s a shame that the office exists only in name. It’s time that Duterte should look around for a more dedicated people who are not afraid but aggressive and PROACTIVE in dealing with the scalawags.

      • your observation is very accurate…it’s about time digong should sack his communication team. Andanar though a clean public servant he just don’t have the talent or capabilities to counter such vicious people like Leni Robredo and YELLOWISH cult propagandist. He must be replace who is an expert with this kind of Propaganda Warfare…Bobit Tiglao will be the best choice…Tiglao was able to keep at bay all black propaganda unleashed to GMA and hence survive and complete her term…Digong needs the materials of the kind of Tiglao…

    23. jess nazario on

      Heart wrenching piece Tony ! “We have to tell them this is our duty.” Yes, indeed and not only that. We have to continue working to PROVE that Leni is a 100% FAKE VP by continuing exposing the truth in the May 2017 election that she cheated. Meanwhile, let us work for her impeachment no end ! And after her impeachment and loss at the PET charge her with the crimes she and her husband committed as related in the “Deception” Facebook expose – a supposed 5-episode series which was seemingly stopped by some powers. She must also be charged with treason for working with the enemies of the country who are working for the removal of President Duterte who was duly elected by the people.

    24. It’s par for the course for the Robredos of the world. Never mind maligning their own country and people in the eyes of other nationalities if it meant advancing their ambition! While many Filipinos living and working in foreign lands (I was an OFW for 31 years in the Middle East) do their best to project a good image of our country that we can be truly proud of, through sheer work, diligence and good conduct that fortunately is appreciated by many foreigners, crooked politicians like Robredo try to undermine it by shaming our country. Soul-less and bereft of conscience, Robredo is. Huwag pamarisan.

    25. Vice President Leni should have not been a Vice President. She made a mockery of our country. Our president is doing a good job in fixing our country, making it a safe place to live but Leni has a different plan. Our infighting in our government is not good for our country, instead of helping each other and helping our good president, this happens. Why can’t we just work together so we can make a faster progress. This is our country, it is like our family or mother that we need to take care of for better or worst. The only people that can fix our problem is us , the Filipinos.That is why our president is doing everything in his power to remove corruption, destroy drugs that will destroy our family and country. And here comes Leni and moron Trillanes. Here we blamed ourselves. For those who voted for these kind of people, useless in our government, it just shows they are still stupid Filipinos who does not want progress for our country. Just like the NPA

    26. This article must be read by all OFW then back to Leni. If Leni has the delicadeza, she should resign.

    27. I’m sure the house speaker informing the world that most politicians and lawyers in the Philippines are adulterers really helped the countries images eh ?

    28. Patrick gonzalez on

      Mr contreras hindi si vp leni ang nagutos sa pulis para patayin ang mga nanlabang suspect.
      Hindi si vp leni ang nagbabanta sa ating mga kababayan na dadanak ang dugo sa isang war on drugs.
      Hindi si vp leni ang walang respeto sa rule of law.

      Si duterte ang nagsabi na sobra na ang drugs kahit wala syang scientific na basehan kungdi sarili nya lang conclusion.

      Si duterte ang dapat mong sabihan na wag pumatay para hindi mapahiya ang ating mga ofw na kababayan.

      • So you still believe just like in the previous years that illicit drug is not a problem there in the Philippines.

      • at hindi rin si Duterte ang pumapatay sa mga drug addicts…. nakalimutan mo na yata na kauupo lang ni Duterte sa puwesto. kung anuman ang dinatnan niyang problema sa gobyerno ay ipinamana lang sa kanya ng nakaraang administrasyon na siyang puma-padrino kay Leni Robredo.

        huwag kang magingn bulag sa katotohanan na mas higit na mabuti ang dala ng ‘war on drugs’ kaysa sa lagim na dala nito para sa higit na nakararami. hindi kasalanan ni Duterte kung maraming “rogue cops” ang sumisira sa imahe ng PNP ngayon. sino ba ang nagpalakas sa kanila? sino ang kumalinga sa kanila noon at nagbigay ng sungay? definitely, hindi si Duterte. tanungin mo si Robredo, siguradong alam niya ang sagot.

      • it doesn’t need a scientific na basehan in what you mention it only needs common sense. How can you explain hundreds of drug users, including pushers surrendered? it only means that our country is a drug den. It doesn’t need scientific explanation to determine drug is rampant in our country.

        It only need common sense.. I’ll bet you don’t have coz you don’t see that drug was rampant in our country.

