Let’s end these extrajudicial killings!

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

Moje Ramos-Aquino, Fpm

One of my Facebook friends wrote that 91 percent of Filipinos approve of the rampant extrajudicial killings to eliminate the drug problem in the country. But remember only 1,200 respondents were asked by these survey organizations.

Let me share some posts I read on Facebook on this matter that represent the common sentiments. I have intentionally skipped their names, lest the Tokhang Gang knock on their doors one of these evenings and they become part of police statistics.

One: It seems to me the level of anguish about the murders is rather tightly limited to the educated, those who have been around the world and understand civil rights movements, and people who have studied the bible. Of the 9% who don’t trust President Duterte, maybe about 1% or less are what I would call ‘anguished’ over the killings. The problem is, they don’t know how to fight. The legislators are not fighting. Executive is pro-murder.

The judiciary is sidelined or playing politics (the Arroyo ruling cut right down political lines). The mainstream media seem overwhelmed. Social media are mainly people talking to themselves. There is no arena in which people can fight.

Two: Somebody asked me of my take on the number of drug addicts and the number of fatalities after the reported shoot-outs with the police.

If the number of “surrenderees” is true and they can be found nationwide then they could easily put up a party list and win three seats.

If the number of fatalities relate to legitimate encounters, then, the illegal firearms industry has made a “killing” and BIR should look after the financial reports of those in the trade.

If the drug pushers opted to fight their way out against police operatives, then the drugs they took made them violent. However, what have autopsies revealed, were the dead into coccaine, shabu or something else?

Were there drug pushers who lived after shootouts? Were there reports of policemen bringing the wounded pushers to the nearest hospital? Were there casualties who died on arrival at the nearest medical facility?

Were there police operatives who got wounded or killed in the shootouts? If there were none, then our operatives are shooters.

Three: It’s sad. I was in a conference today, in a room full of would-be foreign investors and technical experts. The speaker joked about the number of bullets in his power point presentation is not as many as the number of bullets spent killing alleged drug pushers. A nervous laughter permeated the room. I could feel that they were really uncomfortable with what’s happening. I had a chat with one of the delegates and she said they have issues with the extra-judicial killings.

Four: Drug war is not good solution anymore.

Five: I think if none of the operatives got killed or at least wounded, there was definitely no encounter that happened. For the police very convenient excuse in executing allegedly drug pushers/users has now become their slogan: “Nanlaban, Nang-agaw ng baril, Nagpaputok.”

Six: Highly likely that they were killed to be silenced.

Seven: Just that it seems the general populace are cowed now . . . like us, they just express
themselves in social media. Just saying this ‘cause nobody is making a move despite all the abuses going on . . . and us, we can only lead from afar, how I wish I were young and able.

There are many images posted and reposted and two say:

Do you stand a chance at extrajudicial killings? A bullet knows no one. It won’t ask if you use or sell drugs or how many kids you have. It won’t give you another chance at life. It only knows one thing—to kill anyone on its way.

Isang pakete ng droga—patay! Isang maleta ng droga—buhay! Ang Duterte justice, bow!
It was even reported that even the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) has sent a letter to Pduts expressing concern over wave of killing of alleged drug dealers in the country. In part, “We would request that your government take immediate and effective measures to counter the recent wave of unlawful killings as well as to address unresolved cases of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances in the country.”
One exasperated and feeling hopeless friend asks, “What can we do?”

We should continue talking about this issue. Do not let the Supreme Court acquittal of Arroyo or the coming SONA divert our attention. We need to put forward our thoughts and sentiments about this deplorable issue. Pduts is known to change his mind from minute to minute. General Bato is bato! Let us protect our family and neighbors from intrusive killing squad. We should write to our senators, congressmen, Cabinet secretaries (who are whispering distance from Pduts). We should write to Pduts and, maybe, his adult children. A last resort is to write letters to the United Nations and the ICJ. Let us continue to flood Facebook, Twitter and other social media about our disgust at these extrajudicial killings.

And most, importantly, let us bombard heaven with our prayers. God bless our country and our citizenry.

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  1. nehemiah nelio on

    Dapat ang pinaparusahan at pinapatay ay iyong mga drug lord hindi ang mga kaawa-awa nating mga kabataan na biktima lang nila.

  2. nehemiah nelio on

    Napakaraming butas ang isinasagawang paghuli at pagpatay sa mga kababayan nating kabataan na nalulong sa masamang bisyo na ito na PINAUSO ng mga INTSIK para masira ang maraming kinabukasan ng ating mga kabataan.

  3. We are just being diverted to the news about KILLINGS AND DRUGS only as if that is the only problem the Philippines is facing.

  4. Actually what is saddening is the reaction of many people. For 3 months now, we are bombarded by news about DRUGS and KILLINGS only. DRUGS and KILLINGS only, nothing else. Saddest thing is MOST PEOPLE ARE ENJOYING it! We do not notice that we are being diverted to that issue alone! Aside from the fact that the people are becoming more blood-thirsty, we seem to FORGET OTHER MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES: (1) What is happening to WEST PHILIPPINE SEA? While the whole world is rejoicing about the decision, the Philippines kept quiet as instructed by Pres. Duterte. China is building more and more infrastructures in WEST PHILIPPINE SEA. (2) What is happening to K-12? I heard close to a million students DROP OUT of school. (3) What is happening to our ECONOMY? I DO not see financial experts explaining about our economy-yet there is a downturn. I do not see complaints about UNEMPLOYMENT yet it is rising. (4) What is happening to INSURGENCY? CPP-NPA just slammed Pres. Duterte about the truce and in turn killed soldiers. How about Abu Sayyaf? ASG just kidnapped 5 more Malaysians. So, what is happening are we all satisfied with the news about the KILLINGS? DRUGS? Any other else?

