Leni slams ‘liar’ Marcos


Defeated vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is a liar, incoming Vice President Leni Robredo said on Saturday.

Robredo, a lawyer, made the statement after Marcos held a news conference to say he was robbed of around three million votes.

Marcos, however, failed to explain how he lost those votes, merely saying his camp’s expert witnesses will later soon reveal it.

“Ginagalang natin ang kanilang kalayaang magpahayag. Ngunit nakakabahala na kada linggo ay may mga pahayag sila para ikondisyon ang ating taumbayan sa nakaraang halalan. Ito’y salungat sa mga nagpahayag na malinis ang ating eleksyon [We respect their right to express their views, but it is becoming bothersome that every week, they are saying something to condition the minds of our people. What he said was contrary to the experts who already said that we had a clean conduct of elections’],” Robredo said in a statement.

She cited reports from the Compact for Peaceful and Democratic Elections-International Observers Mission (Compact-IOM), the Commission on Elections, the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting and the Philippine National Police that the May 9 polls were fraud-free.

“Instead of working on healing the wounds [from]the elections for nation-building, they continue to sow division in our country,” Robredo said.

She jabbed at Marcos’ statement that allowing the burial of his father, the late former President Ferdinand Marcos, at the Libingan ng mga Bayani will provide closure to the issue.

The younger marcos made the statement after his recent meeting with incoming President Rodrigo Duterte in Davao City.

Duterte has said he will immediately work on arranging a hero’s burial for the elder Marcos once he assumes the presidency on June 30.

In 1971, then-President Marcos declared martial law, which left at least 76,000 victims of human rights violations such as extra-judicial killings, enforced disappearances and torture.

The victims’ survivors are still waiting for their benefits under the Marcos compensation law.

“The martial law victims are waiting for justice and closure for the last three decades. We will really be dragged from moving on if we forget the impunity in our history,” Robredo said.

Based on a recent Social Weather Stations survey, Robredo will be assuming the vice presidency with a 45 percent trust rating.

Her trust rating is way up as compared with that of Duterte who only has 26 percent to show.


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  1. All speculations of cheating is nothing. Just show your proof and sue those responsible of cheating so that people can move on.

  2. MadaboutAmnesia on

    Simple lang !
    When the Marcoses with their cabal fled to Hawaii in February 1986, they brought along with them material, physical loot ( as opposed to funds already spirited out of the Philippines in secret bank accounts and shell companies & dummy corporations owning billions in real estate abroad on their behalf ).
    That material loot alone which had to be declared to U.S. Customs is way out of proportion to the salary of a President.

    Marcos had absolute power – so absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Bongbong Marcos, sad to say grew up in a family culture that threw everything out of the window that the Filipino was once a symbol of – decency, integrity, honest toil.
    When the very top show a bad example – most of those below, specially in Gov’t searching for scapegoat – follow suit.

    That is the tragedy of Philippine society. It was transformed for the worse because the old-fashioned values were warped & corrupted by a family that had absolute control & power for 20 years, to serve their personal, selfish ends.

    What they projected to the Filipino people was that- it’s okay to amass wealth at all costs.

    • Briccio Huliganga, Jr. on

      Is the salary the only basis or gauge for the wealth of a president? Is there no reason that the said president was already a very, very rich man before he even became the president of the country?

  3. Let the Truth unfolds what happend during Elections 2016, Let the Filipino People know the true scenario of massive cheating.. Why are you afraid of knowing the Truth ” Ms. Lugaw?… speck for yourself, your a lawyer even though afraid of your own shadow.. We don’t even believe in you anyway… YOUR A BIG LIAR!!! since the Campaign started.. we all know.. so please shut up!!!!

  4. It’s not a secret that there was massive cheating in the last election “Rob-widow”.

    • speculations means nothing, what you need is to show your proof then people will believe you.

  5. What are you afraid of Ms Robredo? of the truth that somebody in Malacanang did cheat for you? Many INC members in Lucena City reported to Senate the rigging of votes that actually happened and exactly same all over the Philippines it’s reported all over the Phili[ppines that many Filipinos were barred from voting by armed men in many places.. ,all INC members who voted for Marcos for VP, denounced why you garner votes for the fact that they did not vote for you. Pre-shaded ballots were fed into VCM and PPCRV disclosed that an IT Garcia made changes into the AES during transmission of votes late evening of May 9. Don’t you forget Philippines is a democratic country and Marcos like any candidate has every right to protest if there is proof that he was cheated in May 9 election.

    • Cyrie letada on

      The problem is Marcos has no proof. Itong si Bongbong ang laman ng utak pang dadaya. Yung gawain ng ama nyang mandaraya at mag nanakaw hindi maalis sa utak nitong si bongbong palibasa iyan ang ability ng mga Marcos ay ang mandaya at magnakaw. Ibagsak ang mga Marcos

    • Yes bobong marcos has a right but he has no right to say thing which is not true,They motive is to condition the mind of the people.Why you are isnsisting INC voters,some INC voters did not follow,,the fallen angel Manalo,,,DI mo alam yun? kasi isa ka sa robot na taga sunod ni Manalo

  6. Grabe It’s a pre-election survey wasn’t it reporter? Be grateful the paper does not discriminate and lets all sides be known but be accurate will you, please. (Like include why incumbent government is not releasing the money to ML victims).

