• Leni’s pro-poor messaging key to victory


    How did Leni Robredo—a candidate unknown to almost half of the population and with one percent pre-election rating less than a year before elections—win the Vice Presidential race vs. seasoned rivals?

     It came down to these magic words: Inaangat [ni Leni]ang nasa laylayan ng lipunan.
    Yoly Ong, the head of Robredo’s communications group, noted that Robredo’s consistent messaging of these key words complemented her authentic self, resulting in victory.

    “From a marketing standpoint, we have a very good product to start with [in Leni], but the messaging was very consistent: Inaangat [ni Leni]ang nasa laylayan ng lipunan (Leni will pull you up from the fringes of society). That’s picturesque,” Ong said in an interview with the cable channel ANC.

    “She actually used those words in her acceptance speech to be the Vice Presidential candidate of the LP (Liberal Party). As a copywriter myself, I thought it was a fresh take and we pulled it out of the speech [to use in the campaign],” Ong added.

    Ong, however, admitted that the path to glory wasn’t easy because significant campaign contributions only started to come in when Robredo scored at least 20 percent in pre-election surveys by the end of March.

    Also during the early days of the campaign, Robredo was even mistaken for being the wife of LP Presidential candidate Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd in a campaign stop among weavers in Tubigon, Bohol.

    There was also an instance of her and Roxas campaigning in a Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur market where Robredo had to introduce herself in her full name to every person, young and old, since they were clearly stumped upon seeing her unfamiliar face as compared with Roxas who is popular among market vendors there being a former Secretary of the Department of Trade and Industry who pushed for the use of cheat-free weighing scales.

    Still, Ong cited that the voters got convinced of Robredo’s message just in time for the balloting, considering that Robredo has worked as a lawyer for the poor even prior to joining politics in 2013 and serving as the Camarines Sur representative.


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    1. Show evidence or move on.

      You are saying they manipulated the system from an end machine that would not have administrative rights to the central system. I can map out how Smartmatic would have set this system up and why adding a script to the PPCRV Transparency server would have been fundamentally blocked from affecting any other device in their LAN.

      Smartmatic is a company that does this for multiple countries. This is their business and if the system is that easy to manipulate then they will not be able to generate new and/or repeat customers. It would be financial suicide.

    2. Her spokes person is trying very hard to convince the public how her patron “won”. No matter how she window dress her boss, it remains unbelievable, to the point she even out did Roxas in the number of votes. How can they explain this “phenomenon”, is she really more popular than her presidential mate?

    3. She won mainly during the Vice President debate where she showed her very humble character and brilliant answers to question. If you look at the last 2 debates, that is the times her ratings increased and she was able to beat all VP candidates. The biggest mistake of BBM was he did not show up in the last debate with a flimsy reason that it is his wedding anniversary. With a close race, BBM must have used all modes of exposure.

    4. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Not the message but the MACHINE AND MACHINATION of the LP and on top P-Noy. All the candidates were one in dealing with pro-poor and poverty issues, Leni was no exception. But, be as it be since Leni is already there let her show her mettle and for one chance to look after why the accolades given her late husband when in fact he was not even supported truly as a DILG Secretary and even was slashed of authority over the Police force. God bless the Philippines.

    5. jeff jaramillo on

      Paki verify ito: Si Mam Leni Gerona ay asawa pala ng sa isang student-activist turned NPA (na namatay sa isang engkuentro sa military) bago ikinasal kay Sec. Jesse Robredo. Ngayon ko lang maintindihan kung bakit galit si Mam Leni sa Martial Law dahil sa pagkamatay ng asawang NPA. (Kung hindi ninyo alam ang tunay na pagkatao ni Mam Leni ay dahil siya ay pusakal na sinungaling. Pero malapit nang mabunyag ang tunay niyang pagkatao. Viral na ngayon sa FB ang picture nila sa asawang NPA.)

      • Ay ang bobo naniwala sa Tsismis. Kahit anong gagawin nyo na paninira sa bagong VP, Hindi kayo magwawagi dahil kakampi ng kabutihan si VPLeni.

      • Hahaha saan ninyo nakuha ang balitang yaan? Grabe talaga ang pait nang nararamdaman ng natalo kahit san damakmak na kasinungalungan ay gagawin sumama lang sa paningin ng mga tao si mam Leni. Dito sa Naga wala kaming alam dyan dahil kathang isip lang ng mga natalo kasama ni bbm. Ampalaya pa nga!

      • Hahaha saan ninyo nakuha ang balitang yaan? Grabe talaga ang pait nang nararamdaman ng natalo kahit san damakmak na kasinungalingan ay gagawin sumama lang sa paningin ng mga tao si mam Leni. Dito sa Naga wala kaming alam dyan dahil kathang isip lang ng mga natalo kasama ni bbm. Ampalaya pa nga!

      • Haaaay mga taong ito hindi magsasaka sa pambibintang. Saan ang patunay mo? Mahihilig kasi kayo sa Tsismis.

    6. She’s a fraud from Congress and as your VP and should be put to jail. BBM won!

    7. It came down to these magic words

      Aquino, Comelec, Smartmatic

    8. Her being pro-poor is a farce. She was happy when Pnoy vetoed the increase in the SSS pension by P2K. She won because of Smartmatic and expenditure of government funds in the campaign.

      • Let this be clear , Leni was against the veto because millions of seniors will be affected and she clearly stated that this is bad for the coming election. That is why Mar was beaten badly by Duterte. There were 2.1 million seniors that did not vote for Mar plus millions of senior citizen dpendents. So Liberals , why that decision alone, you lost the election.