• Let people decide on Poe’s case – analyst


    REGARDLESS of the ruling of the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) and the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on the disqualification cases filed against Senator Grace Poe, it is the Supreme Court (SC) that will have the final say on the matter but it would be better if the high tribunal will allow a higher body—the Filipino people—to decide on the case, a respected political analyst said.

    Professor Ramon Casiple, executive director of Institute for Political and Electoral Reform (IPER), explained that it would be better if the SC will not intervene in the case and just let the people decide on whether Poe deserves the presidency.

    “It (disqualification case) is a political question and there is a higher body than the Supreme Court who will make the choice come election time, the sovereign people,” Casiple noted.

    Poe, who has been consistently leading the presidential preference surveys, is facing several disqualification cases at the SET and the Comelec for allegedly not a natural-born Filipino, a requirement for those seeking the presidency.

    According to Casiple, the tribunal will in effect be the one choosing for the people if it decided to disqualify Poe from the 2016 presidential race.

    “We should also consider what will be the response of the electorate in the event Poe is disqualified. It there are those who stormed the Department of Justice (DOJ) the SC could also experience the same,” the political analyst added.

    Asked about the effects of the disqualification cases to Poe’s ratings, Casiple said that he doesn’t see the petition having an effect on the perception of voters towards Poe. However, it could have an effect on the views of potential campaign contributors and financiers.

    He noted that financiers may be discouraged from supporting Poe’s campaign if those who filed the complaints will be able to show that there is a strong case against the senator.

    Casiple however said the National Statistics Office (NSO) has no issues on “foundlings” and they are considered natural-born Filipinos. He noted that a former NSO head told him that those registered as foundlings are automatically considered natural-born since there was no process done for them to become Filipino citizens.



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    1. If a problem is always be decided by the people, then, our constitution is no longer usable. This is the real kangaroo court so far. The supreme court is useless, our a congress will also be abolished. So, no more government, and turn the island into an amazon valley, were people can fuck anybody when the majority say so. What weird idea, ” let the people decides” its only applicable for electing people, not on a question of law. Casiple, go back to your manual.

    2. Two instances wherein Philippine Constitution has been revised & ratified by the populace & thus it invoked the voice of people & that was the voice of the people. It has been etched in our constitution what are the grounds for disqualifying applicants for president, vice president & senators of the Republic of the Philippines.

      But some people engaged in pushing for their self interest in preserving their ego/pride tried to twist interpretation of the law to save face & take advantage the vulnerability of the people’s “Awa Syndrome”.

      These opportunists are the “rats” of the republic. They belong to the gutter or the incinerators. They should not be given a chance to hold government office again. Strike them out in your list & should not be given a chance or an inch to take the coveted posts.

    3. Julia Villalon on

      Grace is obviously legal to run, she’s here since 2005. I really don’t understand why they keep bringing this “citizenship and residency” issue all the time! The discussion here is supposed to be what she can offer as our next President, the debates, the intentions, the platforms (which for sure, will put her on top of her contenders)

    4. I must agree with you on this Sir. We must follow the rule of law and I think it’s still the voice of the people that should decide whether or not she will be qualified for the Presidency. Hoping for an unbiased ruling from the Senate Electoral Tribunal.

      How can you both say “follow the rule of law” and still want “the people” decide if the Comelec — against the rule of law and the Constitution–allows Grace Poe an ineligi8ble person to run for president and allows her to remain in the Senate in mockery of our laws?

      • The Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, states the all government authorities emanates from the people. Hence, the decision on this matter should be decided by the Filipino people and not by the Supreme Court.

    5. Her being a foundling is not the issue anymore. We can consider that. But being lacking of the 10 year residency is the issue. She lacks the 10 year residency. My goodness! What is the use of our constitution if we do not follow. How about the others who were disqualified because of that law? Recall them? Kaya nga walang nangyayari sa atin bansa because of that principle. Lets follow the law please or else reinstate those who were disqualified because of that requirements.

      • She met all the criteria including the residency. She returned to the Philippines for good in 2005, regardless of her citizenship. Residency and citizenship are two different issue.