Let’s find the brilliant leader who has brains in his balls and balls in his brain


“Those who make peaceful revolutions impossible render violent revolutions inevitable.” —President John F. Kennedy

In the light of current national developments the talk of elections in 2016 seems irrelevant, in the darkness of the magnitude of our problems. Nobody seems to seriously care about what is going on except the reporter of media who is interested in covering a story that will catch public attention with the view to getting a raise in his salary or a promotion. Nobody seems to care about the country; it’s everyone for himself. That appears to be the name of the game in our time and nobody cares except to play the game.

But this attitude will not help our people; it will not help our country. It will not help generations of Filipinos to come because of our indifference to find solutions to our existing problems. It will doom the country and our people to a fate worse than death. Nothing can be worse than death than when an independent country becomes a province or colony of another country. And the possibility seems eminent.

Ridiculous? Look around you and think about your political, economic and cultural environment. The confrontation in the West Philippine Sea involves us and a major power. China, the major power, is a member of the Security Council – the enforcing agency of the United Nations. More than that, it is one of the top powerful five countries that wield veto power in the Council. A veto exercised by any of the five dooms any move in the UN because, as the rules go, a veto can overrule the votes of the fourteen other members of the Council.

So our legal remedy is not in the UN or the rules of international law because China has defined the rules of engagement. It refuses to be badgered into the UN field as a battleground because it is afraid of the vote in the UN general assembly and the majority vote in the Council. Why is China anticipating a defeat in these bodies – because the UN is overwhelmingly composed of majority of the small countries in the world. These countries will surely vote for the Philippines because they hate to be bullied by the major powers. It is that simple.

Where can we find our remedy? China has pointed to us our remedy: its fear of world condemnation and that is around the corner. We must use the UN and ASEAN as leverages in bilateral negotiations while strengthening our armed forces. That way, we will be negotiating from a position of strength.

If China refuses to be rational in the negotiation table, with strengthened armed forces, we should go to the brink in the West Philippine Sea. We should risk a violent confrontation so the US, the UN and the countries in this planet will tell China that it cannot behave irrationally without risking its economic boom going bust and its international influence reduced to the barest minimum. International isolation cannot be an alternative for China.

To do all these, you need a brilliant Philippine leader who has brains in his balls and balls in his brain. We cannot find this with PNoy or any of the pronounced ambitioning presidential or vice-presidential candidates. With the way these people talk and strut around, I am afraid, without meaning to offend them, they have more disqualifications than qualifications for a national leader.

Where can we find this leader? As I keep on repeating myself: in a country of a hundred million Filipinos, there must be one in every million. All we need is one who would favorably respond to the challenges of our time. We can find him. It is the task of every Filipino to find him. Nominate him to the embrace of the National Coalition for a Constitutional Transition Government and we can take it from there.

Why not in the ranks of the political parties? I am afraid that would be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Of the many who I know from these ranks, in so far as the requirements of the national leader of our time are concerned, they all belong to the genius of the below average. And the below average or the average would not do. Because the Numero Uno is reserved to a special person who is the first among equals – primus inter pares. We have not scoured the field enough and when we do, we will find him.

The same solution goes with our problems with the US. They want to continue dominating us. It is bad enough that it treats our leaders and our military like whining lapdogs. We should free ourselves from the stranglehold of these people and, in the process, free our selves from the imprisonment of our colonial mind and the United States of America.

For a beginning, we should demand a NATYO-type defense agreement between us and US where the attack on one country is considered an attack on the other. No need for constitutional refinements! If the US refuses our demand, then we should terminate the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and the Enhanced Defense Comprehensive Agreement (VFA) and let the Americans drown in the Mindanao Deep.

You say it cannot be done – impossible? Well, Gammal Abdel Nasser drove the British out of the Panama Canal. Many said it was impossible to do but Nasser did it and made the British run an Olympic Games’ record-breaking one hundred meter dash with the tail between their legs. Similarly, Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap drove the French, the Americans and their Allies out of Vietnam with the Whites running in complete disarray in full view of international television. Mao Zedong, Zou en-Lai and Chu Te demolished the Chinese mandarins, the Americans and Chiang Kai Shek and drove them out of mainland China and brought China into the modern world. David Ben-Gurion of the Hagannah and Menachem Begin of the Irgun created Israel at the center of the sea of Arabs. Lenin, Trotzky and Stalin buried the Cussacks and their slaves, dramatized by John Reed in Ten Days that Shook the World. Sukarno terminated the rule of the Dutch in Indonesia. Fidel Castro and Che Gueverra shamed the Americans in Cuba. I can go on and on but this is enough for the moment.