      • Wala sanang problema sa sinabi ni Maam Leni kung base sa totoong datos at saka internal problem eto dapat pinagusapan na lang dito VP pa naman sya, dapat itinuring nyang parang problema ng pamilya, hindi na inilabas. Talagang gusto nyang masira si PDU30. Ang scientific proof na hinahanap mo hindi pa ba sapat yong mga krimen na nagaganap dahil sa droga, nakikita at nababalita naman. Hindi naman eto fingerprint o DNA na kailangan ang scientific testing.

      • Another yellow blind follower. What’s wrong kung patayin yung drug pusher na nanlaban? cge nga?
        Magiging wrong lang yan kung sumuko na at pinatay parin.. That’s law. Law states that kung manlaban ang mga masasamang loob to the point na manganganib ang buhay na pulis ay pwedeng patayin ito.

        you’re talking about laws but you don’t understands the law of land.

        FYI ulit ROBREDO’s are drug and JUETENG protector in NAGA. Drugs and Jueteng are rampant in NAGA.

      • Ganon? Kahit ano pa man ang sabihin mo or ng mga kakampi mo, hindi tama ang mga sinab ng FAKE VP moi, oo marming patay pero hindi lahat iyon ay EJK na ibinibintang niyo sa mga pulis.

        Palibhasa mas gusto niyong maraming patayan, oo patayan na ang mga biktima ay mga inosenteng mamamayan!

        Kung hindi niyo ninanaais na maglakad ng walang takot sa daan, gabi man o araw, puwes kami ay gustong gustong maranasan ang mga naranasan noong panahon ng martial law na kahit matulog ka sa daan ay sisikatan kang buhay!( Note, namamatay lamang mga suwail na aktibista na lumalaban sa gobyerno noong panahon ng Martial Law).

      • okey lang kong totoo ang sinasabe ni leni. pero hindi naman. myroon bang ebendinsiya na sinabi ni President na patayin si Mr. X wala naman .. bakit e blame mo ang president? Si leni talaga ang nagbastos ng bayan… akala ni bastos leni makatarungan siya… para sa personal agenda niya at sa kanyang Dilaw devil ang lahat na ginagawa niya hindi sa bayan.

      • Luzy Canilao on

        Si Leni ang nagbigay ng maling data. Can anyone respect a VP who churns out false statistics and gives dismal portrayal of her people’s condition, int’l forum pa man din?

        Si Leni ang naginterpret na hopeless ang Filipinos. Are you hopeless? I am not! Therefore, that soothsayer of doom clearly misrepresented me and every OFW and every hopeful Filipino. Pathetic Leni, washing her own dirly linens in an international forum. The girl who cried wolf.

        Who’s serving the OFWs’ cause, Leni or Duterte? Leni maligning her own gov’t and countrymen or Duterte who’d die and give up everything for every Filipino. . .even for you?

        Wake up, you’re shooting your own foot and you don’t even know it by aligning yourself with a yellow witch who happens to be a good- for- nothing vp.

        Duterte won by a huge landslide (meaning pabor ang tao sa programa niya) tapos gusto mo siya ang susunod sa mga talunang yellows? Saang mundo yan na ang winner ang susunod sa loser? E bakit nagkaroon pa ng eleksyon? Habang buhay palang maghahari ang mga druglords dito sa PInas, basta walang patay, lahat buhay.. pati criminals at drug pushers?

        Sa totoo lang, Duterte is the pride of every OFW; napakataas ng respeto ng mga leaders of nations kay Presidente Duterte dahil sa strong political will niya. Statistics do not lie.Hanay si Duterte kina Putin, Trump, etc. Kilala sa buong mundo si Duterte for his independent foreign policy at billions ang ipinapasok niyang investments sa PInas. O ang Leni mo na SANTA, di makapatay ng lamok sa bait, ano ang naipasok sa bansa? Kahihiyan! Kalawang na sumisira sa bakal .. . yan ang santa Leni mo!

      • pero sya ang nag send ng video na nagpahiya sa atin lahat. try not to defend her by diverting the issue. you know yourself what her fault here.

      • Patrick M. Gonzalez on

        To Nonu; drug is a problem in the phils but not as what duterte would like us to believe. Job opportunities, disparity between rich and poor, economic concerns, food, housing, ito ang mga concrete problems na dapat priority ni duterte,

        To Arman: Duterte is the one responsible for empowering the rogue cops, to ignore basic rule of law and kill innocent people.Documented yan, magbasa ka ng mga interview ni duterte.

