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    January 29, 2015
    The Editors
    The Manila Times

    Attn: Executive Editor Dante Francis M. Ang II

    Mr. Ang:
    ADVOCACY groups and individuals espousing various causes are often faced with difficulties in presenting their issues in media, leaving the bigger picture unnoticed in public debates, and thus, drowning the truth in favor of falsehood and mockery.

    In the debate surrounding the fraud-tainted provider of the automated election system and the Commission on Elections, The Manila Times, unlike other newspaper dailies, has notably taken the cause of the people in pursuit of the truth.

    We, in the Citizens for Clean and Credible Election (C3E), would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the editors of the Manila Times for your pro-truth and patriotic position in dealing with the Comelec-Smartmatic illicit romance. In your example lives the spirit of true and professional journalism.

    As we extol your resolve to chronicle the truth, it is our ardent hope that the Manila Times remains on the side of the people for the protection and upholding of their sovereign will until all evils of the Smartmatic system are totally exorcised to ensure clean, credible and transparent 2016 elections.
    Thank you, and Godspeed.

    Citizens for Clean and Credible Elections (C3E)

    Engr. Herminigildo R. Estrella, Jr.
    Citizens for Clean and Credible
    Elections (C3E) /Co-Convenor

    Atty. Melchor G. Magdamo
    Attorney VI of the Comelec Chairman’s Office / Whistleblower
    / C3E Co-Convenor


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