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    Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

    Ma. Lourdes N. Tiquia

    Laylayan politics was another way of putting light to the underprivileged. It was a way of gaining traction with the masses thereby propelling their own leader on a bigger platform to advocate and fight for them. If poverty incidence is at 26%, then those who are poor could run up to approximately 28.6 million Filipinos. A huge constituent if only their champions truly work for them once elected in office.

    Imagine cutting 2% annually from the 26%? That makes poverty incidence go to 14% by the end of the six-year term, right? Certainly, within the Asean average. So do you work hard for it and stay the course or play politics because those around keep saying, “we can do it much better.”

    The sad part is that after one is elected, the holder of power suddenly forgets why one is selected and elected by the very people who are part of the so-called laylayan. After six months, Leni Robredo must pause and discern if she has remained the Leni people helped to get elected from the so-called “1% to victory in 90 days.” Is Leni still the embodiment of the Robredo ideals? You see, those who elected her as Vice President (and yes technically, she has been proclaimed and I do not know how a source can make her believe that someone will “steal the Vice Presidency”) got to know her first because of Jesse’s death and second, because she was the embodiment of Jesse.

    And I will lay it on the line that part of election narrative was to go straight to the people as Robredo (mahusay at matino) and that she is strong as a Robredo first than a Roxas-Robredo. That she has to be strong on her own in order to carry the mantle and work out a strategy to carry the tandem. The less she is seen as yellow, the better for the various groups waiting on the sidelines to support her. So much has happened at the backrooms that LP can’t claim Robredo won because of them (and you forgot the planned dumping and even the Roxas-Marcos Hail Mary pass?) Well, at least the rise to a competitive level by April was not theirs to brag alone. As to the endgame, that is something for LP to prove at the Electoral Tribunal level.

    Yes, part of the mix of support was a combination of rainbow colors by the last two weeks of the campaign period. Robredo was carried across various tandems because by that time, she was the better candidate for VP (people’s lawyer, no dirt after a term, no historical baggage, no skeletons). And those young yellow tribes then and today would not even know the groundwork that happened when they arrogantly claimed she won because of LP. From the start, a political nickname of “Daang Matuwid” was a sure kiss of death and LP prepared her Certificate of Nomination with such a nickname, just like Roxas (now the hundreds of millions used to prop Daang Matuwid was the stretch to get the ticket to win? Really?) If you need to learn a thing or two in campaign politics, yes, the soundbites matter but the ground need to hold for a national candidate to win and that my dear is still transactional. And that does not mean cash! You have to have your ears on the ground. No cash, you go with what Robredo stood for. No cash, you go with who the people actively supports. No cash, you look for a name that gives a candidate a political glow.

    And Jesse kept saying before, “lagi ko pong sinabi na itinaas na natin ang antas o sukat ng paglilingkod. Hindi na sapat na tayo ay matino lamang. Hindi rin sapat na tayo at mahusay lamang. Hindi lahat ng matino ay mahusay, at lalo namang hindi lahat ng mahusay ay matino. Ang dapat ay matino at mahusay upang karapat dapat tayong pagkatiwalaan ng pera ng bayan.” True and that was part of the endearing qualities of Leni. She was Jesse until she won the Vice Presidency!

    Is Leni now a shadow of her true self? Is she now just a puppet of a political class who thinks they are God’s gift to the nation since they have removed a president in 1986; selected and elected their own candidates since 1992; impeached a president in 2002 and tried all possible means to remove a sitting president from 2004 to 2010? Would Leni be a willing member of a cabal of “soldiers” aiming high to snatch the presidential throne? What have you become Leni? Or Madame Vice President? That you can do more than what a Duterte accomplished in six months? So what do you plan to do with the hot issues of the day?

    Jesse in a rare interview once talked about his wife and answered the calls of allowing her to run and take his place, “may sariling buhay ang misis ko. Hindi ’yan asawa lang ng mayor. Alam niya ang gusto niyang gawin.” That rings loud and I hope it has nothing to do with the removal of a duly elected president.

    True, and that was also seen clearly by the parallel group known as Samahan Tsinelas, “sa pamamagitan ng tsinelas, hinihikayat ng mag-asawang Robredo ang mga nasa baba, labas at laylayan ng lipunan para maging partner sa pamamahala. Importante sa kanila na ang boses ng mga mahihirap ay kabahagi ng pagbubuo at pagpapatakbo ng mga programa, serbisyo at aktibidad ng pamahalaan na napapakinabangan lalo na iyong mga walang-wala sa buhay.” So why was it all glamor and glitz packaging in the last six months? Someone even commented, “artistahin na si Mam!” Meanwhile the laylayan was relegated at the background. Waiting to be integrated with other support groups after election, nothing happened. The database was offered but no follow through. Asked about the plans, no clear directives. Samahang Tsinelas was disbanded for we cannot be purveyors of false hopes, right?

    It shows that the laylayan was not even a factor in her decision to resign as Housing head for if it were, one would have sought a face-to-face meeting with PRRD and clarified things for the sake of that base. Six months to a six-year term and you relegate yourself to only a spare tire, what a waste!

