• Let no criminal group control 2016 elections


    WE appeal to patriots who have a part in the operation of the most powerful multi-media corporations and organizations — ABS-CBN, GMA, the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Manila Bulletin and the Philippine Star — to help save our electoral democracy and our Republic itself.

    We beg you, colleagues in media, to tell our people of the serious crimes that have been committed against them and our Republic by the Commission on Elections and Smartmatic.

    Smartmatic illegally ran the 2010 and 2013 elections using the PCOS machines, and deliberately violated specific provisions of our country’s election laws, including the requirements for automated elections to be secured from fraud and errors by safeguards (some of these specified in the law).

    Dear and respected colleagues in the larger and more powerful print and radio-TV media organizations, please have mercy on our nation–write about the anomalies in the way the 2010 and 2013 elections were conducted. Help us in exposing how a great many precinct-count results were not transmitted to the canvassing and consolidation centers. Narrate how counting and tabulation of results were stopped before about 25 percent of the results were received and Comelec proclaimed the front-runners as winners, when the results could have changed if no votes were excluded.

    We make this appeal to our media colleagues because their voices are needed to make the people hear and respond to the call to rise in revolt against the way the Comelec is going about its preparations for the 2016 elections.

    Comelec’s preparations very ominously look like 2016 will be a repeat of 2010 and 2013.

    We had hoped — and prayed hard — that under new Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista the poll commission would undo the anomalous and criminal set-up organized with Smartmatic by his predecessors. Now it seems that instead of Smartmatic being banned forever from involvement in our election, this criminal group is still very much in.

    The Comelec allowed it to participate in and has won the bidding for the P7.857 billion contract to lease 70,977 precinct-based optical mark reader (OMR) machines for use in the 2016 elections.

    The Comelec under Chairman Bautista ignored the call of experts, civil society organizations of IT experts, social scientists and academics (including Automated Elections Watch-or AES Watch), and of former Comelec Commissioner Gus Lagman.

    These respected persons and institutions have shown, in presentations to committees of both houses of Congress, how flawed, noncompliant with and contemptuous of the laws Smartmatic, abetted by Comelec, has been.

    Suits have been filed on behalf of the Filipino people against Smartmatic. More suits are being filed today. No less than bishops and archbishops of the Roman Catholic, as well as Protestant church leaders, elders and pastors, have condemned Smartmatic, its infractions and violations of the law, and its PCOS machines method.

    But Chairman Bautista has chosen to ignore these righteous, moral and proper complains. He probably decided to do so, and ignore the stirrings of a patriotic conscience, because it seems that the majority of Filipinos do not care much if their right of suffrage, their right to a credible and transparent election, are trampled upon.

    Fellow Filipinos, let us not allow our right to vote to be silently, criminally obliterated by Smartmatic as it did in 2010 and 2013.

    Rise against Comelec!


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    1. Comelec officials has totally lost their integrity, dignity and morality. The 2016 election credibility is at risk and jeopardy. The people must rise and act to cleanse the Comelec of the unrighteous and criminals that were out to cheat and defraud the nation of their aspiration to have an honest leader like VP Binay.

    2. It is high time to call on our patriotic and nationalist fellow Filipinos to a daily street protest and demonstration against the corrupt puppet Comelec and Smartmatic and their Liberal Party master.

    3. Ricky Xavier on

      Can these ” Commission-ers” be impeached? If there is evidence that they have been favoring Smartmatic despite the information that has been presented to them, then this maybe a basis for impeachment.

    4. para kayong nakikipagusap sa isang nympho maniac na huwag nang makipagsex magpakailanman..
      do you really think that these people will give up their hold on power? by all means they won’t! this ph democrazy, for long, is being held hostage since they took power through that bogus edsa 1.
      anyone who will attempt to change status quo will be destroyed..you cited all the tools above..
      include sws and pulse asia in the list above..

    5. You call on the biggest print and broadcast media in our country; yes, they have a big influence, control and can condition the mind of the masses. Most of our reporters and broadcasters are just mere employees and they have to ask permission from their boss about their opinion and what to report to the people. How can they report the anomalies and irregularities when those who do it are either friends or relatives of their boss or worst their boss own the company and they have vested interest. Few have the guts. So, how can we resolve PCOS, Comelec and other illness of the system of this country?
      How to resolve this maybe great minds like you and some good writers, media owners who abide by the truth and fair play can unite to fight the crooked ways of those we think side with the evils of politics.
      Yes, we should call on the biggest print and broadcast media and call also on the small ones, call on the young people writing blogs and expert in social media to make a grand call on the media people and owners. Let’s challenge ABS CBN, GMA7, ABC 5, GNN, Daily Inquirer, Phil Star, Manila Bulletin etc. to report the truth “THE TRUTH”. Now is the time. Question is will these big print and broadcast media respond to our call?

