‘Leni’s Fil-Am backers plotting vs Duterte’


FILIPINO-American supporters of Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo are allegedly behind efforts to undermine President Rodrigo Duterte, leaked emails posted online by bloggers showed.

The leaked emails, first posted by the “Thinking Pinoy” blog on Friday, showed exchanges between members of the “Global Filipino Diaspora Council” (GFDC) including billionaire philanthropist Loida Nicolas-Lewis and her sister, former Commission on Filipinos Overseas chairwoman Imelda “Mely” Nicolas, both Robredo supporters.

In one of the emails, dated December 4 or the day Robredo announced her resignation from the Duterte Cabinet, Lewis supposedly told GFDC members: “The only way to fight this evil plot to unseat VP Leni is to ask Duterte to resign. After all, he promised to resign in six months if he has not solved the drug epidemic in the Philippines.”

“He asked for an extension of another six months. Extension denied! Join Duterte Resign Movement,” the email said. It provided a link to a change.org petition calling on the President to quit.



Another leaked email, supposedly from lawyer Ted Laguatan, claimed protests against Duterte were gaining ground. The email was dated November 21 or amid protests against the burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

“This plan is going even better than I expected. We, on our part outside the Philippines are doing our part in holding rallies everywhere,” it said.

It also asked the GFDC to reach out to the student councils of UP, Ateneo de Manila, De La Salle University and other schools, as well as the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines to mobilize priests and nuns.

“Thanks for fighting a genuinely sacred fight,” it added.

An email from “Mely” replied: “Let us continue to keep each other abreast of what’s happening from both sides of the ocean.”

Sought for comment, Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr., who alerted Malacañang of the supposed anti-Duterte activities of Filipino-American groups last September, said: “A picture is worth more than a thousand words.”

“Let the picture speak for itself and draw your own conclusions from it,” he said.

Robredo did not address the supposed leaked emails on Saturday, but in response to a question from the press in Iloilo on her supposed involvement in a plot to unseat Duterte, she said: “Ako naniniwala ako na hindi makakabuti sa bansa natin na gumawa na naman tayo ng mga ‘oust the President’ movement [I believe it is not good for the country for us to organize ‘oust the President’ movements].”

Trolls vs Marcos
Another email, this time from the Office of the Vice President’s social media unit and dated January 4, instructed “trolls” to launch an online counterattack against Duterte, defeated vice presidential candidate Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. and a number of social media personalities.

The counterattack was supposedly meant as a response to pro-Marcos and pro-Duterte groups and “influencers” such as the blogs of “Thinking Pinoy” and “Maharlika,” newly appointed censors board member Mocha Uson, Sass Rogando Sassot and a “Mr. Riyoh” who have criticized Robredo for vacationing in the US as Typhoon “Nina” hit her home region of Bicol on Christmas Day.

“The BBM (Bongbong Marcos) camp has released several memes to have a ‘show of force’. Their messaging is to make their memes viral to make it appear like more people voted for BBM as the real VP. Our attack: Flip the memes and show unflattering pictures with controversies of BBM and use their ‘the real VP’ narrative,” the supposed email from the vice president’s social media team read.

“[We should] use the photos of BBM supporters during the Luneta rally and/or Duterte youth during the Marcos burial rally. The messaging should be: they’re numerous online, but they never deliver the real bodies needed when the battle is offline. They are a fake and paid army,” it claimed.

“We would also like to request you and your communities to coordinate with us whenever a new campaign is launched for them and/or against her (Robredo),” it added.

The same email also defended Robredo’s efforts for typhoon victims by saying that her team was mobilized even before the typhoon hit, and that she organized private efforts to donate to typhoon-hit Bicol, Marinduque, Batangas and Mindoro.

“The dissatisfaction with VP Leni does not come from Bikolanos. It comes from troll influencers (Mocha, Sass, Thinking Pinoy) who never organized or mobilized efforts to help out the typhoon victims. VP Leni cannot shoulder everything. The national government (and other agencies such as DSWD) is the one who needs to step up,” it added.

The Office of the Vice President has yet to respond to queries in connection with the supposedly leaked emails.


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  1. with what the mainstream media abs-cbn, inq, et.al being silent with this documents ti makes you think that there’s something that they’re trying not to escalate that’s why they didn’t cover this..i think only manilatimes & MB printed this news..come to think of it mainstream media reported that “cheque for uson”, reported the closure of pro-LP fb page, reported pro LP fb page on yasay citizenship, but this big accusation was not reported?

  2. Ala eh makapal pa kayo sa taliptip ng barko Loida and leni..mga wala kayong karapatan na ariin ang Pilipinas dahil itong back up mo Leni na si Loida Lewit ay di naman nakatira sa Pilipinas at walang alam sa paghihirap naming mga maliliit..kailangan namin ang isang Duterte para malinis ang Pilipinas na matagal ng baon sa droga at kurapsyon..hindi namin kailangan ang plastik na Politiko at namumulitiko lang …go to hell

  3. Of Course! Only traitors of the country wants to get rid of people who in the way of stopping corruption profits being made. She just the face for those who are corrupted and threatened by Duterte.

