‘Let us begin healing now’

 Philippines Presidential frontrunner and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte gestures as he is interviewed by reporters at a hotel in Davao City. AFP Photo

Philippines Presidential frontrunner and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte gestures as he is interviewed by reporters at a hotel in Davao City. AFP Photo

Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is leading the initial tally of votes, on Monday reached out to his rivals in the presidential race.

“I would like to reach out to my opponents. Let us begin the healing now,” Duterte said.
“Let us begin the healing of the land…. Let us be friends. Forget the travails of the elections,” he added.

Duterte admitted that the campaign period had been “quite virulent” with all the black propaganda and accusations thrown by the candidates against each other.

The tough-talking mayor said his peaceful offer was for everybody, including Sen. Antonio Trillanes 4th, who accused him of having hidden wealth and filed a compliant for plunder against the mayor.

“If you don’t accept the goodwill, fine, then I will take it,” Duterte added.

He said he remains “hopeful” in winning the presidency but says he has to wait for the official result.

“I don’t want to be presumptuous… I ain’t there until I am there,” Duterte added, noting that since running for public office, he has never tasted defeat.

“This will be my 11th elections in my life, I never experienced defeat. Maybe this time, if it’s God’s will. But If I win, I’ll do my job,” he said.


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  1. George F Guillermo on

    Congratulations to Mayor Duterte! We see in you the real & genuine change that our country badly needs. A magnanimous and healing Presidency is basic of uniting the country which has been long divided since the EDSA People Power. We really need a Unifying & Healing President. Just like what I commented on May 7, 2013- re a column in Manila Times entitled: ” Threat of uprising under Duterte-Real”), as follows:

    “Mayor Duterte is the best hope of the country among the candidates as he do and practice what he preach/says. The nation should be grateful as He is the best solution to the problem of peace & order, insurgency & criminality as well as widespread poverty. He is also a unifying leader, a compassionate government servant of the NPA, Muslim rebels and other armed groups. He has been successful in orchestrating a friendly environment and a sustainable development effort where all sectors of society in Davao work together sustainably in “peace”- Though, in any endeavor there is always risk, but a Duterte Presidency, the benefits and/or advantages are very much higher and encouraging which make the risks, if there are any, negligible.”

    Mayor Duterte is a passionate leader-Servant (a down-to-earth public servant), who willingly give his honor, his life, even his position at stake (in the name of the Lord Almighty) in sincerely fulfilling his mandate -particularly the expectations and aspirations of the people, which makes him (Mayor Duterte) distinct and different from the other candidates/leaders. As he always say, being a President is a destiny ordained by the Lord Almighty, thus he acknowledged the awesome power of GOD & owed everything to the Lord of what he is now. In this situation, Mayor Duterte has both to serve GOD & the people (country), which he sincerely affirmed/indicated it when he said: “I only bow myself to GOD & COUNTRY”. With this context, we earnestly hope a better and progressive Philippines with GOD fearing, disciplined, united & law abiding citizenry under a Duterte Presidency.

  2. Yes, Mr. President Duterte. Congratulations.. We want you to put in Jail the most and corrupt president of this country and their allies who stole billion of money from our national coffers..God Bless Philippines

  3. Heal the nation by going after the thieves who have been looting the country the past 6 years.

    Start by replacing the Ombudsman and the head of the Dept of Justice.
    Purge the country of the Pork barrel thieves, the DAP Fund thieves, the Dynasties who have looted the country, the senators who took bribes to impeach Chief Justice Corona, the corrupt Supreme Court who ignored the constitution to allow Poe to run for president, Get rid of the dynasties and enact the Freedom of Information law. Jail the corrupt and incompetent Aquino appointee’s (even those that just got elected to the senate) and most of all Justice for the SAF 44.

    The People elected Duterte to right the wrong done to the country by the Liberal Party and the dynasties they work for.