        To Nhani; drug being rampant is not based on any hard evidence. Ito ay base lamang sa gusto ni duterte na makita mo. Mas problema ng Pilipinas ang trabaho, economic opportunity, housing, food. Common sense dictates that drug addiction is just an effect of a bigger concern which include jobs housing food education. Dahil sa kawalan ng trabaho, natututo magbenta ng droga ang mga tao. Drug users who surrendered were not given proper treatment and now in danger of going back to their old ways.

        Tominabalay leni said was factual, ito ay base sa documented cases of ejk kindly look at the PNP official figures.

      • Patrick M. Gonzalez on

        To Nhani: Hindi lahat ng critical kay duterte ay yellow. Yan ay maling assumption. Agree ako na dapat litisin si noynoy sa mamasapano at tulad ni duterte pareho rin silang may kasalanan sa bayan. Walang masama para sa pulis na idepensa ang sarili subalit sa mga pangyayari na factual, hindi nanlaban pero pinatay pa rin, ito ang ating kinakalaban. At documented na maraming ganito ang nangyari. as to leni being a protector of jueteng, please kindly present even one evidence na magpapatunay kasi without proof no right to speak.

        To Ahlex: Ang martial law na sinasabi mo ay hindi ang martial law na ginawa ng mga marcos.

        To fredy: Si leni nagsabi ng katotohanan. Si duterte ang nagutos ng war on drugs at nagbigay ng idea sa mundo ng mga patayan sa pilipinas. sa dalawa, si duterte ang nagbigay ng masamang imahe ng bansa.

      • ang utos sa kapulisan ay sugpuin ang illegal na droga ng naaayon sa batas.

        ang drug war ay isang pamamaraan para linisin ang mga lansangan ng lipunan ng mga may dahilan kung bakit laganap ang droga sa pilipinas.

        unang na saway na natural na batas ay “bawal ang illegal na droga… nakakasira ito ng kaisipan”

        mahigit na isang milyong ang mga perssonalidad na nailista at napatunayan ng gumagamit o nagnenegosyo ng illegal na droga.

        ang sulusyon ni digong ay hinahangaan ng ibang banyagang mamamayan… nakikita nila na unti unting nasusugpo ang illegal na droga sa pilipinas… ang ipinagtataka nila ay bakit ang pangalawang pangulo at ilang mga senador ay kinokontra ang administrasyon ngayon… hindi nakikiisa….. napapahiya ang ma OFWs dahil naipapakita ni leni ang ugaling talangka ng mga pilipino to the max.

      • Patrick M. Gonzalez on

        To Lucy Canilao;

        1. As per PNP dela Rosa, VP leni said the accurate data

        2. Leni is not maligning the Filipino. She is saying a factual situation na hindi dapat magpatuloy.

        3. Duterte dying for Filipinos is just theatrics nya, good for audience in awe of his antics.

        4. This is not about Duterte winning the elections, this is about a president doing something unacceptable and we need to speak against it.

      • Mario Subaru on

        Kung nakatira ka sa ilalim ng bato, panahon na para gumising ka at dumilat sa katotohanan na hindi si Robredo ang tunay na halal ng bayan bilang pangalawang pangulo. Sa pamamagitan lang ng dayaan kaya siya naiproklama. Hindi na yan sikreto, alam na yan ng buong Pilipinas. Kayo na lang kampon ng kadilawan ang nahuhuli sa balita.

        Kaya walang karapatan si Robredo na siraan ang ating bansa sa buong mundo dahil umaalingasaw ang mabahong amoy ng sarili nyang ambisyon na pabagsakin at palitan ang kasalukuyang administrasyon.

        Mahusay na sana ang papel nya noong nakaraang panahon, ngayon naungusan na niya si Leila bilang pinaka-kinasusuklamang babae sa Pilipinas. Kaya lang baka gaya ng karaniwang dilawan hindi pa rin niya ito alam kasi tulog pa rin siya.

      • Patrick M. Gonzalez on

        To Torogi:
        1. Tama na naaayon sa batas, pero nakita mo na ba ang report ng PNP? Rogue cops na nagpatumba ng inosenteng tao?

        2. Ayon sa batas, yung isang milyon ba na sinasabi mo ay napatunayan at nabigyan ng paglilitis ayon sa batas? O ito ay listahan lamang ng mga personalidad na hindi natin alam paano nakuha? Paano ka kasigurado na involved lahat sa droga e hindi nga dumaan sa tamang rposeso ayon sa batas?

