• ‘Let’s work together for a brighter future’


    SENATOR Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. called on the Filipino people to set aside differences and work together for a brighter future.

    In his Easter Sunday message, the senator from Ilocos Norte said that Jesus Christ’s resurrection should be an opportunity for everyone to overcome challenges and start anew.

    “Like our Lord’s journey through his passion and resurrection, I pray that we can rise above our challenges and differences and work together to achieve our dream of a brighter future,” he said.

    “Just like Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of giving his life to save mankind, we should strive to help our fellowmen especially the poor and the week,” he added.

    “Because He loved us, he willingly went through brutal suffering, humiliation and the ultimate sacrifice of giving up his life so we may be redeemed. In our own little ways, may we all strive to follow our Lord’s example and care for the weak, the poor and the downtrodden,” Marcos stressed.


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    1. I agree with what this writer wrote or what Sen. Marcos said. And if may add, there should be closure of what had happened to our country in the past. It is sad to know that there are numerous articles in the news; like “rewriting Edsa, “excess of Martial Law”, etc. These issues unfortunately just came up because it is “election season”. Then if it the case– why not resolve them. Get the “story right” e.g. Jabidah Massacre-who “squealed it”, “who really killed Ninoy”, “the Sabah claim”, the mistake of the 1987 constitution from 1972 and 1935 Constitution, etc… Lots of things, remove multiparty, shift to federalism.

    2. Lenia Hetherington on

      Well said. Let us hope that you will win the vice presidency, along with Sen. Grace Poe as president. May the two of will bless with more wisdom, so you both may able to serve the country well for a change. Thank goodness, the two of you were born.