These cannot be done by a Filipino? Let me just cite a few incidents to prove my point of how overpowering can a Filipino be in demonstrating brilliance and courage. In the first Inter-Parliamentary Conference (IPU) I attended in 1985 in Geneva, Switzerland, I watched a Filipino deliver an extemporaneous speech on human rights before a crowd of thousands composed of deputy prime ministers, ministers and members of parliament given a standing ovation in a plenary session – the only one who merited such reaction during any of the plenary sessions of the IPU at the time. He made me proud as a Filipino.

In a topnotch session in Washington, DC of the Global Strategic Studies, one of the think tanks in that area, I heard a young Harvard graduate, in the presence of some of the most brilliant staff members of the US Congress, tell one of the speakers – a Filipino, saying: “You know Sir, I am afraid, we share a mutual misfortune. “ The speaker replied with a question: “Why is that?” The American replied, “Because you are not an American!” The Filipino fired questions at the Harvard man: “What of it if I am not an American? Why should that be a mutual misfortune?” The American replied: “Because if you were an American, you can be President of this country.” It was a beautiful exchange to watch. It made me proud as a Filipino.

In a session of the sub-Committee on Human Rights of the American Congress, I witnessed a Filipino tell the Director of the Philippine Desk of the US State Department and who later became US Ambassador to Manila, who maligned the Filipino witnesses who testified before the committee as not telling the truth on the dismal human rights and economic situation in the country during the Cory Aquino years, in this manner: “I am afraid Sir, you do not know the problems of my country and their solutions. Probably the longest time you have stayed in my country is about five days. I have lived in that country for more than forty years and more than anyone of you, I know the problems of my country and their solutions. I have here a copy of a Manila daily, a Cory propaganda sheet, quoting Defense Secretary Fidel Ramos as saying that the human rights situation in the Philippines is worse than the same period during the Marcos years and Aurelio Periquet, a Cory follower and President of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce, stating that the economic situation in the country is not any better than a comparable period during the Marcos years. So please do not malign the Filipino witnesses.”

Director Harold Solomon dumb-founded by such a short lecture could only mumble this statement: “Will the gentleman please see me after this?” The Filipino gave a short reply, “If I have the time.”

Just as the meeting ended and the crowd from the staff of the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC was filing out of the room, Congressman Palacol of Laguna told the Filipino minute lecturer, “You know Pañero, you made me proud of being a Filipino. I never thought any Filipino could make those statements before a committee of the US Congress.” The brave Filipino answered with a question, “Why, is this not the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

I mention these incidents to impress upon us that we are a brilliant and courageous people capable of defying the gods in Mount Olympus. So join me in the search for that leader, with these lines from Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Not gold but only man can make
A people great and strong
Men who for truth and honor sake
Stand fast and suffer long
Brave men who work while others sleep
Who dare while others shy
They build a nation’s pillars deep
And lift them to the sky.”


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  1. I still remember the time when the Mindanao Independence Movement (MIM) was led by such stalwarts as Bono Adaza, Salipada Pendatun and Reuben Canoy. The MIM had all the ingredients of a “peaceful revolution” that fired many a young imagination (like mine) in the 70s and 80s.

    Unfortunately, although the idea was right, the TIMING was wrong.

    Strongman Ferdinand Marcos stepped into the picture and swept the movement away, and drove these oppositionists into submission (which the exception of Pendatun whom FM befriended as his foil against Nur MIsuari of the MNLF/Malaysia).
    But now, it seems the movement appears to have been revitalized – (1) first as a politically-weak and corrupt-prone ARMM; (2) next as a Malacanang/House-inspired but separatist-prone Bangsamoro entity of the MILF known as the BBL; and now, (3) as a constitutionally- corrected “Bangsamoro Autonomous Region” or, BAR, by the Senate Committee Report of Sen Bongbong Marcos and signed by 17 other senators concurring.
    By a fluke of history, we now witness the strongman’s son, leading the way to a possible democratic “peaceful revolution” in Mindanao. Could this be the “leader w/ balls in his brain and brain in his balls” that the good fmr Assemblyman is referring to? Or, should we look for someone else?

  2. The Philippines is a like a man possessed by demons, no exorcist could make them leave his body, because they are legions. if that one great leader will come out to rule and transformed this country,, surely he would not last, as the rest of the politicians will soon assassinate him.

  3. Frank A. Tucker on

    You want B. Obama ? Oh-wait you specified ‘brains in his balls and balls in his brain,’ Obama has neither, SORRY !

  4. problema sir marami tayo rito mga buwaya at linta tulad ni PORK King aquino, DAP-PDAF brain BAD ABAD,drilon, roxas, morales, delima, trillanes, at iba pa. kawawa naman bayan natin. takbo na sir!