        3. Paano mo nasabi na nagtatagumpay ang war on drugs ni duterte ? Hindi bat itinigil nga nya dahil sa abuso ng mga pulis? Nasaan na ang mga sumurender? May data ka ba na nagsasabi na nalutas ni duterte ang drug problem e sya na nga nagsabi bigyan pa sya ng 6 na taon?

      • The Great Defiant on

        when did the image of the Philippines was good abroad?
        our DH and OFW is a witness to that.
        until DU30 came and lift up the image of our country.
        take note the respect world leaders is showing to our president,

        while DU30 is doing the construction job…
        your matang baka lugaw queen is doing the opposite demolition job.

        did you hear what she lamented recently? ano daw ang napasok nya?…
        see how ignorant and elementary her thinking is?…
        same wagon you?….

      • para kay partick gonzalez

        rogue cops ay hindi naisilang noong pag upo ni digong… ito ay nai-“hubog” ng matagal ng panahon, noong napabayaan at nabaliwala ang propesyonalismo sa hanay ng mga pulis (at militar)…..

        ……ang pag bibigay ng pangulo ng tiwala (para magbato at tumino) sa mga “hubog” ng rogue cops ay naging walang epekto sa mga ito at nagpalaot pa sa pangaabuso kayat naapektuhan ang buong kapulisan at itinigil panandali ang giyera sa ilegal na droga.

        ang milyong tinutukoy ko ay ang mga boluntaryong sumuko sa mga otoridad…. kung nasaan sila ngayon???? ang pamahalaan ay kapos sa resources upang tugunan ang rehabilitasyon nitong mga buluntaryong sumukong ito kaya’t bumalangkas sila ng isang “community base” approach sa pag gabay sa rehabilitasyon at reintegration ng mga nasangkot na personalidad sa tulong ng mga pamilya ng biktima ng droga, baranggay o lokal na gobyenro na kinabibilangan nito, non-government organization, religious (not all catholic) groups at iba ba pang concern tao…. sa ngayon, kung hindi po umaabot sayo ang mga balita, may mga ilan ng naipatayo napasinayaan at operational na na rehabilitation facilities para sa mga illegal drug affected/dependent na ibinigay ng mga iba’t ibang indibidwal ibang bansa na may kakayahan gastusan ang mga ito…. isang hakbang o sulusyon na hindi nakita ng mga nagdaang adminitrasyon dahil binale wala nila ng bigat ng suliranin na kaakibat ng pagabuso sa illegal na droga.

        nananalo tayo sa laban sa ilegal na droga dahil tanggap na at halos alam na at binibigyanna natin ng pansin ang epekto nitong dulot nito sa ating lipunan…. at kahit hindi natin iasa ang pakikipagdigma laban sa ilegal na droga sa kamay ng gobyerno lamang ay naimulat o mas nailmulat ang kaisipan natin, ng taong bayan, ang kasamaang dulot nito sa katinuan, kalusugan, pamumuhay at kinabukasan ng bawat indibidwal, pamilya, kumunidad na malululong dito…… ako, nakikita ko ang panalong natatamasa ko ngayon laban sa ilegal na droga, ewan ko sayo ginoo.

      • katanungan lamang po patrick gonzalez….

        ano ang basehan mo para sabihing hindi rampant ang droga sa pilipinas?

        ang sinasabi bang 7000+ nga patayaan ay extra judicial killings? since mahilig ka sa actual records… can you share atleast 10% of cases of proven (o kahit “obvious” lang) extra judicial killings among your 7000+ data, to give you sample… the case of one civic leader in mindoro (but up to now di pa ma establish ang motibo kung ito ay relatd sa illegal drugs), ang kaso ng mag ama sa pasay (na kinasuhan at nasakaostodiya na ng pulis ang mga nasangkot)-murder an kaso, ang kaso sa cavite (ganon din na nakasuhan na ang pulis na karibal ng napatay-love triangle/angle, hindi ilegal na droga ang dahilan), mayor espinoza (obvious)-police involved were among the alleged protectors since time immemorial….. o game ikaw naman, madami ka yatang alam na hindi ko nahagip sa mga pahayagan….

        hindi dahilan ang kahirapan o kawalan ng trabajo para pasukin ang mundo ng illegal na droga, ang paglaganap ng droga sa mga mamamayang nasa laylayan ng lipunan ay kagagawan ng kapabayaan ng dating mga namumuno sa pamahalaan…. makikita mo ang vacuum sa impormasyong iyong kinikwestyon patungkol sa kalakaran at personalidad na sangkot sa illegal na droga…. ang order of battle na hawak ni digong noong pag upo nya noong 2016 ay PDEA OB 2010…. sinasalamin ang halos 6 na taon ginawang protected o stand down ang operasyon laban sa illegal na droga ng pamahalaan…..