    Your brand of writing, dubious surveys – yan ang mind conditioning. Hindi na po nauuto lahat ng Pilipino. More and more are thinking…and thinking critically… kahit karamihan Sa kanila ay pinagkakaitan ng edukasyon.
    #responsible journalism

  7. Leni ikaw ang mahiya sa sarili mo, ikaw ang sinungaling. Paano ka mananalo sa Bicol pa lang hindi ka masyadong kilala maliban sa lugar nyo, sa buong Pilipinas pa kaya? Sayang ang tiwala na binigay ng yumao mong asawa, alam mo kung sino ang may pakana sa pagkamatay ng asawa mo, pero ano ang ginawa mo, binenta mo ang kaluluwa mo sa LP na syang may gawa ng pagkamatay ni Sec. Robredo…

  8. Edgar Soriano on

    Just a suggestion for Ms. Leni, maybe you must ask and investigate discreetly within LP in various level about this cheating issue, invite all ‘witnesses’ with their evidence on hand that so far came forward, IT experts and all possible personalities that can show concretely that there’s no or cheating occurred in our election. If proven then make a move and statements according to your findings. People will believe your the real winner and claim the VP post with head high, no baggage, no linger issues while in your term and discharging duties in whatever capacity to help our people.

  9. Lapiang Palpak on

    Wow…..galing ng Lugaw Queen strikes again? Ngek ngek mo…kapal ng mukha.Why are u afraid to find out u really lost fair and square? U should cooperate in looking for the truth whether u won fair and square. Abnoy ka talaga.Sayang u have a good political stock but u used yourself by the Aquino’s fo their political survival.Your in a deep shit.Open wide your eyes.You’re a virtual unknown in the country but u beat a very popular and charismatic politician? How dare u…ambisyosa? Dapat sa basurahan ka.

  10. Leni is the Liar. She has so many skeletons in her closet.

    As per IT experts from Ateneo and De La Salle – it is statistically improbable
    for Leni to overtake Marcos with 1 million lead or votes with 80% votes counted
    on election night of May 9. The whole nation was witness to this. Also the whole nation knows about the Smartmatic personnel who changed the hash code. The whole nation knows that only Aquino and LP can cheat on a massive scale as they are using govt resources including Comelec. The whole nation knows about the whistle blowers from Quezon province who already exposed the operation “dag-dag bawas” where Leni stole 500,000 votes from Marcos in Quezon province alone. The whole nation knows about the abuse and misuse of the 4P’s /CCT from DSWD funds (tax payers money) on LP candidates including Leni. The whole nation knows about the cheating in Leni’s 3rd district of Cam Sur where the super unknown LP /Leni’s candidate Gabby Bordado allegedly won when he did not even campaign but promised by Robredo he will win (by cheating). The whole nation knows about Marcos getting zero votes even in areas where there were INC voters and MANY MORE evidences – LENI – WHY DON’T YOU ANSWER THESE SPECIFIC EVIDENCES AGAINST YOU instead of saying as per the police and PPRCV the elections were “peaceful” – are you not thinking ?!!

    The whole nation knows that Leni LIED that she is taking the bus to Naga when it was all media hype and photo op and she even owns the bus. The whole nation knows that Jesse Robredo is not the “transparent” , good mayor she is portraying him to be .

    LENI is the LIAR and the QUEEN of CHEATS ! She has OTHER pending DISQUALIFICATION charges at the COMELEC since 3 years ago that Comelec sat on as per instructions from Malacanang – soon and very soon all of this will soon unfold and Leni will be exposed for all her crimes.

  11. “She cited reports from the Compact for Peaceful and Democratic Elections-International Observers Mission (Compact-IOM), the Commission on Elections, the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting and the Philippine National Police that the May 9 polls were fraud-free.”

    Robredo relies on self-serving statement. If indeed she won the election fair and square, why is she silent now on system’s audit? She agreed to that before but only after proclamations. She has already been proclaimed and her silence now is deafening. She can even ask for a manual recount if only to erase the cloud of doubts upon her election. As it is, majority of the Filipinos believe the LPs and the administration cheated for her.

    That’s made her more of a liar than BBS.

  12. BBM is a sour loser. But he has no choice to save his family name. He spend hundred millions to be elected. As you can notice , he lost weight due to pressure from his mother.

  13. fidel S. Pescador on

    Please Madam VP respect the freedom of expression it is our right to express of what we see and feel. Please wait the next legal move which is allowed in the process of investigation and hearing of the case if there is a probable cause of the case, you are already panicking, it is better to convince the COMELEC to do the immediate auditing so that all doubt regarding the issue will be cleared and everybody is happy. By the way Madam it is easy to say a Liar to anybody but you have to support it with evidence, as long as you don’t have proof is still hearsay/tsismis. I therefore conclude that God never sleeps nor slumber and God bless Philippines…

  14. jeff jaramillo on

    Trust rating you are talking about is nothing. Remember, Pnoy’s trust rating was consistently high but what did we get from him? Drugs went all over the country, crimes every where. Corruption and all.

    Forget about what you claim as high trust rating. Rubbish. What we need is a country free of drugs and all criminals dead.

  15. Paano na SI Leni? Sino any magbabayad Sa counter protest fees nya? Wala Ng members ang LP.

    Well, nahirapan magsubmit Ng SOCE ang LP because such will be scrutinized very closely. Who the contributors were and where expenses went.

    Hurray to simple life marred by Pnoy for his personal vendetta against Marcos

  16. Leni Robredo, our newly elected VP is 100 right to call BBMarcos a liar. If I may add, saan pa ba magmamana ito kung hindi sa mga magulang na mga sinungaling at mga mandarambong. Kung baga, ang mangga kapag nahulog mula sa puno ay hindi lalayo sa pinangalingin o pinagmulan!

  17. Lying, cheating, plunder are the Marcoses “Trademark” They will doctor and twist everything on their favor to get the BEEF. Everybody knows that all over the world.
    BBM go back to the Republic of ILOCOS NORTE and declare yourself PRESIDENT for Eternity.

    • In your ass dummy… fools like will always be an eternal fool.. hahahaha.. sad to say there’s no cure for it… bitter as always.. well it will be good for you anyway coz you die slowly for it…