Leni shoots down junk move by Salceda


BALAYAN, Batangas: Talks on Albay Gov. Joey Salceda dropping Liberal Party (LP) standard bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd and running mate Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo are merely speculations, Robredo said Wednesday.

Robredo, in a campaign stop here, noted that talks of Salceda’s jumping ship have been persistent but have never been proven.

“There have been similar talks of that before, but I don’t see it happening. When we campaigned there, he showed all-out support. And even before I decided to join the [Vice Presidential] race, he was very vocal that I am the one who will genuinely represent Bicol among the candidates who are from political families,” Robredo said.

“That’s all speculations,” Robredo added.

Last month, Salceda claimed that Albay will pull out its support for Roxas because of delays in constructing the Bicol International Airport.

Roxas, however, countered that Salceda knows too well that the construction of the Bicol International airport in Daraga has been continuous, and that bulldozers and earth-moving equipment are being used.

Albay has 742, 204 registered voters, but it is known as an indicator for the votes of the entire Bicol Region and even Masbate because Sorsogon, Catanduanes and Masbate used to be part of Albay during the Spanish colonial era in the Philippines in the 1800s.

Before his statement about the airport, Salceda shared the stage with Roxas during the grand rally in Legazpi, and even delivered a speech urging his constituents to vote for Roxas if they want to sustain the progress that Albay has made during the Aquino administration.

During the 2010 presidential elections, Salceda actively campaigned for Lakas-CMD bet and former defense chief Gilberto Teodoro. But at the last minute, he jumped ship and joined the Liberal Party, whose frontrunner was Sen. Benigno Aquino 3rd.


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  1. is Leny still expecting a solid Liberal support for marimar and her and the slates. she shoud wake up, she was only the last resort of the matuwad na daan. Now the poisonospoe has been given the green light by a tuwad na announcement by the SC the funds now shifted to poe because only her can save the bald head mindless leader in malacanang. poe is the salvation general he was hoping for. poe could make sure that marimar will win if she runs for vp for withour her marimar would just end up like 2010. history repeats itself. mar has no way of winning and puting leny behind him would not change anything. Leny, you were made a sacrificial lamb before and now.