Leni to Poe: Run with Mar


Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo of Camarines Sur on Friday called on Sen. Grace Poe, pre-election presidential preference survey frontrunner, to soften up and agree to become Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd’s running mate in next year’s elections.

“Gusto ko sana na isa lang ang administration ticket. Bakit pa tayo maghihiwa-hiwalay kung pareho lamang ang ating sinusulong? Patuloy pa rin ang pakikipag-usap kay Senator Grace Poe. Hindi pa rin ako nawawalan ng pag-asa [I hope that we could all be together under one ticket. Why do we have go separate ways when we are pushing for the same goal? The talks with Sen. Grace Poe are still ongoing so I am not giving up on that yet],” Robredo told reporters.

Widow of former Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo, she is rumored to be running for senator under the Liberal Party (LP).

She belied reports that the LP is considering her to become Roxas’ running mate should Poe refuse to soften up on her political ambition.

“That’s far-fetched. We haven’t talked about it yet. I only knew of it from the media. We are yet to sit on that. What I am considering is a Senate bid. That is the only thing within my sphere,” Robredo, a lawyer, clarified.

Best wishes
Poe also on Friday thanked President Benigno Aquino 3rd for considering her among those who can continue his vision for daang matuwid (straight path) as she extended her best wishes to Roxas.

“I assure President Aquino that I will continue to walk the daang matuwid, because I believe it will be made more meaningful if more people continue the journey, wherever they may be and in whatever role they play,” her statement, which was sent out immediately after the President delivered his endorsement speech, read.

Poe ended her statement by giving her best wishes to Roxas and punctuated with a call for an “open discussion of issues” when the campaign for the 2016 elections starts.

“I recognize Secretary Roxas has decided to offer himself for higher office, and I wish him well. I am hopeful that the 2016 election campaign will be one of open discussion of issues and proposed programs of government that will build on what President Aquino has started. This way, the Filipino people can arrive at a clear choice on Election Day,” she said.

Poe, whose deft handling of the Senate hearing on the Mamasapano incident helped pull her popularity rating up, was reportedly being wooed by the President to give way to Roxas and be his running mate in next year’s elections.

Roxas, who was originally in the running for the presidency in the 2010 elections, withdrew his bid in favor of Aquino and slid down to be the latter’s running mate but he lost to Jejomar Binay.

Poe, an independent, was a guest candidate of the Liberal Party-led coalition in the 2013 senatorial elections.

She is leading in pre-election presidential preference surveys, followed by Vice President Binay with Roxas at third.

Sen. Francis Escudero, who had declared his intention to be Poe’s running mate, said he “respects and understands”Aquino’s “difficult” decision.


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  1. They keep saying the Presidential candidate need experience but no one explains what kind of experience one needs so far almost all politician have lots and lots of experiences, but look at where is our country right now? They only use those experiences to circumvent the law and plunder government money
    We badly need honest governance now more than experience.. So Grace and Chiz is the best and suitable for this position…

    • Beside she can hire a good adviser like Ka Winnie Monsod for economy, like Prof. Prospero De Vera, like Randy David, like Rudy Duterte for Peace and Order and etc. And last thing she can do is a good judgment being a lady President.

  2. Poe has become a puppet of Chiz… noong una, bumilib ako dito kay Poe, pero noong tumaas ang kanyang rating ay tumaas din ang kanyang “ihi”….naging mayabang … at ito namang si Chiz, humirit na agad na maging Vice President para hindi tumakbo ng VP si Grace… a tricky and treacherous move ni Chiz dahil alam niya hawak niya si Poe sa leeg at hindi siya lalabanan sa VP post …. si Chiz ay isang traydor na hindi isasantabi ang sarili para sa Bayan… merong hidden agenda ang Chiz na ito and Poe will be the sacrificial lamb…

  3. Ms. Poe is better off running for Vice President to gain more experience in public service. I can’t understand why Ms. Poe is hesitant in running with Mr. Roxas as his Vice President and insists on running JUST with Mr. Escudero??? Does that mean she has a problem working with other people except the ones she likes? In politics you have to deal working with all types of people. Mar Roxas is a man of good background and integrity and is the best choice to succeed President Aquino.

  4. Kung ako ang tatanungin, Leni Robredo is way qualified to run for vice president than Grace Poe. If Poe ambitioned to run for president, I predict she will lose. Poe should consider it an honor to be even offered the vice presidency. If Poe would get confident and rely merely on her popularity, she’s mistaken,big time. Mahirap manligaw at nakakainis pag ang nililigawan mo ay pakeme-keme. I’d say the LP should convince Leni Robredo to run as Roxas vice president – to me this tandem can overshadow Roxas-Poe with a big margin. Go Leni!

  5. AngelJr. Santos on

    For me It would be better Senator G. Poe finish her term as Senator. I belive she can be a conduit for daan matuwid if she is in the Senator for she can make laws a better way for the country.

  6. apolonio reyes on

    Sen. Grace P. Llamanzares listen to Leni that you run VP of Sec. Mar Roxas as I don’ want you to follow the footstep of your father, FPJ, who run without experience but only popularity. In an election its the political machineries and MONEY of the strongest party that makes the candidate wins like in all DEMOCRACY, LIKE THE USA.
    Sen. Grace P. Llamanzares, I don’t want at the end the election your Mom, Susan Roces, will again shout ” DINAYA KAMI “. PLEASE THINK A THOUSAND TIMES BEFORE YOU RUN FOR PRESIDENT!.

  7. Ms Leni we does not like grace poe to be vice of roxas.That is an insult to us . we are the boss so we wanted her to run for president not vice. She is smart,fast learner ,dedicated ,hard worker.SHE DID A GOOD JOB IN THE SENATE CONSIDERING A NEOPHYTE.
    I would suggest to keep youR mouth shut ,by the way your are an LP ANYWAY SO DON’T DICTATE GRACE SHE HAS HER OWN MIND she is not like ROXAS ,NO BALLS , LAZY TO SERVE THE POOR PEOPLE.
    by the way YOU are qualified to BE vice of roxas ,same party . We don’t want Grace CLEAN REPUTATION NA MABAHIRAN NG ROXAS INCOMPETENCY.

  8. Roldan Guerrero on

    Madam Leni you are a lawyer and know very well Grace Poe is not qualified. You should advise her instead and help enhance her ignorance of the law. Your insistence of Grace Poe`s candidacy is outrageous. I think you should downplay people who are too ambitious and help rebuild this nation. PIGNOY had been so unfair with the Late Sec. Robredo, I know it and so aware what they did after his death. I would be more satisfied if you run for Vice President but not with the LP. It is a team of TERMITES…I wonder why you joined them…your husband was then in the mode of bolting and turning to another path opposite the ” DAANG MATUWAD”. Please help clean this nation. Please join the groups of unmasking the crimes of AQUINO and his accomplices……