    So was it hubris that got piqued when she was told not to attend cabinet meetings? That it was very Vice Presidential to do releases before resigning? That sharing a text from the CabSec was the way to go? With the myriad reasons offered daily and the messaging somersaulting at fast clip, nothing held because the reasons offered became the quicksand that proved her being too naive or worse, too raw.

    Part of Ramon Magsaysay’s credo were: “I believe that government starts at the bottom and moves upward, for government exists for the welfare of the masses of the nation. I believe that he who has less in life should have more in law. I believe that the little man is fundamentally entitled to a little bit more food in his stomach, a little more cloth in his back and a little more roof over his head. I believe that this nation is endowed with a vibrant and stout heart, and possesses untapped capabilities and incredible resiliency…” and so much more. This credo echoes more and more today as never before. From 1986 to 2010, these were promises made by every president, today and especially by 2017 (under a Duterte budget), we continue to observe if the promises made are fulfilled just as in the last six months.

    Madame Vice President, you were elected on a narrative that only you had but you need to break from the stronghold and be with the ordinary people who helped you win a remarkable victory. Until PET decides otherwise, you are Vice President of the Republic. Stay the course. Fight for your base. Enough with the glitzy magazines and covers. Find common ground with PRRD and if you can’t personally think about the laylayan who are counting on you. Expose yourself to other people. Do not be in your safe and comfortable zone. Remove your cordon. Find your core and you will find the leader people voted for. Five years and six months to go is long to be just a spare tire. Think of institutions, build institutions. Help carry the load. At the end, you will be measured by what you do with power.

    And please, never be the reason when people say, “I told you so.”


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    1. Jaime Dela Cruz on

      “And that does not mean cash! You have to have your ears on the ground. No cash, you go with what Robredo stood for. No cash, you go with who the people actively supports. No cash, you look for a name that gives a candidate a political glow.”
      She did not exactly win (debatable) the VP without cash. Loida gave her a lot of cash. Kris gave her a lot of cash and she was listed as the highest campaign spender. She was never and will never be the defender of the “laylayan” of society.Like Cory, Leni is the bet of the “yellow cult” of U.S.A. whom they will install once their agenda of ousting Duterte plays out. This yellow group has been at it even before the time of Theodore Roosevelt. Their only credo is “oust anyone who is in the way of US economic agenda. I watched “THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES” as pointed out by a certain muleman2 in disqus and it certainly opened my mind and answered a lot of questions.

    2. Panay ang bakasyon sa abroad, nagsisitabaan na tuloy ang mga anak ni Jesse !

      Bakit CamSur lang ang naiisip tulungan via remote control ? Paano ang ibang nasalantang probinsya.

      Epal lang kasi iyan .

    3. What core are you talking about? Na-peke ka lang Ms. Tiquia. You saw then what you wished to see. Well, dreaming is over. And now the truth (which hurts) smacks you right in the face since Leni was just a hollow product of another necro-political drama in full vivid yellow color, nothing more and nothing less, plain and simple. Yet, no amount of laylayan image can hide the truth now. In fact, perhaps as you already know, your laylayan queen is now vacationing in New York with her entire clan tagging along. Obviously, she’s been enjoying her spare tire status to the max. I wonder who her generous reunion sponsor(s) were, unless na rich pala siya? Btw, ang mga cabinet secretaries pati na si PD30 e passionate magtrabaho kahit Pasko, kaya nga sorry at ang iyong laylayan queen na puro pretense lang and who never understood what public service is all about, will never fit in. Pangiti-ngiti lang, pose pose sa photo shoots, pa fb fb, pakontra kontra lang sa mga sinasabi ni presidente, meeting meeting with Loida and the LPs, press releases, yun lang ang kayang gawin as vp ng idol mo . . literal na spare tire lang. Pathetic.

    4. Can’t help but think that she’s part of the regime-change policy of the US. An assassination of Pres. Duterte is highly likely. Look at what happened Ramon Magsaysay, loved by the masses, encountering a plane accident all of a sudden. Then, there’s her own husband, encountering another plane accident just as he was able to discover the beginnings of narco-politics. Makes me wonder why she never demanded a deeper investigation about it, since there were theories that he had documents in his condo. Truly sad.

    5. Bert O. Romero on

      1. In 1990, tens of dozens of nations, including the Philippines, made the commitment to halve their country’s poverty level 25 years hence or by 2015, pursuant to the Millenium Development Goals ( MDGs). At that time , the poverty level of the Philippines stood at 34 percent. By 2015 or 25 years thereafter, our country’s poverty level stood at 26 percent making the Philippines one of two countries in ASEAN ( the other one being Myanmar) to have failed to halve their poverty level. In that span of 25 years, the Philippines had had two Yellow presidents – mother and son. In short, Yellow politics had been given sufficient opportunities to prove its worth. Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang!