  5. Ferdinand M. had a brain on his balls and she had a balls in her brain…. Ang nakikita ko na qualified ay si Mayor Rodrigo Duterte – he transformed Davao into the safest city, I should say only safe city so far in the Philippines.
    We don’t need to look any further let’s give Mayor Rodrigo Duterte our blessing ay kung tayo ay magka-isa hindi natin kailangan ng billion pesos to make him President of the Philippines.

  6. Mahirap hanapin sa ating mga makakapal na ganid na politiko sir ang qualifications ninyo. Meron tayo PORK KING, DAP-PDAF brain (Bad ABAD), ganun din sina roxas, delima, morales, gazmin, irriberi at mga katulad nila. Kawawa naman tayo. Takbo na sir!

  7. Regarding the strengthening the Armed Forces, let me propose to streamline our standing Army, Navy, and AirForce.
    Lean but well trained, well equipped, and well paid – decent enough to feed their family that collecting “kotong” is no longer necessary.
    All men and women must be trained how to engage in guerilla warfare.
    Develop and modernize agriculture to be self-sufficient in food production, grow livestock and cereals to feed our soldiers fighting in battle.
    Retool the Philippine Arsenal and tap the “paltik” makers in Cebu to transform the country self-sufficient in firearms and ammo production manufactured in-country.

  8. What a load of gobbledegook. It’s not about finding a leader but rejecting the puppets of oligarchy. Mar Araneta Roxas is lackey of oligarchs monkey business. The LP of Aquino and Roxas is puppet of international powers. It is almost impossible to find a leader but easy to spot who are the traitors. BS Aquino of LP is certified traitor who will only endorse a traitor like him. Mar Araneta Roxas the oligarch is Aquino’s candidate.

  9. si mar roxas ang kailangan natin we need 12 years of growth and leadership. tama na ang mga corrupt politician like binay

  10. I don’t see something beyond normal abour leaders with balls…those with balls and are willing to dangle them ready for castration in the very minute the patrimony of RP is maligned, also this type of leaders we do not have to vote to lead us, because history already taught us. Those with brains we have to vote…and that we can have first glance during the presidential debate. During that event I will vote for that person who has brainy enough to make others willingly show their balls to the audience..agree. Maid Miriam can.

  11. Definitely ang walang utak na bayag at bayag na walang utak reversely ay si Noy noy aquino . I remember when martial law was declared , all of marcos opponents went to the Unites States and ask for help. Why??? if these people were really love their country and his people, you should face the marcos government and defend what is your plan for the Filipino people. As far as I know, only President Marcos is the one who had a balls with the brain and brain with the balls. Nobody only him. All world leaders where reluctant and they praise Ferdinand Marcos for his brilliancy. Bakit lahat kayo na opponents ni marcos ay nanakbo sa United States at humihingi ng tulong lalong lalo na ang mga businessman na nayon ay nagpapasa sa pagpapahirap sa bayan… ang mga lopezes.. ito ang katotohanan na dapat malaman ng mamayang Pilipino nuong panahon ni Ferdie Marcos.. Si marcos ay makatao at maka filipino…hindi katulad ng iba diyan na puro daldal na wala nmn sa katotohanan,

  12. I’m afraid we will not find such a leader among the ranks of lawyers. Most are too corrupt and glib-tongued parrots to be leaders of anything but their own selfish ambitions.

  13. Amnata Pundit on

    We must have a leader whom the westerners and the oligarchy do not like, and reject those whom they like. Its a very simple, fail safe idea. In the urgency of today’s situation, we need a leader who can bring together the military and the grassroots forces like the barangay officials, public school teachers, OFWs and the like, and transform them into an irresistible force, and the way to do this is to come up with a political system where these forces will wield the power, not the current political class. Leaders who talk of the federal system, parliamentary system etc, don’t know the people enough: they don’t read western political textbooks and so don’t identify with these western bullshit ideas. The leader who knows how to give the government back to the people will be our Mao, Ho Chi Miinh, Fidel Castro, George Washington, or even Gandhi. Baka ikaw yun, Bono?

  14. If you observe Senator Marcos Jr closely, the brilliance of his father is there. The balls we will see in the coming months. Its in the genes, i mean.

  15. Thank you for your thoughts as usual and come back to where you belong Gov.H.Adaza,I’m with you.IDEAS CAN MOVE MOUNTAIN I’m sure you still remember that, I believe you then and i trust you now.

  16. boy blue filomeno on

    A true leader must be fearless and have a pure heart to do things right.
    Please keep the flame burning! Sooner or later the below average and great pretenders will turn into ashes.

  17. Your article made my eyes “watery”…I do pray and hope that someone out there would stand up and make us all proud to be a Filipino…and most important that my fellow voters would be able to discern and vote right and true…all the best!!