  4. alexis agustin on

    Congratulations President Rodrigo Duterte. We, Davaoeños, are very proud of you. We will help you in building our nation a home of worth living for. We pray that your vision will anchor to God’s will. In Davao, life is here. Tomorrow, Smile Philippines!

  5. Rizalito David on

    Days from now post election analysis will fly right and left at 5 cents apiece. Whys and hows of who won and who lost. But there are some glaring things that came to the fore, more essential than names and things that are now casualties of the electoral show.

    Respect, decency, morality and plain sensible citizenship are dead! Behavioral relativism and amorality now define the Filipino character. Our humanity in its entirety is now being redefined and our faith is about to leave our conscious selves. Anything less than going through spiritual renewal, moral regeneration and cultural transformation will ever repair our damaged collective soul.

    Given all these, healing and reconciliation will not be easy. Duterte should realize this and act accordingly. God Bless our nation.

  6. Juan T. Delacruz on

    Sen. Trillanes ego is bigger than the Senate Building and he is an egoistical maniac, at wala naman sinasabi, intellectually. He should have sponsored or authored enough legislations in proportions to the money he is receiving. However, he spent a lot of money for his informants trying to expose corrupt government officials but the way he is doing his business are illegal and most of the time, is no longer in aid of legislation.
    Binay filed a lawsuit on him and Trillanes is free on bail. The bottom line: Naisahan siya ni Duterte, and just made a fool of himself. Trillanes promised to resign in the Senate if found to be wrong, and he should turn-in his resignation when the Senate session begins.

    • Sabi na walang sisihan at insultohan tapos na ang halalan. Makinig kayo kay Duterte.

  7. reconciliation is the best thing to do in a very polarized country, but leaving the corrupt government official walk free as if nothing happen is another story and not acceptable…

    • @ Rey Nhatz the election and triumph of Rody Duterte was the answers to the Filipino People clamor for change. In the period of four decades 44 years since Marcos Sr. trash the bright future of the country by the abused of power and plundering the country’s wealth for his personal family gains brought the country into a corner that left the people no choice but to stand firm and face death or live. It was a worst time in the history of the whole country to fight back against a well armed army with tanks, howitzer canons marching at EDSA ready to crush and kills Filipinos, young’s, old’s, women’s, Nuns and bystander, posing their bodies as shields to stop the military massacre. Peoples who’s arms were their bare arms, spirits, prayers and rosary and willingness to die so the whole world will pity and come to their rescue. At these times, the oppressed people life has no value. It reached the heart of divine intervention something like that during the Moses/Egypt time when the Hebrew people were enslave by the Pharaoh for centuries. Marcos power stand hopeless and finally was driven out of the country by people power organized by Cardinal Sin. bloodshed was stopped through the involvement of US President Ronald Reagan. After the marshal law and Marcos reign of power succeeding corrupt politicians come to power and copycat Marcos plundering wealth scheme, corruption, drugs, crimes and miss management of government lead the Philippine life into chaos, poverty and messires. The people are hungry of change. If Rody Duterte could deliver this change in the Filipino’s life his name will go down in history as one of the Great. So Rody take this one chance opportunity to stand valiantly beside Jose Rizal.

  8. Roldan Guerrero on

    If Duterte wins, we must accept it. It will however be a tragic lesson for and OVER AMBITIOUS LIAR. Grace Poe …maybe PWE… will now reap the fruits of her LIES. Just like CRIME… LIES DOES NOT PAY! To Mar Roxas, sorry man your BOSS IS SO BAD that he ruined your political life. Binay is so unfortunate that after all the demolition job against him worked. Let us just hope that DUTERTE is not a REAL BERDUGO as they had described him. However, if he does, he should apply it by punishing the REAL CRIMINALS of the COUNTRY which is AQUINO and his YELLOW ARMY who did not only divided the country but the BIGGEST LOOTER of this country`s resources. LET IT BE that Aquino and Company will be made to answer for their CRIMES….