      2. Necro politics also has been given its opportunity to rear its head for the third time by electing Leni as Vice President. Whether she can harness this necro-driven sympathy into a truly transformative national figure unbeholden to a discarded cabal of Yellow politicians is the challenge to Leni.

      3. Most definitely , her sense of timing needs improvement. She cannot be away from her base of constituency while it is being battered by the ferocious typhoon Nina. Laylayan politics requires being with the powerless in times of their dire need.

    6. Juan Dela Cruz on

      VP Leni has been singled out by this administration for so many times already. To say that she did not took effort to find a common ground with PRRD is just absurd. She tried to reach out after receiving the text message but was repeatedly ignored by this administration. VP Leni is definitely not perfect, she has her own flaws but she has proven again and again that she is indeed a public servant for the people.

      • Thinking Filipino on

        @Juan Dela Cruz Do you really believe that Leni tried to reach out to the President? If you have an issue with your family do you talk to them directly or do you go to the media and criticize your family’s decision? Every thinking filipino knows that she loves to be in the spotlight doing press con instead of doing her job as HUDCC chair (a total opposite of how her late husband works). The yellow party thought that if Leni resigned as a cabinet member the people would rally behind her after her press con. Thinking that they can do another Hyatt 10. Sad to say it didn’t happen.

        Being a President or a VP is a burden and a responsibility, it requires a lot of sacrifice. The same as having a business. A businessman would sacrifice his vacation specially when his business is still in its infancy. Waits until it is stable before going on a vacation. As a cabinet member for a few months we all know that she enjoys more doing press con, going to America for a vacation (?) than doing her job.

    7. Is to be a dissenter on this administration a crime by association? Do you that want that all of us toe the line of Malacanang?We have taxation with rubber stamp legislation.We have an SC which which once ruled before that any income which are more than they earned are supposed to ill gotten,ruled that sequestration of certain companies are legal now ruled that the former strong man respond deserved a hero’s burial. Let it be said and done to have an opposition is a healthy sign for our democracy. Shall we be all stooge of Malacanang?

      • What is criminal is not joining the good program of the government of the people, by the people for the people. Did she lay out her plans of how it should be ran?Did she meet the common tao actually aside from a plastic pictorial? What good has she done for the first six months? Check and balance is healthy but not the way she carries it. She could have voiced out her concerns during cabinet meetings. Not just smile and look pretty and talk to media that is so sickening because it is the voice of her Liberal Party, not of the people

    8. Leodegardo Pruna on

      At the time her city was being crushed by typhoon Nina, Leni was in the US enjoying a vacation. Her spokesperson said that she will be flying back soon as she reaches the Philippine soil. The soon in her statement is meaningless. Leni, while no t doing anything please find out the truth about Jesse’s death. Even for that you will give justice to your husband’s death. God save the Philippines.

    9. Laylayan is a word only created by yellow circles, loosing and forgotten politicians alike, laylayan is a word that keeps on uterring by yellow idiots to make some mark butbin truth is like the farced “tuwid na daan” a real hypocrite rhetoric, so madam never propagate this word is this word has never been accepted by the people you thought so, Leni is a fraud vp, manipulated by pcos, ppcrv, and comelec!!

    10. For all we know, THIS is her true self. This glamour, this never-ending plotting to oust PRRD, this social mountaineer flitting from one cocktail party to the next charity event. Maybe the person Jesse knew was just a facade. The yellow friends she keeps speaks volumes of what she’s become. And maybe she ‘knows’ how she won which is why she can never leave them lest she be exposed. She can never be independent again because she is already in too deep. And she is seemingly enjoying herself now. Any advise will only fall on deaf ears.

    11. As her metapoor says, “like leaving a newborn child you just gave birth to,” she is good with abandonement. As long as she lets herself be controlled by the yellow party, Leni will never be what she claimed to be during campaign period. May be she really wanted to leave HUDCC because of the “kawalanghiyaaan or kabastusan” of her party that she cannot help prosecute. NOT speaking about narcopolitcs and forever undermining Duterte has shwon us her TRUE COLORS. As one write said, she is just an empty vessel. Bicolanos and other supporters may remain ignorant of her infamy but they won’t remain so forever. Gigising din sila. Ako nga natauhan eh. Pundo na Leni!

    12. Leni’s CORE is ROTTEN ! Or should I say she is now ROTTEN to the CORE ! The Laylayan gimmick is plain lie !

    13. Robredo is beholden to the yellow cult. She has let it use her to the point where she no longer identifies with the ordinary people who elected her ( I wonder if the 14M really did that. But I digress.) as everything she does seems to be pointing at some suspicious agenda.. As the suggestion that she “…find common ground wit PRRD…” I am afraid that it’s too late for that. She has created far too much animosity between her and the president with her press conferences outside of the boundaries of Malacanang, where she would talk to the press instead of the President himself. She backstabbed him too often and never for a moment realized that she ought to be the President’s supporter instead of being the opposition and a critic, being the second in command and supposed-to-be confidante. She brought it upon herself to be just a spare tire. And a spare tire she would be the rest of her term.