  18. A very nice column sir Bono. Well , from the lines of ralph waldo emerson that you mentioned and intrerpretation of the title of this column(yourcolumn) , for me i can only find the kind of leadership for the Philippines to be great again from sen bongbong marcos. No other else sir Bono Adaza. This is my own opinion about your column..

  19. Manuel Jaime jr on

    What you have said in your column today is good but it did not impressed me.Why?,because you’ve mentioned distinguished names of people from every other countries,yet one notable Filipino name you forgot to acknowledge for reasons maybe you yourself only knew.As one of your fan and an avid reader of your column,i was disappointed at how you deliberately omit prominent names of Filipino leaders who tried in vain to free us from colonial rule and American intervention of our country’s political and self determination.3 very good examples are Presidents;Quirino,Macapagal and Marcos.These 3 nationalist Presidents notable for their anti-American and pro Filipino outlook and standpoints are very good illustration and precedents of what our future leaders must and should be.They may have made mistakes in running the country during their terms,but their approach of what is good for the nation and the people and their anti-oligarch ideology deserves commendation.Of course we need the US in our quarrel with China,but our future leaders must know when to say enough and have the balls to say no to US hegemony when the future of our country is at stake.We must also embrace friendship when the offer is worth and genuine,while,our leaders must also stand up against a frenemy (friend and enemy),when our territory and our country’s integrity is being besieged.This must be the traits of the next leader who will guide this nation to the respectability our people ache…

  20. Mga kababayan, Panahon na para tayo mismo ang humanap ng sarili nating pinuno. Sa ngayon sa totoo lng ay walang mapagpilian sa sinumang isinisubo sa atin. Hindi kailangang palagi na lang tayong namimili sa ‘lesser evil’. Matakot tayo sa kahihinatnan ng bansa natin kapag nagpatuloy ito.
    Humanap tayo ng taong may tamang kwalipikasyon, talino, pagmamahal sa bayan at kapwa Filipino. At tayo na mismo bilang sambayanan ang mangampanya, magpondo at tunay na magluklok sa nararapat nating lider. Isang lider na ang utang na loob ay sa sambayanang Filipino lamang at hindi sa mga negosyanteng ang tanging layunin ay maisakatuparan ang mga pansariling interes sa negosyo.
    Ipakita natin ang pagmamahal sa bayan. Wag tayong pumayag sa isa na namang walang kwentang gobyerno. Simulan na ang nominansyon!

    • Napakaganda ng komentaryo mo kaibigang Jeric. Sanay marami ng mga Filipino ang namumulat na kagaya mo. Ako’y sumasangayon sa mga sinabi mo. Matagal ng panahon na dapat nawala na ang “patronage politics” sa bansa natin. Ito ang isang malaking dahilan kayat ang Pilipinas ay lalung naiiwan nang karatig nating mga bansa na umuunlad na nung mga nakaraang panahon ay hamak na mas mahirap pa sa ating bansa.

  21. May UTAK ang BAYAG, at may BAYAG ang UTAK.

    UTAK at TAPANG hinde lang PUSO.

    Tama po kayo sir Homobono Adaza pero sino sa kanila ang meron nun?

  22. Justaskingseriously on

    Panama Canal is in Panama. Nasser was an Egyptian. The canal in Egypt is Suez Canal. And now Egypt has to undergo a transition government and it is still in this process of transition. There seems to be no end to this long transition tunnel. To even think of the light at the end of the tunnel would make many an Egyptian comparable to a blind person under the influence of hallucinogen. Geopolitical realities cannot be dismissed. Only Don Quixote can dismiss geopolitical realities in his quest for the “unreachable star” and end up pining for his Dulcinea. Let’s all get real. Let’s take what is already working and fix what is not working. Nation building is far far different from building just a house There are many houses in a nation. Each house must be rehabilitated if it needs rehabilitation. To demolish all the houses and build again from scratch would be ideal — but only if one were building a housing project to implement a grand planned vision of a team of architects and engineers. Let’s prod the “below-average” persons interested in leading the nation to develop their “vision” and let’s trust the hoi polloi to choose wisely. It is a democracy after all and not an aristocracy. It will always be a land of the brave and the home of the free (from whatever schemes/manipulations as far as is practicable in whatever situation in whatever era).

    • Such great man does exist. An architect and urban planner with a mind for business and a heart of a compassionate lion. A linage of Generals and a life dedicated to restructuring his beloved home land. And his special irrevocable power of attorney over the “Peoples” Cruzen Philippine Fund. With his international team ready to go, and recognition from the people, this man could not only take the country to a new level financially but stop the imperialist bullying once and for all.