  4. With the leaked emails, the real Robredo is finally exposed … the Robredo that is adept at lying, making up fairy tales and portraying herself as a meek and soft-spoken public official.

  5. itong aleng loida na ito, kumain lang ng malaking hotdog ng egoy, kala mo kung sinong makapag may ari ng pilipinas. gaga ka. pag umpugin ko kayo ni leni landi

  6. Finally you published it.. tuloy ang laban para sa tunay na pagbabago,… at para sa katotohanan..

  7. BoBOng marcos gimmick against robredo.This is the most insecure,divisive and walang klarong programa de gobyernong admin na supported ng mga crazy dutards.Hindi ako naniniwala , pero totoo sana he he hehar har har.

  8. Ang daming magagaling magsalita dito tungkol sa mga pangyayari sa ating bansa at kay Pres. Duterte. Ang tanong dito sino ang inyong ipapalit kay Duterte kung sa tingin ninyo hindi siya magaling sa kanyang ginagawa sa ngayon? Yong may bayag para disiplinahin ang mga Pilipino na nawalan na nang values dahil sa pinag gagawa ng mga walang silbing politiko at oligarchs? Segarado hindi perfect si Duterte para maging presidente pero sa ngayon siya lang ang may kakayanan para maibalik sa tao ang respeto at pag galang na matagal nang nawala. Time and again sinabi ni Duterte na hindi niya pinapayagan ang EJK. Klaro naman na sila sila lang ang nagpapatayan (drug personalities) at meron din seguro mga vigilantes na nilalagay sa kanilang kamay ang batas. Kayong mga nakakarangya sa buhay magaling kayo magsalita dahil mas safe kayo sa inyong marangyang tirahan at komunidad. Pero kung hindi mapigilan ang kawalan ng disiplina at kaayusan dulot ng talamak na druga at corruption magiging biktima din kayo sooner or later. Puro kayo crab mentality….

  9. Doming Ferrer on

    1987 Constitution of the Philippines
    Section 2. The President, the Vice-President, the Members of the Supreme Court, the Members of the Constitutional Commissions, and the Ombudsman may be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or betrayal of public trust.

    Leni Robredo wears $700 shoes, uses very expensive bags and has flown to several countries since she was proclaimed VP – is she doing all of this on a VP’s salary or is this part of many bribes to oust Duterte? Of course the AMLC will not investigate the accounts of this corrupt woman.
    Leni Robredo’s election fund was financed by foreigners – is this not a culpable violation of the constitution?
    The email trail in LeniLeaks and her participation in the Oust Duterte rallies – are these not culpable violations of the constitution?
    The public has long ago lost whatever trust there was for Leni Robredo because by her acts she betrayed public trust.

    Now the ball is in the court of Congress to speedily come up with impeachment articles and transmit them to the senate.

  10. victor arches on

    Na-buking si Landi…
    Why do you think VP Landi went to America with her 3 daughters—purportedly to spend their Christmas holidays there—despite PAGASA’s public announcement about Typhoon Nina hitting the Bicol region during those very days?

    From Day One, Landi has been conspiring with Loida Nicolas Lewis, Bay0t Roxas, Bab0y DriL0n, ex-Amb. Cuisia, ex-DFA Sec. del Rosario and their entire LP cohorts, together with the CBCP, HOW to unseat Pareng Digong whom they know would dismantle their oligarchic hold on the country’s political administrations.

  11. Itiwalag ang paka Amreicano at green card ninyo bago maniwala sa inyo.

    Magpaka totoo kayo bilang mamayan ng Filipinas. Hindi pwede ang doble

    Cara. Sinisira nnyo ang bayang Filipinas na inyong iniwanan.

    • sabi nga… hindi ka pwedeng mamangka sa dalawang ilog… katapat sa inles.. you cannot serve two masters. unless ang tingin nila sa Filipinas eh tagasilbi.

  12. Leni Lugaw robredo is not the real winner in last election. She cheated BBM .. We filipinos did not represent her as VP, besides with all due respect, she is NOTHING, IDIOT, and STUPID…MOST ESP. THE GREAT CHEATER….

  13. Bring it on YELLOWS! we’ll see if you have the numbers to launch a nationwide rallies. Show us your force.

  14. Leni and her daughters are barely a shadow of what Jesse Robredo was as a dedicated, honest public official. These emails just shows that this woman is just another airhead puppet who thinks she can be president without any real achievement. In short, another Noynoy clone. I don’t think our country can endure their misrule ever again.

  15. If only Jessie Robredo could reincarnate, perhaps Leni would receive a lot of beatings because she doesn’t deserve her position as VP! She is very far from other past vps like Binay, De Castro, GMA, and Doy Laurel. She is not serving her country but the whims and caprices of foreign and other selfish individuals. She doesn’t deserve to be a pub servant.

