Let’s all go for a national ID System


I think it is very urgent for the government to implement the National Identification System. Everyday, we hear of illegal activities of persons or groups, such as David Tan who is in high-profile rice smuggling, and making the government lose millions or billions of pesos. If there were a national ID people like Mr. Tan could easily be traced and apprehended easily and quickly.

In the case of supertyphoon Yolanda, those victims who are still missing could also be easily identified if they had their IDs. As of now, many of the victims remain unaccounted for, with their families uncertain of the fate of their relatives. It is so hard for the government and the rescuers as the search goes on. They have to start from scratch.

Those who oppose the ID system are those who have something to hide, probably because they are engaged in the illegal trade and activities. Legitimate, law-abiding citizens like me are 100 percent in support of the ID system. Having a national ID is something to be proud of. Business-transactions would be easy and hassle-free.

Dana Endaya
Maybunga, Pasig City


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  1. felix servidad on

    Bring that matter to the congress, and they’ll reject it, because they are afraid to be trace easily, they will say. National ID
    is good only to those abiding citizen not for the politicians and the rich. Our country is unique, we are run by corrupt politicians and by the rich. so stop dreaming for national ID.

  2. Rosauro Feliciano on

    National ID does not degrade us at all. On the contrary, it makes our transaction in either public or private easy because it is a means of telling everybody who we are, unless we want to be with the underground organization. In all the host countries I work for since 1974 the national ID has been a must.

  3. Augusto Cuyugan on

    I live in Canada,and we have all kinds of ID,here.We have OHIP(Health Care ID with pictures).We have citizenship ID Most of the people from 16 and up have driver’s licence ID.It is the same rules with the USA.If you want to cross the border either one of this country,besides your passport,sometime they ask some ID’s too.
    When you apply for the mortgage or credit cards,they would ask for ID’s..Every developed country have ID’s system in place.I wonder why in our country has a problem to accept it.The ID is only a proof that you belong to a certain country.
    Just like when you enrolled to any school,they will issue you one,as a proof that you belong to the population of that school.
    We can only gain by using ID’s system in our country.

  4. I am very in favour of national ID system, I work in Malaysia, Kenya and India, this countries have their own national ID.I don’t know why our country keep delaying this type of system. Idiot Gov’t.

  5. Abu Khaleb Ahaaz on

    ‘m living in one of the middle east state and we did had national ID card(all people), its size & look is just same as an ATM card, it holds some important personal details such as citizen’s ID number, retina, palm & fingerprints, pictures, nationality, work class, sponsors( for foreigners), the government security seals, date to be renewed, its machine readable and can be verified in the internet by logging in on one of the governments web site, we’re using it and depending on it in almost all transactions and its very good.
    If the Philippine government wants to be at par with global standard, this is a good start, its benefits is so enormous than its disadvantages, aside from that the government can earn sum amount out of it.

  6. Daniel B. Laurente on

    ID system is good for everyone. It can be use in all Government transactions and Banking System.likewise all Sim Cards should be registered to help find the location of the users. The IDs should be in database for all Government Agencies like NBI, National Police. Easy for Police Agencies to locate and apprehend criminals.

  7. Stanley Farmer on

    Every one starting with all government officials and especially the Media should give DNA samples, fingerprints and Retina scans. They should all have their phones and homes bugged and that information stored in a data base for future needs if they arise. Cameras should be on every corner and in your home and office. There should be no personal privacy because it is not in the best interest of the total community. The constitution should be abolished and government officials should be able to make new laws and rules every year based on what they deem is best for the community. The united Nations should have the only army in the world and China will appoint the generals and decree the terms for the rest of the world.
    Wake up; criminals will be criminals no matter what BIG BROTHER tactics you think would stop them! The only people this would harm is the Law abiding citizens you think would gladly submit to such Draconian Big Brother Orwellian tactics.

    • Criminals will be criminals with or without a Nat’l ID system, well I agree with you on that, but we have more to gain with an ID system in place. I have worked in a country with a Nat’l ID system for 5 yrs, it works no doubt. Just to get a SIM pack, you need to register it to your ID. To buy a plane or train ticket, you need to present your national ID. Nothing wrong and difficult with that I guess.

  8. Bueno c. Macatangay on

    As a businessman here in batangas city we really need national id asap as evidence the one you dealwithis the real one not the fake especially in financing business .