Leni told: Don’t fall into LP ‘trapo’ trap


MILITANT youth group Anakbayan on Friday warned Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo against allowing traditional politicians or “trapos” to use her to advance their selfish interests.

Anakbayan expressed concern that Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd will only use the “Robredo brand” to boost his and the Aquino administration’s poor image.

“We are appealing to Rep. Leni Robredo not to squander the good name she has built for herself by siding with an administration noted for DAP [Disbursement Acceleration Program] and pork barrel, budget cuts for state universities, the Mamasapano carnage, MRT-LRT [Metro Rail Transit-Light Rail Transit] breakdown, neglect of Yolanda victims, among others,” Vencer Crisostomo, the group’s national chairman, said.

A recent scandal that links Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman Francis Tolentino to an allegedly lewd dance performance in a local LP event should also make Robredo think twice about the kind of company she is joining, Crisostomo added.

The youth group said Robredo should be wary of the Roxas camp’s appetite for backstabbing and dirty politics by recalling how it has been wooing top presidential contender Grace Poe to be Roxas’ running mate up until her announcement of her own bid.

“Traditional politicians like Roxas are like serpents in a snake pit. They will try to seduce you if they can calculate any profit and suddenly bite you if you don’t bow to their vested interests. Sayang talaga [It is really a waste] if trapos like Roxas will just take advantage of you,” Crisostomo said.

The youth group also urged Robredo to not tarnish the legacy of his late husband, saying the Roxas camp’s growing desperation to shore up its uninspiring performance is pushing it to feed on the reformist reputation of her late husband, Jesse Robredo.


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  1. Anakbayan’s concern was I have been posting in a subservient mainstream media website. The Lapiang Pasaway swore to Darkness that by accepting LP’s offer Leni will continue Jesse Robredo’s legacy? What legacy? Here’s a glaring example:

    Shortly before Jesse died in a plane crash he renegotiated a contract for the purchase of firetrucks for the Bureau of Fire ProtectION, DILG and even boasted in media that the government stands to save a lot because the price will be 7 million per truck, However, the payment shall be made in euro hence, the total price for all the firetrucks is 20.49 euro or 1.33 billion which translates into 17.52 per truck (76 units.) Add the import duties and taxes which will be shouldered by the government as buyer in accordance with the Australian company Rosenbauer contract and you will get a total sum of 1.53 billion or 20.14 million per fire truck. In short, the price per truck is tripled.

    Not contented with Jesse’s legacy the “Not Corrupt” Roxas purchased additional 300 firetrucks from the same source. Kung yong 76 units sandamakmak na ang niraket nila, how much more for the 300 purchased under Roxas orders? Is this the legacy that Leni Robredo will continue?

  2. rene catalasan on

    What’s your stand and think about Enrile, Corona, Jinggoy, Bong, Gloria, Erap,etc.?
    Answering this simple question shall highly be appreciated.

  3. A little bit of wooing in my life
    A little bit of courting by my side
    A little bit of juicy offer is all I need
    A little bit of entreaty is what I see
    A little bit of payment here I am
    A little bit of you make me your man – CONG. LENI ROBREDO

  4. Pumasok na rin ang ambisyon sa ulo nitong si Rep. Leni. Hindi man lang niya naalala na siya ay naging kongresista dahil sa pag mamahal ng mga kababayan niya sa asawa niyang si Jessie. At itong si Jessie ay namatay na malaki ang hinanakit dito kila Pnoy kasi kahit magandang trabaho ang pinakita niya sa kanyang paglilingkod, siya ay sinabihan ni Pnoy na aalisin para ilagay si Roxas. Kinawawa siya ng husto at ito’y alam ng asawang si Leni. Siguro nag aambisyon na rin itong si Leni maging Pangulo pagkalipas ng 6 na taon.
    Ang payo ko lang Leni, ilalagay ka dyan tapos sisirain ka din kasi ang naka abang na kakandidato matapos ng 6 na taon ay si Sen. Bam Aquino na pinsan ni Pnoy at anak ni Paul Aquino na humahawak ng manubra at strategy para manalo ang kandidato ni Pnoy. Si Paul din ay kasali sa Pulse Asia.

  5. Leni Robredo contrary to what most people think is not clean or innocent herself.
    Leni Robredo has 3 pending Disqualification Cases at the COMELEC filed in May 2013 still awaiting a decision. Robredo violated the Omnibus Election Code and is a product of Hocus Pcos in the May 2013 elections courtesy of the PNoy /Roxas Liberal Party of which Leni Robredo is the Cam Sur Party Chairman. Leni Robredo is also corrupt and her husband Jesse had 29 graft cases filed against him at the Ombudsman before he died. Jesse Robredo is Mar’s best friend and partner in crime.
    Let Leni Robredo run so she and Mar can lose in 2016 !! All the skeletons in Leni’s closet will surely come out during the campaign and people will know who she really is.

    • rene catalasan on

      Should Leni do run as Mar’s VP come 2016 and both will come and emerge as losers according to you prediction ano pa ba ang inire-reklamo mo? Di ba mabuti ‘yon sa sinumang napu-pusuan mo?

  6. Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Manuel Roxas 2nd will only use the “Robredo brand” to boost his and the Aquino administration’s poor image.

    Sur Rep. Leni Robredo not smart enough to know that ? Is she a gullible child just trying to cash in on her husbands legacy ?

  7. And what do one think but for the LP to use Leni? It is quite obvious that her honest and innocent image will be used by the trapos to lift up the tarnished image of their fellow trapos, Roxas. They (LP) can’t convince anybody credible to run with Roxas and they are “beating” poor Leni into submission. But she is a smart kookie and fully aware of all of these. Besides she knows she will not win. If, however, she runs for the Senate, such an endeavor is already in the bag. And if she do good while being a senator, running for VP in 2022 would be smooth sailing. Who knows, she can even run for President then.

  8. Don’t forget what Pnoy did to your late husband Jessie, he was the DILG sectretary and yet he was not in control of the whole Department.