      Yes, we should call on the biggest print and broadcast media and call also on the small ones, call on the young people writing blogs and expert in social media to make a grand call on the media people and owners. Let’s challenge ABS CBN, GMA7, ABC 5, GNN, Daily Inquirer, Phil Star, Manila Bulletin etc. to report the truth “THE TRUTH”. Now is the time. Question is will these big print and broadcast media respond to this call?

    6. The first group to be guilty of the charge of being a criminal group, is none other than our very own government, where all sorts of criminals reside, and of course their controlling partners in the private sector, which comprises the moneyed oligarchs.

      So, how do we ensure a honest election, since most of the major media outlets are owned or controlled of the same old oligarchs? Probably, we can get CNN and Al Jazeera involved, and get their investigative reporters dig up some dirt on Smartmatic, and publish the news locally and internationally.

    7. Braincleaner on

      Owned by the local elite and controlled by foreigners, mercenary Tri-media in this country is one of the main problem of Philippine society and democracy. It will never be the solution.

    8. Who are the master-mind or movers of this illegal election activities? In 2010 and 2013′, the Presidential candidates who lost in 2010 elections should have been vocal and exposed this electoral anomalies (Hokus-pokus ) by COMELEC and Smarmatic executives who allegedly manipulated the electoral results by not counting the machine results after the 25%? votes were in and Comelec merely proclaimed those included in the top 25%? votes! How true this is as alleged by Manila Times, especially Tatad and the Catholic-Bishop Council, is questionable even mathematically or was not factually proven. If this is the case, Aquino who got 15million votes, Estrada -8 million, Villar -5 million votes., Teodoro and Gordon of 2 million each, would total votes of 27 million votes. Based on it, there was 13 million disenfranchised votes. Around 65% of the total 40 million registered voters had been counted which looks fairly correct ad regular percentage of electoral votes participation. So I am not personally convinced of electoral manipulations and conspiracies by COMELEC and Smatmatic!
      What the media must do is to do public service of encouraging people or put up groups of patriotic songs to monitor the counts in random-chosen precincts all-over the country, if forwarded to and consolidated by COMELEC centers in Manila!

    9. Angel De Leon on

      In fairness to Chair Andy Bautista, he and Com. Guia voted against granting Smartmatic its MR and awarding the lease/purchase of 23K PCOS to Smartmatic. Com. Guanzon abstained.

      It is Com. Christian Lim, the protege of Brillantes, who is pushing diligently to award Smartmatic all the possible contracts the Commission can offer. He (together with Coms. Pareño, Lim, Abbas) voted to grant Smartmatic its MR despite the fact that it was not able to submit a valid Articles of Incorporation.

      These 4 Coms will always side with Smartmatic and it will always be the majority.

    10. Yes , we must fight for the right of every individual to be counted on election day !
      The vote of the people must be upheld and not be controlled and manipulated by the machines.
      The Media / Educational Institutions/Church and other Independent organization is responsible to expose and assist in every way possible to the ends of every province in making sure that every vote has been accounted for .
      Let us be the Change that this country needs!

    11. Are ABS-CBN, GMA, Philstar, Manila Bulletin and Philippine Daily Inquirer “administration, political party or vested interest-controlled or bribed media outfits”? Neither am I a viewer of these networks nor a reader of these broadsheets, thus my question.
      Why the call for their patriotic sense? To whom do they owe allegiance to? To the underworld?
      In reference to COMELEC, this too is a damaged agency, incapable of redeeming itself from the evils of 2010 (Melo) and 2013 (Brilliantes). Where are these two lowlifes now? Why are they allowed to live in peace with their loot. Even in the sunset of their life, they should not be allowed to rest. They must be put on the “hot seat” until the end of time for the unparalleled and irreversible harm that these two idiots inflicted on the republic (owned by People, not by another nimcompoop named Aquino and his Band of Thieves and Sly Characters).

    12. I agree that having a clean and transparent election in 2016 should be main objective of media’s reporting. The main media groups have the resources and the knowledge to report all irregularities and make the system become a true reflection of the votes cast.

    13. P.Akialamiro on

      Where have all the patriotic and brave men gone? The country’s democracy will be “bastardized” through a questionable free elections or voting system ststem. Help!

    14. Kapag ang boto ng bayan ay binaliwala ng hokos pokos machine, ay dapat na magkaroon ng himagsikan at patayin ang mga mandaraya. Unahin ang kanilang pamilya para maranas nila ang lupit ng mga taong bayan.

      • Julio Duhaylungsod on

        Oliveres, akoy sang ayon sa comments mo na magkaroon ng himagsikan kung sakali man maulit ang nangyari sa 2010 and 2013 election.