  16. The president has 6-year term to govern. Asking for his resignation this early is too much. If people would let this happen, this might be a precedent to the next highest public official that would be elected. Di na tayo makakausad nito. This LeniLeaks should be investigated and legal case should be filed if there really is a violation.

  17. Leni is the only vp in the Phil historywho allows herself to be maneuvered! Why, is she overwhelmed with her own ambition or just mere stupidity? A total disgrace to the Filipinos!

  18. LOVELY!! Thanks high heavens for Manila Times. I thought mainstream media is colored yellow already (though most of them are). What this article meant is to show the world that there’s evil hounding the Philippines and the perpetrators are all out to oust the legitimate President Duterte. Mainstream media hated covering this #LeniLeaks BUT I’M SO HAPPY TO KNOW THERE’S STILL one who got the balls to expose this. LOVE YOU MANILA TIMES. I’m waiting for Manila Bulletin to do the same.

  19. They can plot all they want. But Leni Robredo remains a weak, failed candidate to take over the presidency. Leni is nothing but staged photo ops, motherhood statements and an all-around phony. She can never even be worthy of cleaning the shoes, much less the feet of Digong. Leni is an accident of circumstances, not of her own accomplishments. Her backers can hope that Leni’s luck doesn’t run out. But she is already being exposed for the fake that she is. While her region was ravaged by a typhoon, she holidayed in the U.S.A.!

  20. Diaspora is a dispersion of people from original homeland, now their identities and objectives exposed , “mga hambog na mga pinoy na mahillig mag-inglis at dahil sa kayabangan ay hindi nagka-intindihan at nakalimutan na sikreto pala sila!”, these group of yahoos is in dire need of MORE INTELLIGENCE THAN MEMBERS for ‘not remembering’ to turn on the ‘private group’ button (badly in need of IT support!), led by a greenhorn whose only personal achievements are pricey shoes and handbags, they should change it to a ‘comic group’ ,it causes ‘bad air’ that needs discharge, maybe they should rename their group to ‘Global Farts with Diarrhea Council ‘ .

  21. Thank you Ms Llanesca and Manila Times!

    The other news outlets wont publish the scandal because they themselves are involved.


  22. They fry their selves in their own oil. I can imagine the situation and the tension in the OVP.

    Common, I am waiting for your move/s. Don’t forget your queen is in check mode.

  23. Traitors! Traitors! Traitors!
    Our President is doing a hard job for our country to be be great again.The Filipino people need Duterte why oust Him! The way Tatay Digong handles the government is everybody’s dream! Your evil plan will not work bcoz the poor and the needy prays for our President! God is with us and who can be against us!

  24. As much as many would like to wring something sensational out of these so-called leaked emails, I only see routine correspondence between anti-Duterte people. After all, being anti-Duterte nowadays is unsurprising.

  25. Hindi naman pala kayo nakatira sa pinas maypa anti Duterte pa kayong nalalaman. Hindi nyo naman naranasan kung gaani ka hirap tumira sa pinas na puno ng takot dahil sa mga criminal at mga addik na gumagala at naghahahanap ng mabibiktima. Kaya utang na loob tigilan nyo na yang ka anti Duterte rally nyo. Wala naman kayong maitutulong sa kaligtasan at kapayapaan ng Pilipinas.

  26. This has to be investigated , it is very obvious that Leni Robredo is acting like a Santa Santita!!! She is guilty of undermining Duterte administration! It a shame that she is too interested to replace Duterte who was voted by 16M Filipinos. Shame on her, Filipinos can’t be fooled by this junk politician!

  27. Diaspora is a dispersion of people from original homeland, now their identities and objectives exposed , “mga hambog na mga pinoy na mahillig mag-inglis at dahil sa kayabangan ay hindi nagka-intindihan at nakalimutan na sikreto pala sila!”, these group of yahoos is in dire need of MORE INTELLIGENCE THAN MEMBERS for ‘not remembering’ to turn on the ‘private group’ button (badly in need of IT support!), led by a greenhorn whose only personal achievements are pricey shoes and handbags, they should change it to a ‘comic group’ ,it causes ‘bad air’ that needs discharge, maybe they should rename their group to ‘Global Farts with Diarrhea Council ‘ .

  28. This news only reinforces that Leni Robredo is plotting against the Duterte administration with the brains American Citizens or dual citizens. Is there not a law making it illegal for these personalities to dip their fingers in Philippine politics ? And by the way was there not an issue that Leni Robredo failed to satisfy the requirements by the Comelec that all candidates furnish them with a list of financiers and also produce all legal documents of expenses? Unless the usual Comelec game is being played, somebody must check on the information in this regard.

  29. Thank you for picking up this story!! It’s about time. We deserve an explanation coming from the OVP about this #LeniLeaks

  30. Thanks for covering this story. I hope there will be follow-up writeups to bring to light the truth behind this matter.