Let’s hear it from ‘The Losers Club’


Karen Kunawicz

I’m not a big horror fan but Warner Brothers had a brilliant way of turning me from someone indifferent to the feature version of “IT” to someone very excited after their press event six weeks ago.

The “IT” promotion was part of ‘Scare Diego’—where the studio’s “Annabelle: Creation” was also featured—on the eve of San Diego Comic Con.

At the Horton Cinema, Grae Drake of Rotten Tomatoes introduced Argentinian director Andres aka Andy Muschietti. As a fan of Guillermo del Toro—this delighted me. GdT is his mentor.

They opened with a short clip of Stephen King putting his stamp of approval on the 2017 movie version of his 1986 horror classic (there was an “IT” miniseries in 1990). Andres Muschietti, with his wide smile, told us, “He’s my hero. I grew up reading his stuff so I couldn’t be happier.”

Muschietti did a fabulous job but I have to say, my heart went out to the great cast who became members of “The Losers Club.”

Grae asked what the term “The Losers Club” meant to them.

Wyatt Oleff who plays Stanley Uris answered that it meant “friendship” not just on screen but off screen as well, “We spent a lot of time together—60 days, probably more. We really got to know each other much better than we probably wanted.”

Chosen Jacobs (Mike Hanlon) added, “It’s kind of cool to be part of a group no matter what it really is, we all want people who can relate to us. We all have our certain attributes that make us a little weird in the public view. We come together and nobody judges each other so we’re OK being called Losers.”

Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben Hanscom) noted, “All of us are misfits, you can’t have the perfect group all the time so I think we really stand our from the all the people that are the normal groups great groups, the popular groups, so it’s awesome to be the losers for once.”

The Losers Club discovers the power of being together

Jack Dylan Grazer went as far as saying it’s “cool” be part of The Losers Club, “I think we’re all winners in a sense because we love each other.”

Instead of showing a scary or freaky clip—they showed two scenes from the movie of The Losers Club’s shenanigans and their instant connection as outsiders with heart.

In these clips, The Losers discover “the power that comes from being together.”

I was won over.

I was properly rewarded when I saw the full film. Amazing job by each young actor, Andy Muschietti knows the oft forgotten language of children and of the fears we have as children that are never really shaken off even if we get older. Kudos likewise to casting director Rich Delia for getting this bunch together.

Finally, make room for another Skarsgard making it big—Bill (younger brother to Alexander and Gustav, son to Stellan) is fabulous Pennywise.


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