• Let’s unite, move on – Marcos camp


    The camp of Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Thursday urged President Benigno Aquino 3rd and others who could not “move on” 30 years after the Edsa people power revolution to join him in uniting Filipinos.

    “What the country needs now more than ever is for our people to unite and work together for the national interest. Thirty years after EDSA, ever rising poverty is the fate of majority of our people, criminality and illegal drugs stalk the land, sustainable employment remains a dream for many of us, basic services are wanting in many areas and our main infrastructure works from power to railways to ports and airports are creaking. Divisiveness has become the staple of our political life rending our common efforts toward peace and stability asunder,” Jonathan dela Cruz, campaign manager of Marcos, said.

    The lawmaker had in several interviews called on the people to stop the hate campaign against his family.

    De la Cruz noted that some groups “have chosen to do the battles of the past which the Marcoses have left to the processes under the 1987 Constitution and the judgment of history.”

    “Instead of moving forward to face up to the pressing challenges now bedeviling the nation, they are again leading our people toward the precipice of divisiveness and hopelessness. Instead of focusing on the problems now before us and which, if left unresolved, will hound and hobble our future generations, they have chosen to demonize Senator Marcos and those who have sacrificed to keep the nation whole,” he said.

    De la Cruz added that it is time to move forward and face the challenges of the present to ensure a better future for Filipinos.

    “Indeed, for thirty years we have been dragged down by an unbalanced and certainly prejudiced mindset of certain groups whose claim to power remains stridently anti-Marcos. We should not allow the shadows of the past darken the doorstep to a promising future of peace, unity and prosperity for our people. We should not let the prejudices of the past hold back our moving forward as a people dedicated to a better future for all,” he said.


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    1. DhanieTolentino on

      …living in the past… how about noong World War 2…Mas masahol pa ang nangyari sa atin…marami namatay na pilipino at mga amerikano para idepesansa ang bayan, kabilang lolo ko (USAFFE ), kailangan ba tayong magalit sa mga Hapon magpakailanman? pero tapos na yun…move on…part na ng History yan…o kaya sa mga nangyari noong 17th or 18th century?? Hay naku, look and move forward…

    2. When the Filipino people hear an apology from Marcos Jr. and most of the plundered money will make it back to the BSP, then unity and moving forward together as a country is possible. These two conditions that the Filipino people wanted, are impossible to achieve, because the Marcos Family is not willing to the give anything back to the government. As a matter of fact, they fight everything and anything that the government is trying to recover or retrieve that were rightfully belonged to the Filipino people. At the advice of their lawyers, they were instructed not to apologize, because they already have enough lawsuits filed against them. Therefore, Marcos Jr. wishes to unite and move-on is still beyond reach, for now.

    3. The yellow company are still insisting that the life of the Filipino people are better today than during marcos time. The situation is more peaceful and disciplined, better economy etc. Oh my… during the marcos time there were no drugs syndicate , no smuglers, no killing in the streets of manila during daytime, no kotong cops because marcos even relieved all personnel of a police station in manila for a single complain from citizens. People were DISCIPLINED AND NATIONALISTIC during those times. Only those who did not want to abide the law did not marcos style of governing the country. what happen to spratly now. ? Occupied by China. what happened to some government owned properties?. These were sold to private businessman. Where are we now after 30 years of EDSA. The answer is yours …..

    4. Congressman Jonathan, may mga tao talaga who continue to be “enveloped” by the past. They continue to accentuate on the past not for the sake of learning the lessons from it but for the purpose of utilizing it as a socio-political tool to advance certain vested interest.

      Who says that there is democracy in the Philippines when the constitutional mandate of general welfare is simply a function of political rhetoric? Who says that there is democracy in the Philippines when the government ( or current administration) is controlled by the oligarchs and big business?

      Scattered across the socio-economic and political landscape in the Philippines are “Monuments of Folly” of the first Aquino (totoo bang Icon of Democracy ito? Does this characterization not debase the values associated with the words, “Icon” and “Democracy”. Recall “Kamag-anak, Inc., Mendiola Massacre, Hacienda Luisita
      Massacre, Aquino-Cojuangco family-centric land reform, to name a few? Totoo ba na ang pastime niya ay mahjong?) and the second Aquino (totoo ba na maluwag ang turnilyo sa ulo nitong taong ito? Totoo ba na play station ang pastime niya?).

    5. Sorry, cannot be. Bati na tayo pero yung sangkatutak na NINAKAW nyo inyo parin? Kapal pa more. May karma din po para sa inyo.

      • Mr. Esep,

        Tanong ko lang po sa inyo yung sinasabi mo na mga ninakaw na kayamanan nasaan na po ba ang mga ito ?balita ko Bilyones na raw ang na recover alam po ba ninyo kung nasaan na ang mga ito?nakinabang po ba tayo?kung oo ano po ang mga ito? Tanong ko rin po gumanda na po ba ang antas ng pamumuhay natin.Ang sukatan ng ganda ng pamumuhay ay kung maliit lang ang gap ng mahihirap sa mayayaman? at bukod pa sa wala na sa nang mga OFW na aalis sa bansa natin,o di kaya ay mabawasan man lang sa ang mga ito?Ang punto rito magkaisa tayo at wag nang magsisihan at higit sa lahat manumbalik at humingi ng guidance sa ating DIYOS na makapangyarihan sa lahat .PEACE to ALL.

    6. If Sen.Marcos is claiming he has nothing to do with his father’s cruelty, the least he can do is to say sorry for the Martial Law victim’s family. A great leader is NOT INSENSITIVE…

    7. If Sen.Marcos is claiming he has nothing to do with his father’s cruelty, the least he can do is to say sorry for the Martial Law victim’s family. A great leader is NOT INSENSITIVE…Also, there is NO MOVING ON, if there is NO CLOSURE!

    8. “Unity in diversity” (Pagkakaisa sa pagkakaiba-iba) – Tulad ng sinabi ni Italian Nobel peace prize winner Ernesto Teodoro Moneta.

    9. same slogan from 1965, and then same martial law ten years later,

      we should just all be given immigrant visa to other countries and let Imelda become president of the carabaos and dogs