    29. Leni robredo banal should be impeach now for her treasonous video that caused harm to the Filipinos all over the world. I don’t think an apology from her is enough for the damaged she had done after that loathsome video from a traitor fake vice president.

    30. I predicted it right.

      Ton-Ton ventured into script writing. Probably a lifelong career dream.

      I am not at all surprised because he cherishes the limelight. He may be a fan of telenovelas – complete with make believe plots — laden with heroes, villains and imagined life situations – similar to the characters and characterization he has written in this column – so close to reality — but yet so far.

      Certainly not academic befitting of someone who proclaims himself coming from the university – and definitely indicative of losing cause “fueled” (or is it contractually imposed?) by a client.

      Notice how he has conveniently “shifted” his literary style and become a typical a fictional writer — simply because he has ran out of real data, logical ideas and is resorting to reel (fictional) facts — just to press on his (malicious and unfounded) “points” against the VP and her UN speech?

      Of course, what he wrote would not be “complete”, without his fanciful ending — filled with all the drama including (misplaced) chivalry heralding themselves as saviors of Philippine society. A make believe.

      Welcome to showbiz. As they say — lights, camera, action. Ton-Ton can have his fantasies.

      Except that — dinner will be served soon.

      • Lea Hetherington on

        Sorry, but you are only one of the few who disagree with Ton Ton and the majority is on his side. I have to say that the politic on Leni Robredo is nearing its end, and hopefully soon.

      • wow! you found Robredo’s UN video speech TRUE? well, it is not Mr. Contreras who is living in a fictional world but you…. ABSOLUTELY!

        why dont you check the official records in PNP and then analyze it yourself. then compare the official records against the scripted speech of Mrs. Robredo.

        only a delusional follower of LP will say Robredo’s numbers were true.

      • prove that the 7000+ allegedly killed are extra judicial killings….
        prove the palit ulo ek ek….
        prove that majority of pilipinos are afraid and against the drug war by the government….
        prove there are only a handful of illegal drugs personalities who surrendered at that the numbers are not worrisome…. prove that illegal drugs is not a national security issue….

    31. This VP-pretending airhead had already denigrated most of our OFWs months ago when she infamously boasted of having garnered ‘votes’ from the North American professional class of the Filipino diaspora as compared to what she suggested was the blue collar profile of most of Bongbong Marcos’ overseas voters.

      • Lea Hetherington on

        Tapos na si Leni Robredo kaya huwag kayong mag-ala-ala dahil exposed na ang kara nniya at wala nang boboto sa kaniya except those babayaran niya.

    32. The world has known of all that’s happening in the Philippines for many months now, thanks to the internet and newspapers showing pictures of dead bodies lying on the streets and stories of your beloved president cussing at the pope and Obama. I get all news and commentaries I want online from Philstar. Do you honestly believe Mrs. Robredo’s few minutes of video was responsible for the negative picture of the Philippines now?
      You said it right, yours is obsession and misplaced loyalty to Marcos.

      • The Great Defiant on

        the political tuberculosis started 30 years ago.
        until DU30 came to clean up the messed.
        there’s no denying dead bodies lying on the streets but take note both victims and innocent dead.
        our loyalty does not belong to anybody but to our country.
        our officials should protect our dignity and not adding salt and insult to our injury.
        stop talking old time politics instead of better Philippines.
        or get out of the way.

      • Lea Hetherington on

        Ton-Ton is not loyal to the Marcoses. He may something nice to them from time to time but that is not to say that he is loyal to them.

    33. Dear Leni, the picture you painted of the Philippines from your erroneous perspective has caused countless numbers of OFW’s to be humiliated and looked down as barbaric people. Shame on you…Shame on you and your political handlers.

      • Lea Hetherington on

        I agree with you 100 percent. We, who are overseas or far away from home are the ones who who got affected badly with the lies of this stupid woman. Wala siyang utak or siguro sinadya niya yon para maapi tayo na nasa ibang bansa. Well, do not worry, kasi her political career will be over, dahil hindi na siya iboboto nang mga tao.

      • Jule Westcott on

        Oh please. Do OFWs need safe places now like on college campuses in the US? Get a life people.