Leonen blocks move to acquit GMA of plunder


SUPREME Court (SC) Associate Justice Mario Victor Leonen has blocked the move to acquit former President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of plunder charges.

According to unimpeachable sources of The Manila Times in the High Court, Leonen has circulated his dissenting opinion to Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno and the 13 other SC associate justices.

This is in connection with the charge against Arroyo for her alleged embezzlement of P366 million in intelligence funds of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office from 2008 to 2010.

Leonen is said to have objected to the draft ponencia (decision) of Associate Justice Lucas Bersamin that seeks to grant the petition for certiorari of Arroyo in her demurrer to evidence, a motion to dismiss because of lack of evidence, which was rejected by the Sandiganbayan anti-graft court last year.

The Manila Times on Monday reported that most SC justices were inclined to dismiss the plunder rap because prosecutors presented a weak case against the former president.

The draft of Leonen stated that the Sandiganbayan First Division “committed no grave abuse of discretion in issuing the assailed April 6, 2015 and September 10, 2015 resolutions,” the SC source said.

The junior justice of the SC also opined that it would be better for his colleagues not to exercise the court’s “awesome powers” at this time.

Leonen believes, the source said, that prudence dictates that the SC should defer to the wisdom of the Sandiganbayan justices who had ruled against Arroyo.

The SC source, however, believes that an overwhelming majority of the justices will join the “well-crafted” ponencia of Bersamin for the acquittal of Arroyo.

The victory of the Bersamin ponencia will pave the way for the freedom of Arroyo from detention at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City.

The Bersamin draft stated that the Sandiganbayan “acted capriciously,” “gravely abusing its discretion amounting to lack or excess of jurisdiction.”

The source said the Bersamin draft ponencia recommended to “grant” the petition for certiorari of Arroyo for demurrer to evidence and “annuls and set[s]aside” the resolution issued by the Sandiganbayan under Criminal Case No. SB-12-CRM-0174 on April 6, 2015 and by the Special First Division of the Sandiganbayan on September 10, 2015.


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  1. there is no other valid reason by leonen for doing so, other than being an aquino lapdog.

  2. Noli Sarmiento on

    He should put him (LIONen) in jail together with exPresident ABNOY, remember he was the one also who gave dissenting opinion against Senator Enrile when the supreme court allows Sen Enrile to post bail regarding plunder case.

  3. I am sorry not to have any kind word for this Aquino running dog.first,he was one of the authors of the BBL and now this.

  4. Hadji Numoto on

    Only the executive department was replaced after the election. The legislative body was basically stuffed with the same composite of corrupt officials. The judicial body is intact. Expect SC decisions to follow the same ‘line of seasoning’. Masarap kumain ng Lutong Macau.

  5. Ignacio Balbutin on

    This Leonen is acting without any basis of the law which is a pity for Supreme court judge. He should be taken out for its a shame to have him in the Supreme court. That case against GMA never have a solid basis or even an iota of evidence so what is he crying about. I think he is a remnant of the yellow cult. He is just trying to be famous, the only one who is against the majority. Well, he is now famous, famous for being a clown

  6. Abel Labarda on

    Leonen is a member of the student council of BS Aquino, an intellectual arrogant like Deles who tried to sell a part of Mindanao to MNLF and Malaysia via BBL at the behest of BS Aquino. Abnoys appointees at SC are still on the attack mode to destroy his pet enemies. Soon they will be on the defense mode just like De Lima to cover their treasonous crimes. Buhay pa naman kayo, di ba?.

  7. Why do we always see and appreciate a SC justice opinion in the political light. If the opinion is well grounded and is submitted for the entire court to appreciate, why can we not wait till the all justices have read both opinions and have given their own independent and mature thinking on the issue at hand? Why will we even think that Bersamin too is just returning a favor to Arroyo. We are all that stupid and political lunatics, that we deserve what we get – lunatic president, lunatic justices, and lunatic commentators as well. We might as well just all go to hell!

  8. Typical of Leonen, Aquinos Cur. Remember? He stuffed up the BBL and went all the way for Poe, what ever Abnoy wants he does. He is not an independent magistrate, he is bought and paid for by Aquino, senior Judges should ostracize him. A die hard yellow turd.

  9. Leonen has proven himself as Aquino’s lapdog in the SC. He should be impeached too together with the other Justices who ruled in favor or Grace Poe. IT’S TIME TO CLEAN UP THE COURTS STARTING WITH THE SUPREME COURT.

    • this justice bersamin is a known incompetent and corrupt fustice ,and it was arroyo who put him in the sc.

    • i agree with you that the cleansing of the judiciary should start with the purging of partisan justices. these justices should be above politics and should not be beholden to those who appointed them. so far leonen and sereno and the other appointees of benito boy sisi, I THINK, are showing their loyalty to the one who appointed them, benito boy sisi.

    • impeach all the aquino appointed justices to restore the integrity and name of the high court. Those who sit there as justices should not be beholden to anyone except the constitution.

  10. well…..an Abnoy sidekick in the SC is wreacking havoc in the High Court…what a shame for the junior justice with SERENO in tandem going all for Abnoys acquittal when cases are elevated to the SC.

  11. I believe Justice Leonen is morally and legally right on his action of blocking the decision of Justice Bersamin to grant the petition of Arroyo for Certiorari of the case against her. Just remeber the “Hello Garci” incident that clearly show that Arroyo committed a serious crime against the Filipino People is sufficient and convincing proof that she was a dishonest and corrupt leader of our country.

    • PCSO case to hindi hello garci kung gusto mghabla ka sa hello garci. Mahina ang evidence according sa mga lawyers kahit ung ayaw kay Gma, sisihin mo ung gobyerno ni panot kahit weak ung evidence nilang binigay korte.

    • I agree.

      much more, I started to like Justice Leonen, on his stands on critical issues. kudos to Justice Marvic Leonen.

    • Her case in the Sandiganbayan is not “Hello Garci” it’s the 366million embezzlement of intelligence fund of PCSO. The PCSO case is weak and you want her continously detained because of Hello Garci case? Very funny.

    • comprehension please. San sa article pinagusapan yung hello garci? ibang kaso pinaguusapan dito. read read

    • nasaan ang ebidensya ng corruption,sinabi ni pres.duterte na mahina ang ebidensya laban kay pgma,ang malakas ang ebidensya ay ang pagnanakaw ni noynoy,abad at ng dilawan

    • Ignacio Balbutin on

      hahaha there u are again yellow cult, what’s with the hello Garci, have u tried to listen to the whole conversation? you are funny

    • The Hello Garci case is not at issue here, don’t confuse that with the case at bar.

    • ibang kaso yung sinasabi mo mr jun marcelino. misuse of pcso intelligence fund ang kaso hindi yung pagsisinungaling daw ni arroyo sa hello garci scandal na sinasabi mong proof na nandaya sya nung eleksyon.

  12. Appointed by Aquino in 2012

    Associate Justice Leonen also voted to allow Grace Poe to run for president even tho she is a foundling (adopted) and a American citizen until 2012.

    • do not forget that leonen was benito boy sisi’s chief architect of the BBL. he was, i think, placed in the sc together with serena by benito boy sisi to see to it that the BBL will not be declared unconstitutional so as not to suffer the same fate of the MOA-AD of arroyo.

  13. Justice Leonen is merely showing his true colors. He could best serve as a junior justice of the Supreme Court by all alligning himself with the majority, not trying to remain attached to a discredited and hated immediate past Predident.