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    “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.” – Proverbs 3:27

    It’s the season of Lent and no other country celebrates its entirety the way the Philippines does. Without a doubt, Filipinos are dedicated to their faith and their beliefs and they are often unafraid to show it. Wherever you look, there are photos and posts that speak about their faith and it is even heightened during this holy season.

    Having been raised in a Christian home has taught me to be vocal about my faith. My Sundays were usually spent in Sunday school learning about Jesus’ love for the world and what makes a good Christian. I knew all about the ropes and was often deemed as the “good girl” by peers and colleagues because of the many list of do’s and dont’s I kept in my pocket, ready to be pulled out anytime. But as you may know, life is never clearly black and white and nor is my faith. I used to think that faith was easy but if it was, it would have been called something else.

    You see, faith is great if the waters are calm and our situations are steady but once the current climbs and you’re left in the dark, that is when one’s faith is tested. In reality, God never truly leaves us, no matter if we’re in the pit or basking under the sunshine but it is our own thinking that entraps us into believing that we lack faith or we need to obtain it.

    To continue to believe what we believe despite life’s challenges takes a power that is greater than our own.
    Human nature dictates for us to give up instantly or be jaded when life gets tough but God teaches us to trust Him, hold on to Him, and believe that no matter what happens, it all works out for good. To believe that in the midst of one’s storm is a blessing in of itself, it’s a miracle to still see the good, no matter what.

    This brings me to another altruistic thought, what makes a good Christian? I know a lot of people who constantly speak of being in Christ and believing in Him and yet act differently from what they speak. I used to be one of those Christians, believing that when I speak it, I instantly become it. I have come across a lot of people who have preached one thing but acted the opposite way.

    Not that I expect people to be molded perfectly since we all fall short, however, to constantly study something but not fully understand it in your heart enough to help another is hypocritical. Because most of the time, the world doesn’t need another set of words but someone to actually help. We often ask God why certain things keep happening in the world, we spend our days blaming him with how the world has fallen short but have we ever took a moment to think if we’ve done our part?

    Sometimes, all the world needs is a little lending hand, not someone who sits hypocritically on their high horse preaching radically but not doing anything. It’s time for us to do because it has been said in the Bible that while we could never work for our salvation, what our salvation has done for us should be reflected in how our heart and especially in how we treat others.

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