  5. Moje Ramos-Aquino on

    To all of you who seem to be in favor if these summary executions, do you feel safer now 23 days into Duterte’s administration? ??

  6. Amado P.Salvador on

    Can you imagine if those killed could still roam around freely doing their thing now? People like them would do anything to be able to get drugs. They could even kill your loved ones. Some of them could even be rapists once under the influence. How would you feel if it was your own daughter who becomes their victim? We have tried the due process approach and that was not effective. They (the addicts) even become bolder. COME ON, THIS PROBLEM NEEDS BOLDER SOLUTION AND NOT “KID GLOVES” SOLUTION.

  7. Why stop now when the momentum of eradicating these drug lord , pusher , and criminal is getting strong by the day. We need cleansing in our society and not to always be politically correct . These bad egg in our country know no laws and respect no one. They don’t mind if your neighbors , friends , brothers or sisters are hook on drug they just care about their greed for money , position and power. They already inflict too much damage to our society and they deserve to die.
    Our country need President Duterte, to save this country from becoming a narco state.

  8. Madam subukan nyong tumira sa middle class na lugar na puno ng adik at pusher isa lang msasabi nyo, kailan kaya mamatay mga hayup n to. Kaya huwag n kau magisip kung bakit gusto ng mga tao ang mga nangyayari ngyon.

  9. Madam subukan nyong tumira sa middle class na lugar na puno ng adik at pusher isa lang msasabi nyo, kailan kaya mamatay mga hayup n to.

  10. Amnata Pundit on

    To be consistent, you must also object to the “extra-judicial” killings of alleged terrorists in the Middle East and Pakistan by the Americans. In Pakistan alone they have killed more than a thousand alleged terrorists by drone attacks, so why should we be holier than the pope of human rights? You belittle 1,200 respondents? How about the last elections where Duterte said he will eliminate the drug problem by hook or by crook within 6 months? In case you have conveniently forgotten, he won that election overwhelmingly, but for some twisted logic, the result of that national survey does not count as far as you are concerned. Why should the miniscule minority of 1% ( your admission) act to defeat the wishes of the overwhelming majority (91% according to yellow survey outfits SWS and Pulse Asia) ? Your answer: because this 1% is educated and reads the bible. My retort: the color of bovine ordure is yellow.

  11. julio madiaga on

    But we love it, do we not?
    Because these killing do not occur in our exclusive neighborhoods, we do not mind the rising statistics.
    Shabu is the poor man’s cocaine indeed. No cocaine drug bust or even cocaine drug related shooting has been reported yet. Only one report involving two foreign nationals and these two guys are still very much alive.

    the crisis-fear-scare tactics that is slowly being implemented seems to be working.

  12. during the election campaign period grace poe was leading in the sws or false asia survey and you did not question that it only involves 1,200 respondents. now, you are questioning the 91% popularity of pres duterte that it only involves 1,200 respondents.

    we are happy and approve the government and administration of pres duterte!

  13. Lets end these extrajudicial killing becomes a battle cry of those who angish in silence. Let us be honest about the situation firstly, the proliferation of illigal drugs has not been stopped before then and its about time to abate and everybody cries “foul”. If supposed no one cares are you sure you are safe walking along and someone will molest you or your children. Questions were asked how come that only the user are eliminated and how about the big “fish”. If we are to examine the theory of supply and demand we will be able to understand more what is going on. Supply will only be there if a demand is created if the later is eliminated the supply will also diminish if not eliminated. There’s a war now against illegal drugs and warning has been issued if you don’t heed to this warning you will be part of this undertaking. For those who anguish in silence please come out and tell those who are still enjoying the effect of this drugs to stop and be rehabilitated. I think by doing so you can contribute to abate if not eradicate the use of this drugs.

  14. So you rather see millions of victims from drug-use results than seeing drug users/pushers/dealers getting arrested or wounded or killed from gun fights? Rather see policemen dying or corrupted by drug protectors than doing their jobs? The operatives are not shooting unless for defense purposes. Did you get to see reports or rumours flowing that operatives shot for non-defense acts? Yes, it is difficult and sad knowing extra-judicial killings is ongoing. However, we better stop or minimise crimes or prohibited drugs than do nothing about it. That is why laws should be implemented, imposed and followed to avoid killings/extra-judicial killings. You cannot just sit and watch drug lords/protectors.users/pushers freely walk around.

    • Juanito Esguerra on

      So you are one of them? Okay to kill kill kill. Kill the alcoholics because they destroy lives! Kill the womanizers because they destroy lives. Kill the master who maltreats the servant! Kill those who curse and say “P…” because they are a bad influence.

  15. juan bandurias on

    All good men and women should now try to unite and put up, what the author says, an arena where they could fight. This should be done asap, or it would be too late.