Let UN rapporteur probe deaths – Germany


A German human rights official has called on President Rodrigo Duterte to finally allow the visit of a United Nations special rapporteur to investigate extrajudicial executions in connection with the government’s “war on drugs” that had allegedly claimed nearly 8,000 lives.

Bärbel Kofler, federal government commissioner for human rights policy and humanitarian aid at the German Federal Foreign Office, was referring to Agnes Callamard, the UN special rapporteur, whose planned visit to the country has been hampered by conditions laid down by no less than Duterte, such as a one-on-one debate with him.

“I call on the Government of the Philippines to withdraw the conditions it has set and that to date have prevented Ms. Callamard from conducting a country visit,” she said.

A visit by Callamard could help clear the debate over whether the killings were state sponsored. Duterte has denied the allegations, saying the killings were perpetrated by vigilantes and rival drug syndicates.

Kofler warned Duterte that Philippine exports to European Union (EU) member-countries might be compromised if the killings do not stop and if he signs a bill re-imposing the death penalty.

“In this regard, I welcome the clear statement made by EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström in Manila.
She underscored that trade incentives are not to be taken for granted, but that the EU also ties these to the observance of human rights standards,” said Kofler.

Kofler also called on the courts to give jailed Sen. Leila de Lima, a leading Duterte critic, a speedy trial for the drug trafficking charges filed against her.

The German official said de Lima must be able to exercise her mandate as senator as she is not yet convicted.

Death penalty

Kofler said she was deeply worried by the passage of the death penalty bill in the House of Representatives, as the Philippines is a signatory to the Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

“The Philippines has been considered a close partner of those who, like the Federal Government, reject this inhumane punishment under all circumstances,” she said.

“This situation is highly regrettable, particularly in view of the close cooperation between Germany and the Philippines in the United Nations, for example in the fight against human trafficking, as well as on poverty reduction and international climate policy,” she added.

Phelim Kine, deputy Asia director of Human Rights Watch, urged Duterte not to revive the death penalty and to allow an independent human rights probe of the war on drugs.

He said the European Parliament and UN criticism of the Philippines reflected growing international frustration and dismay at the Duterte government’s “steamrolling of the rule of law” in pursuit of its war on drugs.

“New Human Rights Watch research found that Philippines police have repeatedly carried out extrajudicial killings of drug suspects, and then falsely claimed self-defense. Masked gunmen taking part in killings appeared to be working closely with the police, casting doubt on government claims that most killings have been committed by vigilantes or rival drug gangs,” Kine said in a separate statement.


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  1. dio san pedro on

    The United States of American no longer recognize the UN HRW so why would any other countries continue to do so. German Chancellor Angela Merkel get no respect from US President Donald Trump because of her bogus policies. Even though the Philippines has nothing to hide, DO NOT allow the UN, any other organization, Country to come into the Philippines and investigate. The result of any foreign led investigation will always be against the Philippines.

  2. as long as it is a human rights advocate whether local or foreign politicians or NGO’s it will be bias against the drugwar ignore this idiots they cant meddle in our country

  3. UN rapporteur can’t just make reports without subjecting it to scrutiny of Philippine Officials, the would be report may contain unfounded and unjustified details. That’s why one of the conditions laid out by President Duterte is a public debate. UN rapporteur is afraid that she may not properly defend her report in front of international community.

    When Angela Merkel finally admitted the failure of multi-cultural concept, a concept in the name of human rights which paved the way for thousands of unwanted immigrants into Germany, that raped their children, kill their citizens and imposed a “no go” policy against Germans on territories these illegal migrants held, have the Germans learned? So do not lecture the Philippines about human rights.

  4. Prelim Kine, you POS. Shut your mouth. Who can trust a guy promoting legalization of drugs. All EU and Germany, and this POS can do are talks. Without US gov’t backing, all they can do are talks.

    So it is best to ignore these since your local PNP is already cleaning up the errant police. All these barking now are useless. But I am going to say, it takes death of a foreign for your government to start cleaning up the errant police, that is also an issues. But since it has been address and investigation is going on regarding all those death, I don’t really understand why UN still need to come.

    Why don’t they go to China first, cause they are afraid, China is bigger. All they can “bully” are smaller countries. How about those wars that the western countries are involved, who will hold them accountable?

    And Saudi Arabia, you don’t hear these bodies complaining human rights over there.
    They even put Saudi as head of UN Human Rights once.

    How about those 10000 Haitians who died because of UN bringing in cholera to Haiti and then claiming immunity from damage. POS, no wonder Trump is cutting funding to UN.

    They are all talks as if they are beacon of justice, when in facts they have selective justice.

  5. Germany is not even on the top three major contributor to UN, they are not even paying their fair share in NATO, then those thousand of women that get assaulted.
    Their they are having these local attacks because they let million of unveiled migrants in.

    Germany election is getting nearer so they have to do something that will make them looks good. How about letting UN inside Germany to prove those sexual assault, are they give justice?

    Ignore Germany and impeach Trillanes, that plain face with low IQ is wasting taxpayer money. Someone can take his place and be more productive.

  6. Germany has no right to come and meddle in Philippines internal affair. Speaking of human rights, when females were getting rape by the migrants in thousand, what did they do about those migrants? Did they events give justice to these rape victims.

    Prelim Kine, the POS who is promoting legalization of drugs.

    You guys open a worm of crime when your politicians started going into these foreign bodies. You would be thinking a country wants to govern itself, but no, you have these SELF SERVING people going to these foreign bodies.

    Deaths perpetuated by people in power had been going on since once can remember in the Philippines, but suddenly now they start going to HRW, EU, and UN because you suddenly have a president fighting drugs. Seems suspicious why all these people are going to these bodies.

    Prelim Kine, US has death penalty. What the crap acting as if death penalty is something new. Even the most liberal states have death penalty.

    HRW is sustain by donations, so therefore they can be influence by these rich donors.

    And Phelim Kine has an article promoting legalization of drugs. I couldn’t go far in that article without thinking is this guy on drugs ? He is a POS if he promoting legalization of drugs. How many deaths are there everyday from drug overdose in the US, and then he wants to legalized it.

    He should be director of Human Death not Human Right Watch, cause death is the end result of drug use if its escalate, aside from the facts that is bring misery to the people close to these drugs users one these user behavior start changing due to drugs use. How many famous personalities died because of drug overdose. So don’t me this poor excuse of a human being does not know the consequence of drug use.