Let ‘The Last Jedi’ discussion begin


Karen Kunawicz

Warning: This column contains “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” spoilers—which can also be found on the Internet. I have avoided going into detail about them. Read no further if you have not seen the film and want to discover things for yourself.

WHEN it comes to arguments over the holiday season, religion seems an old hat. For anything heated, there is that old staple: politics and there’s pop culture. Believe me, I’ve witnessed many intense discussions over the DC movies.

With last week’s release of the much-awaited “The Last Jedi,” the discussion has certainly turned to Star Wars and with people taking their Star Wars fandom seriously—I wouldn’t be surprised if some arguments got out of hand.

Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) has some of the best scenes in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

On the movie site Rotten Tomatoes, critics have given it an outstanding 93 percent score, while audiences have only given it a 56 percent. Here’s an incomplete list of what people have been arguing about:

1. Rey was nobody. For so long, people were speculating—is she a secret Skywalker? A Kenobi? They even introduced this bizarre idea of a “force birth.” Some people were let down that her parents were not of any special lineage. I kind of liked that they got rid of that trope for Rey.

2. Snoke wasn’t so supreme after all. For all the build up about Snoke (and his possible secret identity) his perception, persuasion and power really failed him when he needed it. I think people weren’t expecting the departure of Snoke so early though. Which is probably part of the impact of the Throne Room scene.

3. Canto Bight was supposed to be an elaborate set with all sorts of fantastic beasts but it didn’t meet everyone’s expectations. I was expecting a high end MosEisley.

4. Phasma—alas, she was also built up as a formidable Stormtrooper Captain but ended up being a joke. Speaking of jokes, they also made the commanding Hux, who addressed First Order troops like something reminiscent of the Third Reich, a buffoon.

5. People had very mixed feelings about the scenes between Finn and Rose. Some people loved Rose, others wondered how necessary she was as a character.

6. The flying Princess Leia (yes, Yondu, you are not the only one with a Mary Poppins moment this year) also drew mixed reactions.

7. Not everyone was willing to let go of Luke Skywalker so early.

I certainly have to watch “The Last Jedi” again to sort out my impressions. I felt while it made some brave choices, it threw in way too many deus ex machina plot / subplot devices.

We all might differ in opinions but let’s keep our Star Wars discussions friendly, intelligent and enlightening. It’s what Obi Wan would want.


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