• Let’s call the Daesh Islamic extremists–and tell Trump to go to hell


    AMONG the tidal wave of disgust and outrage touched off by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s bigoted call to bar all Muslims from entering the United States, the reaction of fellow candidate Lindsey Graham, a Republican Senator from South Carolina, stood out: Mocking Trump’s own campaign slogan, “Make America great again,” Graham fumed that Trump’s incendiary rhetoric had made him the “ISIL [Islamic State] Man of the Year,” and said, “And do you know how to make America great again? Tell Donald Trump to go to hell.”

    Former prime minister Tony Abbott of Australia provoked similar outrage in his own country with comments in an opinion piece for the Sydney Daily Telegraph, in which he argued that “the West should declare its superiority over Islam.” Current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, whose ouster of Abbott from the leadership of Australia’s Liberal Party was in large part made possible due to Abbott’s divisive character, explained the problem of hateful rhetoric in a sensible way: “The one thing we need to be very careful not to do, and I’m sure Tony agrees with this, what we must not do is play into the hands of our enemies and seek to tag all Muslims with responsibility for the crimes of a few.”

    Comments from the likes of Trump and Abbott get considerable support because they do, in fact, touch on some uncomfortable truths. Daesh, and other Islamic extremists such as al-Qaeda and Afghanistan’s Taliban that preceded them, are incontrovertibly Islamic–whether mainstream Muslims like it or not. There are no Jews or Christians or Hindus in Daesh. The group uses a vulgar, twisted interpretation of legitimate Islamic scripture and teachings to justify its actions.

    This calls for clarity in the use of terms–like calling the Daesh Islamic extremists and violent Islamic jihadists. For reasons he should be asked to explain, US President Barack Obama and his people do not want to do call Daesh the way it should be called. This unwillingness helps confuse non-Muslim Americans and other people.

    Non-Muslims can be easily confused in the absence of these distinctions, which is exactly what the extremists want. Confused reaction, expressed in disgusting terms by people like Donald Trump and Tony Abbott, leads to prejudice against all Muslims. And this will drive ordinary, peaceful Muslims into the arms of the Islamic extremists out of fear of the rest of us.

    This situation imposes on non-Muslims the obligation to be more thoughtful about the provocative statements of our would-be leaders. For Muslims, it imposes the obligation to work harder within their own communities to combat radicalism and its causes. Both Muslims and non-Muslims can and should work together to help each other with these important efforts.

    Utterly rejecting any hateful rhetoric, no matter what its source, is obviously a very good place to start. In Great Britain, they have a marvelous law that says if enough citizens petition the government to consider a particular question or action, Parliament is obliged to address the matter. The first test of this provision, apparently, is a petition signed by more than 150,000 people so far, calling for the bigoted Mr. Trump to be barred from entering the United Kingdom.

    That sounds like a good idea. Our government has the authority to declare someone persona non grata by putting them on the immigration black list; may we respectfully suggest that, symbolic gesture though it may be (Trump has not, fortunately for us, ever hinted at visiting the Philippines anyway), we tell Donald Trump – and anyone who would seek to emulate him – to go to hell and express our national rejection for bigotry and hateful rhetoric by adding him to that list.


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      • Here we have the most devilish extremists ..Using a religion to hide their horrible inhuman activities –they use the young and old ..Make war on the yet unborn ..All in the name of their god

        Saying these people are Muslims–Is a complete misnomer …

        They are outright murders and opportunists ..No real Muslim,would have anything to do with them …

        Unfortunately in the past various governments have tried to come to some sort of arrangement with them …

        You are not dealing with reasonable people here …No peace accord are honored with a bunch of psychotic madmen.

        If you get one to sign another one disagrees and not honor it,,

        In the past, we tried to get these madmen on our side, even using them against our enemies..

        We gave them weapons and money…Only to see them turn on us –“Some people have a peculiar way of showing their gratitude” {Quote from a Fellow psychiatrist}


        i remain
        yours faithfully
        Dr David M Meyer (PhD psych}

    1. Do you have any intelligent idea why Muslim refugees, Syrians for that matter seek asylum in western countries. Why these refugees did not go to Saudi Arabia,Bahrain,u.a.e.? Why there is no member of O.I.C. offer their doors to their Muslim brothers? Why? I believe Donald trump is patriot with a 20/20 sociopolitical economic vision.the ph needs one or two or three like Donald trump.?

    2. What do you think why refugees from Islamic countries and Syrians for that matter seek asylum in western countries? Do you have any intelligent idea why Syrians did not go to Saudi Arabia,baharain, u.a.e. Or other country member of organization of Islamic country? Why no Islamic country takes Muslim refugees? It’s a way of spreading Islam. Look ATL London,France,Belgium,Germany Muslims are there. Maybe 20 years from now Europe will be islamized. In London you will find colony of Muslims coming from subcontinent such as India,Bangladesh,Pakistan. Others came from Africa.London face is changing very fast.i believe Donald trump is not a bigot but a true American patriot. I wish ph had one or two or three like him.?

      • lahat halos ng bansa sa mundo eh may chinese communitty, parang d ho naman ata na-adapt ung chines religion.

    3. Its just that Trump can explain better, he uses layman’s term and not political correct words, that makes him popular with Republican voters. His plans are simple and easily understandable even by a Grade 4 student. The other contenders are already entrenched in deep government bureaucracy that makes them unappealing to voters…. Sounds like Duterte

    4. I very much agree on your other editorials except for this one.
      At this instance, I’ll choose Trump over you.