Lessons on leadership from Charo Santos-Concio


“No matter who you are or where you come from, you all have our own story. It’s important that you tell and own your story because that’s how you find your sense of purpose.

“Take your chance. Every leadership journey begins with fear, which you are invited to match with simple curiosity. If courage is hard to find, then just take a small first step.

“A clear sense of purpose is what draws out the leader within you, and your heart is the best tool to find out what your true purpose and passion is.

“Leaders must be lifetime learners.

“The ability to see possibilities where others only see difficulties is a very powerful leadership skill. It is this ability that separates the visionaries from mere followers. It takes a high degree of self-mastery not to give in to your anxiety when everyone else around us offers only doubts.

“When you find yourself suddenly restless and beginning to look for something more meaningful, it could be that life is preparing a new path for you. Keep your eyes and ears open for possibilities that may change the course of your life.”

Excerpts from My Journey: The Story of an Unexpected Leader


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