Let’s not drop the ball


WITH just eight months before this administration passes the baton to the next, a meltdown looks in the horizon with the way things are shaping to be. From traffic management, flood control, the Lumad killings, the revisionist Mamasapano about to be reintroduced in the frame, exit strategies not yet defined and executed and one by one, Cabinet secretaries seem to be lining up for the proverbial “burn out” resignation excuses. Less than a month will be the filing of the Certificate of Candidacies and then hosting the APEC in November, approval of the GAA by December and campaign season kicks in.

This is the crucial juncture when government can’t afford to be on cruise mode. Governance has to continue and that is why it is imperative that the Cabinet focus on the work and execute plans before the election ban on public works and appointments, as well as awarding of contracts, kicks in. It has always been the case that in the last ten months of any government, slow down is felt creating further bottlenecks in service delivery. The last ten months are also crucial in preparing for the transition.

Transition work is very important because monies, programs, activities and the like need to be in order so that the next administration will not have a hard time making sense of things. |Transition work is serious work. It determines the ability of the next administration to race towards the first 50 and 100 days adequately, continuing what should and changing what needs to be altered in the process.

As the baton is passed so shall leadership take root and the character of the next administration be defined. The first six months will tell us immediately the real state of the nation under Aquino, the problems we face, if the next administration will be conscientious and honest, and the solutions prepared by the new leadership to arrest what needs immediate response and resolution. And this is where platform, budget, Cabinet are vital and experience essential.

The next administration cannot afford to drop the ball for 100 million lives depend on it. The exiting administration cannot just go with the flow and not engage until its last day for that will aggravate the state of things to be handed to the next. And that is where leadership plays an important role. The Aquino government, much as it distinguished itself from the Arroyo administration, consistently blaming the same for challenges it confronted and is still confronting, cannot run to the ground the ship of state. It cannot use all its resources, financial and human, for the elections. It cannot throw to the wind and be irresponsible in the last three minutes. It cannot use the levers of power to insist on a play that is hard to come by. The Arroyo government on its ebb, carried one distinct rite of passage, Arroyo did not lift a hand to avoid an Aquino victory in 2010. In fact, even Senate President Enrile then, worked fast that Aquino was proclaimed president by June 9, 2010. How history keeps playing its hand on our politics is indeed an interesting study.

Playing the deck forward shows an Arroyo still languishing in hospital arrest and all cases, save one waiting resolution. Enrile, on the other hand, ruled valiantly and controlled the impeachment proceedings like a legal veteran, giving Aquino his first crack of fighting graft via the impeachment of Chief Justice Corona. After which, Enrile was placed in hospital arrest for over a year due to allegations of PDAF irregularities. Enrile was released by the Supreme Court on humanitarian grounds and yet, after more than a year in confinement, no bill of particulars has been made.

And then we have the sordid lies being peddled on the Lumad killings that place in great doubt who really is on top of things. The Lumad killings took place on 1 September and still there is no accounting of what happened and the Aquino administration is allowing the military to define things and paint scenarios to support and justify the killings when the military is supposed to be the protectors of the people and the Constitution does not distinguish on indigenous people or lowlanders. Interestingly, the last time we checked, civilian supremacy should rule over the military. Still, 13 days after, we do not know exactly what happened. There was no military operation, no order of battle, not a single soldier involved, rues the AFP and yet people were killed in a most heinous fashion, allegations of rape and the like as well as displacements of settlers due to fear of reprisal. Are we under Martial Rule? The Aquino administration just does not get the gravity of the Lumad killings. It does not speak well of human rights under Aquino.

All the natural and man made calamities under BS Aquino reminds one of the Shemitah of ancient Israel. It is often translated as “the release” or “the remission.” Remission is defined as “the cancellation or reduction of a debt or penalty.” The September/October period mystified financial analysts for years and one can do the timeline of financial crashes and meltdowns. The Shemitah is the 7th year and the conclusion of the 7-year cycle. The Shemitah is the Sabbath of years and therein lies the spiritual moorings of Election 2015, the transition in 2016 and the 7th year come 2017. Some would probably allude to it as the karmic effect. What you sow, you reap.

Indeed, “leadership is the other side of the coin of loneliness, and he who is a leader must always act alone. And acting alone, accept everything alone.” Now, nearing the end of his term, Aquino would have known what it is to be an Arroyo or even a Marcos. He shares the distinction of being president to the Republic. The power of the executive and executive privilege a leader invokes shape one’s legacy. Don’t drop the ball at the endgame when legacy is a tag away.


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  1. Cres Malifier, this is a well written piece by Malou, she is a caliber political analyst who can smartly and sharply sorts the complexities of governance and the intricacies of power play.

  2. Another very very serious problem is the manner how the Automated Election next year will be conducted. This is a trivial matter to Ms Tiquia despite the mess Comelec and its favored vendor it is embroiled in ? WOW !

  3. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Acting is not the same as deciding. A leader decides alone, depending the kind of style he assumes. A leader cannot act alone, he has to inspire others to follow him. P-Noy is not a leader nor a follower. His statement that we are his bosses is totally out of the books and practice. For that reason his administration is a failure. God bless the Philippines.

  4. Aquino just does not know what to do. His answer to the things happening, is to float an unsupported theory that Marwan was killed by his servant. Who cares and it is not important at all. What is important is bringing law and order to all of our country. Start with the prosecution of the murderers of the 44 SAF policemen.